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The majority of the useful tools of this leak have not been revealed by the YLoD team. The leaked files amount to a total of only 63 megabytes.

For a total file size that small, this leak could be one of a few things. It could simply be just be an update file for the SDK. It is also possible that this was a much larger software package, but YLoD decided not to release the whole thing. Christopher Groux of DashHacks says that it appears to him to be just a simple toolchain and basic compilers.

For obvious legal reasons, I cannot supply you guys with the actual SDK files. If you really want to see what they look, you should have the skills to know how to find them. Nonetheless, the small amount of content would probably be useless of you to have.

It is worth mentioning that team YLoD do not have a great track record of trust. Last month, they “released” an old Vita SDK that had already been publicly leaked on the web more than 2 years ago. So much for exclusivity… but at least this one looks reasonably recent.

I’ve got a little giveaway for you guys. This is not one hosted by myself, but by @TheASHfire06. The giveaway consists of a PS Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle. If you would like to enter, you can do so here.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What do you think the true contents of this leak are? Do you think that YLoD stripped some parts off before leaking? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter where I can be contacted/followed @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links below.

Source: Dashhacks

http://wololo.net/2014/04/24/ylod-ps3-sdk-v4-50-leak/feed/ 3
[Vita] Release: Black list maker by 173210 (+ list of blacklisted games in 3.12) http://wololo.net/2014/04/24/vita-release-black-list-maker-by-173210-list-of-blacklisted-games-in-3-12/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/24/vita-release-black-list-maker-by-173210-list-of-blacklisted-games-in-3-12/#comments Thu, 24 Apr 2014 01:01:30 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19326 Japanese developer 173210, who has been involved more than once in PSP/Vita hacks, VHBL releases, or TN-V ports for various exploits, released Black List Maker a few days ago.

Black List Maker is a utility that retrieves the list of blocked exploits inside the PSP emulator of the Vita. This will be useless for non devs around here, but if you happen to have your own kernel exploit, this will let you quickly get a list of the blocked usermode exploits.

A few caveats to this tool:

- Do not run it on TN-V. TN-V replaces the savedata_utility.prx file with its own inside the psp emu’s flash0. Since that is the file that BlackList Maker targets, you would technically be getting a list of the games blocked in the latest PSP’s 6.60 firmware, which is already known and is not what you are looking for

- As mentioned by qwikrazor87 on /talk, this will only reveal the exploits that are blocked from within the PSP emulator. We have seen in the past that Sony have blocked PSP exploits directly from the Vita level (are you following?). Those would not be shown by this tool.

At the end of the day, only one person really needs to run this, and the world can then get the list. This is what 173210 has done for the latest Vita firmware 3.12, and the blacklist for that latest firmware can be found here. I reproduce the list for your viewing pleasure, and with names of the games, below:

