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Near the end of the 6.xx custom firmware scene, developer Neur0n has updated Dark~AleX DDC software to install the firmwares 6.60, 6.60 ME-1.8 and boot the 6.60 ME-1.8 from the memory stick.


Today time machine has got yet another update, which should be seen as an update to Neur0ns time machine update itself.

Developer Rahim-US, known for porting Neur0ns famous ME and LME custom firmware to firmware 6.20 and updating and improving said custom firmwares, has done yet another incredible thing:

He has updated Neur0ns time machine software, which was an updated version of Dark~AleX’ time machine for (not only, but including) firmware 5.00 (M33-4), which originally was able to install and test boot the 6.60 ME-1.8 firmware, along with installing the official 6.60 firmware.

The new and updated time machine software is now capable of installing and test booting the 6.60 ME-2.2 custom firmware, currently the most advanced and versatile custom firmware for any Playstation Portable.

Another change is that Rahim re-added some of the missing Nand Tools functions, which were present in Dark~AleX’ DDCv8, but missing in Neur0ns DDCv9.

Creating and restoring nand dumps is now possible with the new improved time machine, along with the other mentioned functions.

It is worth to stress that this software does only work in combination with a pandora kit (a pandora battery and a magic memory stick), and only supports the PSP 1000 (any PSP 1000) and most PSP 2000s (any PSP 2000 except for those using the TA-088v3 motherboard).

A comparison of Neur0ns DDCv9 for the 6.60 ME-1.8 and Rahims new DDCv9 for the 6.60 ME-2.2 can be seen in the video above.

Download: Time Machine Addon (6.60 ME-2.2)

Source via Twitter.com

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PS4 System firmware 1.75 brings Blu-Ray 3D support, minor additional featureshttp://wololo.net/2014/07/29/ps4-system-firmware-1-75-brings-blu-ray-3d-support-minor-additional-features/ http://wololo.net/2014/07/29/ps4-system-firmware-1-75-brings-blu-ray-3d-support-minor-additional-features/#comments Tue, 29 Jul 2014 13:38:00 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=21178 PS4 Update 1.75 is upon us, and as announced, is bringing support for 3D Blu-Ray.

That’s pretty much it in terms of “useful” features, although the readme also adds the following things:

  • Sound quality improved during 1.5x playback of Blu-Ray and DVDs (for the many of us who enjoy watching movies faster just so we can watch more of them),
  • System messages that used to be displayed on the top-right corner are now displayed in the top left corner (in the name of all nations that read from left to right, I thank you for this critical update, Sony)
  • Also a new option to automatically download PSN featured content in standby mode has been added (wait, that sounds like it’s actually useful, why the hell is this after the two other ones?)

Screenshot thanks to @heleius

Nothing much to see here, but it’s definitely better than the previous “system stability improved” 1.74 firmware.

Now I’m curious, how many of you own a 3D TV, and are you actually using it? I’ve considered buying a new TV a few times, but 3D functionality is definitely not something I’d lose sleep on.

(Unrelated, but for PC gamers among us who might be interested, Amazon currently have a deal with PC Gaming products from Logitech at 50% off. Thought I wouldn’t make a full article about this but that it was worth mentioning)

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These are the most anticipated Vita games in 2014http://wololo.net/2014/07/29/these-are-the-most-anticipated-vita-games-in-2014/ http://wololo.net/2014/07/29/these-are-the-most-anticipated-vita-games-in-2014/#comments Mon, 28 Jul 2014 23:32:24 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=21155 It is obvious that Sony have changed their approach to the Vita this year, making it a PS4 second screen rather than its own dedicated device. But the fanbase of the Vita is fairly strong (and apparentlyVita owners tend to spend much more on games than other mobile devices’ owners), and a good stream of good games is awaiting for the second half of 2014.

So, what are the upcoming 2014 Vita games people are waiting for the most today? *

10. The Wolf among us

Telltale games are known for reviving the point & click adventure genre. They’ve recently received praises for their “Walking Dead” series, and the Wolf Among us, based on a popular comic book, is also getting positive critics. This is the physical version of the game, which has already been released digitally for the PSN on the Vita. Release expected for the end of the year, preorders available


9. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd

This Rhythm game, extremely popular in Japan (it was the best seller video game the week of its release), is seeing a western release that many fans have been waiting for. Release expected for the end of the year



This Japanese tactical RPG only received a lukewarm welcome from critics, but is still anticipated by many gamers. The PSP was a great platform for tactical RPGs (if you’ve tried Jeanne d’Arc, or the Final Fantasy tactics remake, you know what I am talking about) and the Vita could become one too. Release expected in September

7. Minecraft

Do I need to introduce Minecraft? The popular Indie title is coming to the Vita at the end of this year. Those of you with a hacked Vita craving for a “free Minecraft download for PS Vita” can enjoy the (also popular) PSP Homebrew lamecraft and its many mods, while waiting for a release of Minecraft itself.

