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All suggestions and feature requests to improve wagic.
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New Ideas

Post by JustaNub » Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:04 am

I was thinking it would be cool if you implemented game mode where the winner gets to take one card from the losers deck (or even just from the cards currently in play).
Lets you play more "traditionally" without actually losing a real-life card. (which 99% of the people I used to play with wouldn't even play with that rule)
Of course the computer decks would just regenerate the lost card to maintain a full deck.

I think this would help new players (and those who don't know how to edit text) build a stronger deck much faster and easier when starting a brand new game.
Or for experienced players to create a 'campaign' mode of sorts, battling other decks to obtain cards as opposed to buying them. [I have a whole list of ideas for a campaign-type mode but that's another post]
It would also increase the stakes and make a more exciting game when playing multiplayer ...[was just imagining wagic with friend over psp wifi...mmmm]

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Re: New Ideas

Post by MrSpud » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:16 pm

I was going to start a thread as well but here is my 2 cents...

I would be nice to have more SFX, like when your character gets hit (lose points) it would be nice to hear some kind of "ka-blam" sound, like when you get hit playing Street fighter. This way it feels like you're feeling the pain 8-)

Also, the deck editor menu would be more user friendly if you could change the view to thumbnails, this way you could see most of your deck on one screen. I like how you can filter the cards, but it would be nice to filter them even more. Example: Instead of filtering all black cards, you could filter them down to all black lands, all black creatures, all black instants and so on. That, plus the addition of thumbnails view would make card editing much, much easier.

Once again thanks for your hard work, I greatly appreciate all the work that went into this project.

edit: It would also be nice to choose "mulligan" if all the cards are lands or no lands at all after the first draw.

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Re: New Ideas

Post by rob3d » Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:26 pm

I second the thought on "mulligan"

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Re: New Ideas

Post by Onitenshi » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:43 pm

rob3d wrote:I second the thought on "mulligan"

it would also improve the AI a bit

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Re: New Ideas

Post by NyghtcrawleR » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:54 pm

Wololo said he was going to try and put that in soon. Hopefully it finds its way in the next release.
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Re: New Ideas

Post by jakethepspguy1 » Thu Apr 30, 2009 5:46 am

Yo wololo! I dig your game, man ;) About a year ago I was kinda down about the fact that no one'd ever made a magic the gathering game for the psp. Then I found wagic! :D

I have a few thoughts on some improvements you could make. It would be cool if you could press square and it would skip the rest of the phases for your turn (or until you're interrupted by the enemy). I say square because it doesn't really have a use as of yet besides during interrupts.

Also, maybe you could do a "force interrupt" button on the enemy's turn (square as well?) because right now you can't really interrupt the enemy unless they're making an action. I was unsure of saying that though, because I'm not 100% on the rules. You can interrupt the enemy whenever you please with an instant on their turn, right?

But yeah, those are just my thoughts. Can't wait for version 0.7! This game is incredible!

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Re: New Ideas

Post by wagicmagic28 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:30 am

that was a problem that was already fix and yes they need to impliment a new code so we can have more SFX like Attacking and Defending. If we take damage or the CPU life is lost we need to script a SFX in there! I looked at the code I only saw Music no SFX string. I tried music but no good. If Wololol would just make a way for us to do this for 186 version Which I believe most of us CPU and PSP owners still use I'll submit them my SFX's so they don't have too. I already switched out my music tracks to music from 2 Steps from heck. And if it was coded I would have already figured it out. The problem is it wasn't coded. MUSIC was - The text files was written to be edited but I can't get it to work I tried all the norm formats of WAV and MP3. No able to get it too work. I know right where the file is though. User/Campaign/Game Manual most likely in Story.XMLexample

<page id="game_phase2">
<img x="1" y="45">_gfx/blocker.png</img>
<text x="45" y="45">Declare blockers. The defending player decides which creatures</text>
<text x="45" y="60">will block the opponent. Tapped creatures can’t block.</text>
<img x="1" y="75">_gfx/damage.png</img>
<text x="45" y="75">Combat damage. Unblocked attackers deal damage to the target</text>
<text x="45" y="90">player. Creatures dealt damage equal to their toughness die.</text>
<img x="1" y="105">_gfx/combat_end.png</img>

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