ULUS10041:GTA: Liberty City Stories
ULES00151:GTA: Liberty City Stories
ULES00182:GTA: Liberty City Stories
ULJM05097:Pursuit Force – Daitsuiseki
UCUS98640:Pursuit Force
UCES00019:Pursuit Force
UCKS45016:Pursuit Force
UCUS98703:Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice
UCES00694:Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice
UCAS40150:Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice
ULUS10141:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULJM05213:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULAS42082:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULKS46066:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULES00557:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULES00558:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULES00559:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULES00560:Medal of Honor: Heroes – Platinum
ULES00561:Medal of Honor: Heroes – SP
ULES00562:Medal of Honor: Heroes
ULUS10310:Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
ULJM05301:Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
ULES00955:Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
ULES00988:Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
ULES00956:Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
ULUS10017:Archer Maclean’s Mercury
ULES00011:Archer Maclean’s Mercury
UCJS10011:[Hg] Hydrium
UCKS45007:[Hg] Hydrium
ULUS10133:Mercury Meltdown
ULES00466:Mercury Meltdown
UCJS10043:Shutyuuryoku Ikusei Korogasu Ekitai Puzzle – Tama-Run
ULES00281:Splinter Cell Essentials
ULUS10070:Splinter Cell Essentials
ULJM05561:Fuuun Shinsengumi Bakumatsu den Portable
UCJS10001:Mina no Golf Portable
UCJM95401:Minna no Golf – Coca Cola Special Edition
UCES00012:Everybody’s Golf
UCUS98614:Hot Shots Golf
UCKS45004:Minna no Golf Portable
UCJS10075:Minna no Golf Portable 2
UCES00767: Everybody’s Golf 2
UCUS98693:Hot Shots Golf 2
ULES00387:Sudoku Coach
UCJS10094:Minna no Sukkiri
NPUG80524:Hot_Shots Shorties Green
NPUG80527:Hot_Shots Shorties Blue
NPUG80528:Hot Shots Shorties Red Pack
NPUG80529:Hot Shots Shorties Yellow Pack
NPEG00046:Everybody’s Stress Buster: Green Pack
NPEG00047:Everybody’s Stress Buster: Blue Pack
NPEG00048:Everybody’s Stress Buster: Red Pack
NPEG00049:Everybody’s Stress Buster: Yellow Pack
UCAS40290:Everybody’s Stress Buster
ULES00388:Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku
UCKS45124:Motorstorm Arctic Edge
UCES01250:Motorstorm Arctic Edge
UCAS40266:MotorStorm Arctic Edge
UCUS98743:Motorstorm Arctic Edge
ULUS10287:Super Collapse 3
UCJS10101:Minna no Tennis Portable
UCUS98701:Hot Shots Tennis
UCES01420:Everybody’s Tennis
UCAS40307:Everybody’s Tennis
NPJG90082:Motorstorm Arctic Edge Demo
NPUG70053:Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 Demo
NPEG90027:Everybody’s Tennis
NPHG00081:Everybody’s Golf (Demo)
ULES01027:Super Collapse 3
ULUS10227:7 Wonders of the Ancient World
ULES01037:7 Wonders of the Ancient World
NPEZ00327:Mad Blocker Alpha
NPUZ00210:Mad Blocker Alpha
NPEG00020:Gravity Crash Portable
NPUZ00098:Apache Overkill
NPEZ00184:Apache Overkill
NPUH10091:Pool Hall Pro
NPUZ00103:Arcade Airhockey & Bowling
NPEZ00054:Arcade Airhockey & Bowling
NPUZ00281:Arcade Pool
NPEZ00056:Arcade Pool
NPUZ00097:Arcade Darts
NPEZ00053:Arcade Darts
ULES00821:World Of Pool
NPUZ00259:Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot
NPEZ00374:Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot
NPUZ00195:Pipe Madness
NPEZ00314:Pipe Madness
NPUZ00081:Jewel Keepers – Easter Island
NPEZ00185:Jewel Keepers – Easter Island
NPJH50104:Half-Minute Hero
ULUS10491:Half-Minute Hero
ULES01359:Half-Minute Hero
ULKS46234:Yuusha 30
UCJS10076:Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida
ULUS10456:Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman
NPUH10015:Rock Band Unplugged
NPEH00012:Rock Band Unplugged
NPJH50594:Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012
NPUH10053:King of Pool
ULES01164:King of Pool
NPJH00106:King of Pool
NPJH50708:Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012 Ketteiban
NPUZ00075:Robin Hood The Return of Richard
NPEZ00156:Robin Hood The Return of Richard
NPUZ00116:Arcade Essentials
NPEZ00204:Arcade Essentials
NPJH00104:Arcade Essentials
NPUZ00258:Arcade Essentials Evolution
NPEZ00405:Arcade Essentials Evolution
NPUZ00218:Block Cascade Fusion
NPUZ00179:N.O.V.A.: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
NPEZ00222:N.O.V.A.: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
NPEH00062:Block Cascade Fusion
NPUZ00212:Duael Invaders
NPEZ00328:Duael Invaders
NPUZ00045:Widgets Odyssey
NPEZ00133:Widgets Odyssey 2
NPUZ00055:Widgets Odyssey 2
NPEZ00149:Widgets Odyssey 2
NPUH10088:101-in-1 Megamix
NPEH00068:101-in-1 Megamix
NPUZ00221:Monochrome Racing
NPEZ00357:Monochrome Racing
ULUS10542:Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction
ULES01471:Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction
ULUS10230:Valhalla Knights
ULES00657:Valhalla Knights
ULJS00075:Valhalla Knights
ULUS10584:Persona 2 Innocent Sin
NPJH50329:Persona 2 Innocent Sin
ULJM06081:Persona 2 Innocent Sin
ULES01557:Persona 2 Innocent Sin
UCJS10104:MotorStorm: Raging Ice
ULES00389:Professor Sudoku
ULUS10126:Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku



