r4611 compiling error PSP/PSvita

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r4611 compiling error PSP/PSvita

Post by KF1 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:27 am

I am still unable to compile past the 'mke" JGE stage du t the JSocket error..

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Re: r4611 compiling error PSP/PSvita

Post by mister_playboy » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:20 am

Along with the problem KF1 has mentioned, on Linux the Wagic binary won't compile, either.

Code: Select all

Makefile.qt:474: *** missing separator.  Stop.
Sounds like a simple error but I admit I don't know how to edit that line to fix it.

Line 474 in Makefile.qt:

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MTGDefinitions.h include/TargetsList.h include/AllAbilities.h include/GameStateMenu.h include/MTGGamePhase.h include/Tasks.h include/CardDescriptor.h include/GameStateOptions.h include/MTGGameZones.h include/TestSuiteAI.h include/CardDisplay.h include/GameStateShop.h include/MTGPack.h include/TextScroller.h include/CardEffect.h include/GameStateStory.h include/MTGRules.h include/ThisDescriptor.h include/CardGui.h include/GameStateTransitions.h include/IconButton.h include/OptionItem.h include/Token.h include/CardPrimitive.h include/GuiAvatars.h include/OSD.h include/Translate.h include/CardSelector.h include/GuiBackground.h include/PhaseRing.h include/TranslateKeys.h include/config.h include/GuiCardsController.h include/PlayerData.h include/Trash.h include/Counters.h include/GuiCombat.h include/Player.h include/utils.h include/Credits.h include/GuiFrame.h include/PlayGuiObjectController.h include/WCachedResource.h include/Damage.h include/GuiHand.h include/PlayGuiObject.h include/WDataSrc.h include/

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