6. Disgaea 4

The vita port of popular PS3 Tactical RPG Disgaea 4 is coming this summer. Yes, another tactical RPG. And yes, portable gamers love these!

5. Danganronpa 2

Initially released on the PSP, in Japan only, Danganronpa is a murder mystery visual novel. A Vita release is coming this year, this time along with localization for Western users. Those of you who want to give it a try and have a hacked PSP or Vita can head over to the fan translation project page. They have cancelled the translation of danganronpa 2 after the announce that an official translation was coming, but you can still get the patch for danganronpa 1. But hey, if you enjoy the game, do show your support to the dev and the companies that take the risk to release on the Vita outside of Japan :)

4. AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed

hmm, err, ok?

Huhu. Do you get it? “trip” / “strip” . Huhuhuhu.
in Akiba’s trip, bloodsucking demon creatures have taken over Akihabara. The player needs to defeat these demons by stripping off their clothes and exposing them to sunlight.
I’ve been to Akihabara, there are demons there, but they suck on my wallet’s money, not on my blood.
The game is expected for a Western release in August.

3. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

This is the Vita version of a JRPG that came out on PS3 a few years ago. The game did not really get positive reviews, but the universe around that game has a massive amount of fans, waiting for a Vita release. The release is expected for August.

2. Freedom wars

If I had to pick my personal favorite, this would be it. Freedom Wars is a Japanese action RPG that became an instant hit the week of its release in Japan. It pushes the system to its limits, and is proof that exclusive first-party titles are still extremely relevant for a portable system like the Vita.

1. SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS  (‘Let’s Get Physical’ Limited Edition)

A fighting game with, from what I’ve been told, a gravity engine that puts its attention where it’s required. But I swear I purchased it for the scenario!


There is an obvious craving from Vita gamers for a mix of exclusive, first party games, as well as well-known franchises ports or original games based on popular franchises. It also seems clear Vita gamers in the west are eager to play Japanese games on their Vita. An interesting fact given how some Japanese companies decide to not care about their western fans.

What are the games you are waiting for in 2014 for the Vita? What have you purchased this year so far?

* based on Amazon’s “most wished for” list for Vita

Disclaimer: the Amazon links above are affiliate links. If you purchase through them, you don’t pay anything more but I get a percentage of the sale.

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Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Media Molecule, TellTale Series 3 Confirmed And An Optimus PS1!http://wololo.net/2014/07/28/minimur-wth-happened-this-week-media-molecule-telltale-series-3-confirmed-and-an-optimus-ps1/ http://wololo.net/2014/07/28/minimur-wth-happened-this-week-media-molecule-telltale-series-3-confirmed-and-an-optimus-ps1/#comments Mon, 28 Jul 2014 01:36:36 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=21137 So this week, along with the news that there’s been a mysterious Email sent out by Bioware, about their next project, and also the actors for The Last Of Us movie has been announced, oh! and there’s been a trailer for the ET documentary Xbox are backing, come an take a look! 


First of, as always; PS Vita games (and a new funny japanese advert)


Akiba’s Trip - Confirmed for US on August 12th

Aaaand here’s an awesome advert from Japan, advertising the PS Vita, here’s the necesary translation you’ll need to know when you watch it;

The first child says He’s an adult!” (大人だ! “otona da”), and after, the  announcer saying, “For you who aren’t grade schoolers anymore.”

After, the same child says ‘It’s totally different from mine” when he sees  the bigger kid play with the  PS Vita. He then says, “Amazing, the color is different” while he plays some more.


If I’ve missed any PS Vita game announcements for this week, I’m sure you guys can let us know in the comment box downstairs! right?

It was announced recently that The Last Of Us will also have a Photo Mode, like inFamous: Second Son. There’s been a video describing it on the PS Blog, much like the video that SuckerPunch made describing the photo mode.