Download Black List Maker here

Source: 173210 on /Talk

http://wololo.net/2014/04/24/vita-release-black-list-maker-by-173210-list-of-blacklisted-games-in-3-12/feed/ 16
EU PSN Store now also without PSP/PS1 restrictions! – Access to PSP Demos granted! http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/eu-psn-store-now-also-without-pspps1-restrictions-access-to-psp-demos-granted/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/eu-psn-store-now-also-without-pspps1-restrictions-access-to-psp-demos-granted/#comments Wed, 23 Apr 2014 11:40:42 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19337

Why buy numblast when you can use the free demo version? ;) pic.twitter.com/Rq9vLvQjCH

— The Z (@The_Zett) April 23, 2014

Just yesterday we told you, that it is now possible to download basically every PSP/PS1 game from the US PSN store to your PS Vita, if said game worked at the PSP in the first place.

Now, 24 hours later, the european PSN store has also lifted its restrictions, which allows us to download every title from the PSN store, as long as it was working at a PSP (go) in the first place. This allows the download of PSP demos and previously unsupported PSP titles.

Since most PS1 games were available in the european PSN store in the first place, nothing much should have changed in terms of PS1 game availability.

PSP demos are now downloadable – Free exploits?

The first thought about these new downloadable PSP demos is, can they be exploited and used for a free exploit at the PS Vita?

Well, technically that could be possible, but that depends on the game, and if it has been used in the past (e.g. the famous Patapon 2 Demo exploit for PSP firmware 6.20).

There are currenlty over a dozen of PSP demos in the PSN store, and one could download these to the PS Vita.

Since we are able to create backups via OpenCMA, those demos would be playable at the PS Vita forever (unless the demo has a limited amount of time(s) it can be played), as long as one uses the same PSN account.

It is currently unknown if it was intended to lift the whitelist/blacklist of approved/restricted PSP games for the PS Vita, and it is unknown if those changes will be reverted in the future.

http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/eu-psn-store-now-also-without-pspps1-restrictions-access-to-psp-demos-granted/feed/ 35
PSOne/PSP Games That Were Un-Playable, Can Now Be Played On PS Vita http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/psonepsp-games-that-were-un-playable-can-now-be-played-on-ps-vita/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/psonepsp-games-that-were-un-playable-can-now-be-played-on-ps-vita/#comments Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:56:59 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19315

US users! Pretty much everything you couldn't download to #PSVita before you can now. Spyro, Crash, PSPo2, DLC, etc pic.twitter.com/PKboOaxI8c

— PS Vita Reviews (@vitareviews) April 21, 2014

You probably have seen it yourself. When you go to your download list on your PS Vita, only certain PSOne/PSP games are eligible for download. After the PSN maintenance today, it seems Sony has made some changes.

As seen in the tweet above, those games that  used to be greyed out and say “This content cannot be downloaded on a PS Vita System” can now be downloaded.

This past weekend, there was, as you probably know, a flash sale on the PSN Store. The funny thing is that many people did not purchase the 99 cent PSOne/PSP games because they would not be able to play them on their PS Vitas. The day after, of course, Sony decided to make almost all of these types of games available and playable on the Vita.

Some of the games that you can now download and play on your PS Vita include for PSOne, Crash Bandicoot (very fun) and Spyro the Dragon. Phantasy Star Portable 2, a PSP game, is now obtainable on PS Vita, when it wasn’t before.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What game are you going to get on your Vita that you couldn’t get before? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter where I can be contacted/followed @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links below. Also, Vita scene member @TheASHfire06 is holding a giveaway for the soon to be released PS Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle. If you like to be a part of this great giveaway by a great guy, you can enter here.

Source: The Vita Lounge

http://wololo.net/2014/04/23/psonepsp-games-that-were-un-playable-can-now-be-played-on-ps-vita/feed/ 58
Amazon Deal of the Day: 38% off Titanfall + discounts on NFS Rivals, Arkham Origins, Beyond Two souls and more http://wololo.net/2014/04/22/amazon-deal-of-the-day-38-off-titanfall-discounts-on-nfs-rivals-arkham-origins-beyond-two-souls-and-more/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/22/amazon-deal-of-the-day-38-off-titanfall-discounts-on-nfs-rivals-arkham-origins-beyond-two-souls-and-more/#comments Tue, 22 Apr 2014 08:06:11 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19322 Amazon regularly do massive discounts on selected video games and gaming accessories.

