help for animated gif support and documentation

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help for animated gif support and documentation

Post by nekoxut » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:25 pm

ok here i am first post on the forums and il get rigth to the point
playing a bit with the story mode and searching for a way to display an animated gif
as a scene background i stumbled on this

so i downloaded the code and looked at it
i'm still a bit confused beacause i'm not too familiar with c++ and even if the code it's really clear
i could not find the documentation that i expected XD

so if someone could suggest wich file i should concentrate on i would be very grateful

also if i may suggest it could be easier for newbye like me to start up if sources came up with
some docs on the code itself more than on the game doxygen could be a good idea?
this could also be useful in updating the miki

thanks for your time

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Re: help for animated gif support and documentation

Post by MootPoint » Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:10 am

To my knowledge there's nothing directly in Wagic currently that's close to what you're looking for (nor in JGE, for that matter). You should probably take a look at the pspsdk - it contains some libs that could provide video decoding - libmpeg2, or alternatively ogg/vorbis. But you'd have to figure how to splice this support into Wagic. Not the easiest feature to start with if you're just getting your feet wet...

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