Here it is:


More about The Last Of Us, is that the actors for Joel and Ellie have made it announced who they have in mind for the duo, and they are some familiar names. They are;

Maise Williams as Ellie

Bruce Campbell as Joel

Along with the announcement, attendee’s were also given a free poster for the film:

Man, I’m jealous.

More news that came from San Diego ComicCon, was about Telltale.

Believe it or not, they’ve annnounced a Series 3 of The Walking Dead series. Now this is brilliant, being as I’m quite a fan of the game series, but I really wish they could just make their games to a higher standard, anyone who’s played either The Wolf Among Us or TWD, will know that there’s game freezes, problems with loading, and sometimes out of Sync voice to animation. It’s bloody annoying and ruins the vibe that they are trying so hard to create. It’s a real shame.

Anyway, I’m not expecting this anytime soon, being as they’re planning on bringing their games to next gen, along with finishing TWD series 2, and also the projects they have going, Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

But hey, at least it’s on its way…. sometime in the future…



Who mentioned media Molecule?Sony insider Tidux did!

So it seems that Media Molecule have begin teasing their new game, with a strange video titled ‘Making games: Embrace your mistakes’

It’s bloody weird, here it is below:

Tidux mentioned how Mm have began teasing, and although it’s not much it’s definitely not nothing.


Remember guys, this is a Rumour, but it’s definitely about time Mm annnounced their project, being as it was actually showcased back at the PS4 reveal event. 1 and a half years ago.




So here’s the WTH news of the week, an Optimus prime PS1.

Toymaker company  Takara Tomy, has decided to mark the 30 year anniversary for Transformers, and the 20 year anniversary for Playstation by creating a PS1 themes Optimus prime, looking at it, it unfortunately doesn’t look functional. As awesome as it is it would be even cooler if it was fully functional! 

The toy will be avaliable some time next year, and already have a Mega drive ‘Megatron’ planed for release soon, here he is:





So, about that mysterious email Bioware sent out. Did you get one?  I ceertainly did, and was a bit confused as to how they actuaally got my email, maybe EA gave it to them.

Anyway, the email was titled ‘You are chosen’ and linked you to this webpage. The video is quite the tease, and doesn’t really give too much away, but the thing is, someone was clever enough to snoop through the Email itself, and Bioware were clever enough to name of of the photos ‘ShadowRealms_Teaser_Video.jpg’

Damn, I wonder what it could be.

Well, just to back up the possibility that it could be a game from them called Shadow Realms, in the begining of the year, EA registered a game called, yep you guessed it. Shadow Realms. Unfortunately I can’t find a link that says this, you’ll just have to believe the site I got this whole information off of. The Metro….  heh. (Atleast it isn’t Fox news, right?)






The Weekly Blog Round-up

Forgotten Homebrews Part 1: iR Shell
Vita memory card dumped by mr.gas and tomtomdu80
PS4 Firmware 1.75 to be released next week!
PS4 Firmware 1.74 is here, brings a huge amount of absolutely nothing

By the way, RageInsane. There’s no need to start a riot! I was back on the 19th, as promised!

For those of you who were a bit confused by this, when Fate6 covered for me, for two  a week*, Rage Insane here threatened to start a riot if I wasn’t back. But it’s fine! no need to worry :D

*Just messing Fate6 ;)

By the way, it was awesome to know that you guys actually missed me. That’s what keeps me going! Other than actually enjoying writing this, of course!



Side note:

I’m thinking of going to New York as a holiday soon, what are some cool things I HAVE to do before I go back to England?



See you next week! (If not sooner)

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Forgotten Homebrews Part 1: iR Shellhttp://wololo.net/2014/07/26/forgotten-homebrews-part-1-ir-shell/ http://wololo.net/2014/07/26/forgotten-homebrews-part-1-ir-shell/#comments Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:42:27 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=21092 The new Vita-only users may not be aware of one of PSP’s greatest homebrew softwares, the iR Shell.  iR Shell was developed by AhMan. It’s a program that basically changes the whole PSP’s GUI(Graphical User Interface) to a whole new Windows Vista like interface. It supports firmware 1.5, all OE revisions except for 3.30 as well as Team M33′s custom firmwares up to 5.00 M33-6 and 5.50 GEN, and can also run under 1.5 & 2.71 emulation under DevHook on PSP Phats (1000s).This ancient homebrew is not only known for its looks, but also the nifty feature it offers. It is an alternative to a launcher as seen on androids. It allows you to access and manipulate files on your computer, including a music player, image viewer and lots more handy features. It also includes plethora of advanced features that may not be very friendly to a regular user.