Today’s offer is a 38% discount on TitanFall, which you can get for $36.99 on Xbox One, Xbox360, or PC. Other deals throughout the day include PS3 discounts on NFS Rivals, Batman Arkham origins, and Beyond: Two souls.

Titanfall is an impressive multiplayer-only FPS which got great reviews, with a metacritic score of 86. IGN rated it as 8.9/10, and summarized it this way: “Titanfall excels at making every moment and every action a fun one. It is a breath of fresh multiplayer FPS air.”

In addition to this game discount for the whole day, Amazon will be running some Video Games “Lightning Deals” for the next 24h. Lightning deals at Amazon are usually really good discounts on games and accessories, available only for a few hours.

I’m personally excited by Beyond: Two souls, which has received mixed criticism, but I loved Heavy Rain so much that I’m willing to give B:TS a try.

Today’s deals also include discounts on some gaming headsets and Skylander games.

You can check the offers here, by selecting the “video games” category, or follow them in the widget below

(disclaimer: the amazon links above are associate links, if you purchase by clicking on these links, you don’t pay more, but I get a percentage of the sale)

http://wololo.net/2014/04/22/amazon-deal-of-the-day-38-off-titanfall-discounts-on-nfs-rivals-arkham-origins-beyond-two-souls-and-more/feed/ 8
8 Days of Gaming, Day 2: The worst console generation? http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/8-days-of-gaming-day-2-the-worst-console-generation/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/8-days-of-gaming-day-2-the-worst-console-generation/#comments Mon, 21 Apr 2014 13:05:15 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=18811 How do you singlehandedly make videogames widely popular and at the same time kill the entire market? Keep reading to find out.

If you ask any adult gamer today what their first gaming console was chances are you’ll be responded with “The Atari 2600″. It really was a popular machine at the time that set a lot of standards and create things like the third party market (albeit unwillingly, more on that later). But most of these adult gamers will probably have more bad memories regarding the console than good ones, specially in the US where the console was more prominent.

You have probably also heard of the videogame crash of the 80′s, and some of you might know what happened, but most younger gamers (including myself) would have no clue without taking some history lesson from wikipedia. Allow me to highlight all important events, specially the ones leading to the crash.

Fairchild Channel F, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Magnavox Odyssey 2, Intellivision, Colecovision, Vectrex, Arcadia, Astrocade, and others. Those are a lot of names aren’t they? nowadays we have three mayor console competitors, with games being the important business that companies focus on, rather than hardware itself.
The game Frogger even advertised itself as “8 ways you can play Frogger”. People didn’t really know which console was better, specs weren’t as common as they are today, most consoles just seemed to be exactly like the one before, you could have a game you’d want to bring over to your friends house but find out he had a different system. That was until the Atari 2600 stood out from its competitors and became the norm.

The Atari 2600 and other consoles however didn’t allow for third party games, only the company that made the console had access to creating games for it. Back then, if you were a developer for Atari you didn’t get any credit or recognition for your work, which wasn’t even your work, it was Atari’s property.
A bunch of pissed of Atari employees left and founded their own company, but instead of making their own console, they continued to create and release games for the 2600. This company was, and still is, named Activision. They have been f*cking sh*t up since the 80′s.
Atari tried to sue them but they failed, essentially legitimizing the third party market, was this a good thing? it is a good thing today but it was bad back then.

You see, there was zero control over the quality of games released, most third party games weren’t from gaming companies, but from other companies that just created a quick game to advertise their products, only Activision became popular, which is the main reason it exists nowadays.
The internet was still young and most people didn’t have it, so it was hard to find good and honest reviews of the game and the cover for the games were usually misleading and games that were supposed to be good like pacman or ET ended up being complete garbage. You spent more time trying to find a decent game than actually playing, and most of the time you found yourself with wasted cash and a pile of broken, unplayable games. Wololo, who is from that era, explained it best here: http://wololo.net/2014/03/16/piracy-just-doesnt-make-sense-anymore/

Ultimately gamers grew tired of this and decided to spend their time and money on other hobbies. Videogames were seen as nothing more than a fad that had just passed. This was in the US mostly as in Europe general computers that were also capable of gaming with better graphics and gameplay were still popular and in Japan consoles barely had any recognition as gamers preferred the more hardcore and advanced arcade machines than the watered down home ports.

