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Re: AI decks

Post by excessum » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:59 am

This is a more "fair" version of the Hexproof deck that is also Standard-legal. It is labelled as a Combo deck instead of an Aggro deck since it essentially ignores what the opponent is doing and focuses on throwing out super-enchanted creatures for a speed win. The combo hints are there to prevent the Avacyn's Pilgrims from being enchanted since the AI will happily tap a 10/10 Pilgrim for {W} instead of attacking or blocking. The second hint is supposed to make the AI favour the hexproof creatures for enchanting but it appears to be superseded by the first hint regardless of the order which I place the two hints.

Code: Select all

#NAME:Bant Auras
#DESC:Standard GWU Combo
#HINT:combo hold(enchantment|myhand)^until(creature[power>=2]|mybattlefield)^cast(enchantment|myhand) targeting(creature[power>=2]|mybattlefield)^totalmananeeded({0})
#HINT:combo hold(enchantment|myhand)^until(creature[hexproof]|mybattlefield)^cast(enchantment|myhand) targeting(creature[hexproof]|mybattlefield)^totalmananeeded({0})

#20 creatures
#4 1-drops
Avacyn's Pilgrim * 4
#12 2-drops
Strangleroot Geist * 4
Voice of Resurgence * 4
Invisible Stalker * 4
#4 3-drops
Geist of Saint Traft * 4

#16 enchantments
Ethereal Armor * 4
Rancor (M13) * 4
Spectral Flight * 4
Unflinching Courage * 4

#24 lands
Savannah (ME4) * 4
Tropical Island (ME4) * 4
Tundra (ME4) * 4
Hinterland Harbor * 4
Sunpetal Grove * 4
Glacial Fortress * 2
Forest (RTR) * 2

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Re: AI decks

Post by jwilkes99999 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:28 pm

I think the one thing AI decks could do that would stop a lot of cheesy/not true wins is resetting their combat damage algorithm to deal damage to the creatures with the lowest toughness first instead of the order they were assigned to block. I abuse this all the time because I'm not just going to give up an advantage I have over my opponent just because a non-AI player would do it differently (i.e He attacks with a 4/4, I block with a 2/6 and a 2/1 and neither of my creatures die but his does.)

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Re: AI decks

Post by Zethfox » Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:07 pm

Re-order of blocker was never coded, in the function for it there is a comment saying "todo: add clever handling of blockers" or simular

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Re: AI decks

Post by excessum » Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:31 pm

This deck makes use of the new toys from the 0.19 update, Miracle and Mana Leak, for a traditional counterspell-heavy Control deck. The low mana curve and 16 counterspells should ensure at least a few turns of endless (frustrating) counterspells though the AI will tend to run out of steam in the late game after dumping all its spells frivolously.

Code: Select all

#NAME:Mono Blue Control
#DESC:Modern U Control

#3 creatures
#3 4-drops
Archaeomancer * 2
Talrand, Sky Summoner * 1

#29 spells
#8 1-cc
Unsummon (M13) * 4
Spell Pierce * 2
Spell Snare * 2
#6 2-cc
Mana Leak (M12) * 4
Essence Scatter (M13) * 2
#8 3-cc
Divination (DKA) * 2
Dream Fracture * 4
Cancel (RTR) * 2
#4 5-cc
Devastation Tide * 4
#2 7-cc
Temporal Mastery * 2
#1 x-cc
Blue Sun's Zenith * 1

#2 artifacts
Staff of Nin * 1
Wurmcoil Engine * 1
Elixir of Immortality * 1

#25 lands
Island (M12) * 25

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