Some of the pretty neat features it includes are as follows:

USB Host:  With USBhostFS, you can browse your Computer’s hard disks or
CD/DVD ROM drives via a USB connection from your PSP. You’ll need to install the usbhostfs driver on the PC and then run the nethostfs.exe server application before you can use this feature. USBhostFS can also be used as a PSP keypad redirection to PC keyboard or Joypad. For this to work you’ll need to enable the option “Redirect Keypad to Host” under iR Shell Configurator.

Nethost:  With NetHostFS, you can browse your computer’s hard disks or
CD/DVD ROM drives via WiFi on your PSP. This is a bit more complicated since it is wireless and involves working internet connection. Unlike USBhostFS, you’ll need to enable PSP keypad redirection with -s option. (This tells the NEThostFS to enable keypad redirection.) You’ll also need to enable the option “Redirect Keypad to Host” located under the iR Shell Configurator when using keypad redirection.


With these 2 features (USBhostFS and NetHostFS) you can launch your PSP homebrews or backups from your PC via USB or WiFi. This helps to give your PSP unlimited storage! There is no need to have everything stuffed into your PSP anymore. When using Infrastructure WiFi you can even access these files located on your home PC via a wireless hotspot through the internet. Also take note for these features to work you’ll have to install the USBhostFS and NEThostFS drivers on PC (available on both Linux and Windows).


File Management: Includes a basic file manager. This also allows you to browse files on your memory stick, UMD disc, PC hard disks or DVD Rom drives via USB or WiFi as I mentioned above. You can even open all these files directly from any of these devices. The supported files include Atrac3s, Bitmaps, ISO Backups, Jpegs, PMF movies, PNGs, PBPs (Homebrews games and  apps) PDF files, PS1 games, Rar and Zip files and text files.


 iR Commander: You can only use this feature with the PSP 1000 because it includes infrared.  It allows you to control various home appliances and other infra-red based equipment.  It has built-in IR codes (Pronto Hex Codes) for more than 2000 devices! In iR Shell there is an icon on the top bit, called iR View and it has some preset devices in there one is the original Xbox. You can download other configurations to control other things.


External Control: The ability to control your PSP via an external keyboard or an external joypad/game controller. Yes that’s right you can use your Xbox controller to control movement, in games or wherever its necessary.


Mutli-tasking: This is the iR Shell’s main feature. The ability to multi task, unlike the PSP’s XMB which is very limited. This feature allows you to multi task between a UMD, Homebrew Game/App, ISO backups and PS1 games. This is what makes the iRShell more like another OS for the PSP. I wouldn’t call the XMB as much of an OS, because there is absolutely no sort of multi-tasking feature at all. The only ‘multi-tasking’ seen on the XMB is viewing a picture while playing music. Thanks to a few plugins, we can now do some  multitasking like playing music while playing games or apps.


PS1 Games Multiplayer Support: Last but not least, it also includes some black magic that allows you to play multiplayer on PSX games via adhoc!  Although this feature isn’t perfect, it has only been seen on iR Shell (At least for the PSP). This is a feature that isn’t even included in Sony’s official firmware. This is done via USBhostFS or NEThost.

These features are what makes iR Shell so fantastic! We do have separate plugins that allow us to do certain things that iRShell offers, for example Remote Joy Lite lets you stream your PSP’s screen on your PC. You can simply enable that plugin, and it allows you to do just that, whether you’re in GAME or VSH. One thing that no one has gotten their hands on is the Multiplayer Support for PS1 games. No one’s heard from AhMan for a while now, and unfortunately the source isn’t available either, but that doesn’t stop this homebrew from gaining its honor. There are lots more other things about this shell that I can discuss, but If I were to do that I could probably go on forever. Some of the features can be seen on Custom firmwares or as separate plugins today.

So what do you guys think? Do you think there should be another iR Shell? Not exactly the same, but with a different look or some sort. Do you think the Vita deserves one, when or if, it gains a Native hack?

If you’re willing to give it a shot, you can have a look at this tutorial by Ruyor.

Take note that some things don’t work on PSP Slim and Phats that are on 6.20 and over.

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