At the end of the day it took a Japanese company to take us out of this crash that would have ended gaming for good. But we’ll talk about it on the next article, let’s first review some popular consoles.

Atari 2600
Atari was crap, period. Not the console itself, but the company, and this will become more apparent in later generations.
The Atari 2600 was heavily marketed, and for the most part is was a great console that set standards to be used even today: games are separate from the main unit, controllers are plugable, accessories who (try to) improve the experience, third party developers (although not willingly), and much more.
Atari’s way to handle shovelware titles is what killed the system. As I already mentioned, companies that weren’t exactly game developers started opening small divisions to make games primarily to advertise their main products, these games sucked ass of course.
Then you have some big time games like E.T. and pac-man, which were supposed to be the best games for the system…. they killed the system though.

Pacman didn’t have the same gameplay or charisma that the original arcade title had. Graphics were a sore to the eyes, there was only one ghost, gameplay was dull and boring without the good stress and rush the original made the gamer feel. This was the reason Atari wasn’t popular in Japan, as japanese gamers preferred much better arcade machines than watered down home ports.

Is this supposed to look like pacman? it looks like someone vomited all over the screen

The other big AAA title that killed the Atari was E.T. The game was confusingly bad, the graphics once again sucked, sound was horrible (even for atari), E.T. shows his penis (I’m not even kidding), and there was barely anything from the movie in that game.
Was that extra pixel between E.T.’s legs necessary? and why does that guy look like he has goat legs? and most importantly, what’s the damn goal of this game?

Despite this, both games sold extremely well, at least that’s what Atari thinks. Back then (and some companies today) atari didn’t count how many games hit households, but how many hit store shelves.
Once the game hits the store shelves, it’s considered sold, after that is the problem of the store to sell the game to consumers. Now, here’s the problem, Atari manufactured 4 million copies of this game, and out that 4 million, 3.5 were returned to Atari either as not being able to sell it, or returned by customers who were not happy with it, that speaks a lot about a game.

Overall the 2600 seems to gather more hatred from the gaming community than good nostalgia, but it’s great watching gamers on youtube rape atari games up and down.

Many other consoles were available, out of which perhaps only ColecoVision kind of stands out.
The controllers were odd as they featured a numeric pad. It probably wasn’t a big deal back then as I haven’t seen any newer consoles featuring a numeric pad, well, uhmmm, the Atari Jaguar but I don’t want to get into that until day 5.

Overall this generation had its good and bad things, but this is one of the cases where the bad outweights the good, and it was so much bad that it could have ended console gaming for good, but thank god a japanese company going by the name Nintendo saved our asses, and thus we can still enjoy the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U on our big TVs today. But that’s something for the next day.

http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/8-days-of-gaming-day-2-the-worst-console-generation/feed/ 35
PS Vita TN-V Weird System Crash http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/ps-vita-tn-v-weird-system-crash/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/ps-vita-tn-v-weird-system-crash/#comments Mon, 21 Apr 2014 03:32:27 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19286

It has probably happened to you. You were doing something in TN-V and it crashed, causing you to hard reset your PS Vita. Let’s just say that these crashes are a bit different.

Ok, so your TN-V crashes, reset your Vita and everything is all good right? Sure, but what if you are stripped of all control over your Vita? To the point where you can’t even power off.

I have gotten into contact with the creator of the Youtube videos that portray these happenings. Here is some info on the crash:

I was getting ready to play some Mario ROMS on my Vita using SNES9xTYL. I navigated through the XMB to get to the emulator, and then started it up. Midway though the load of the emulator, I pressed the PS Vita Home/LiveArea button. When I went back into the Megamix game (that’s the exploit I run) everything froze up. When the error message finally came up and I was kicked out of the game, I tried to open another game. That’s when the weird stuff started happening…

So, what is this weird stuff that happened? Here is a 4 video playlist that was created with four different events that took place. The above quote is how the crash in the first video was achieved, the crash in the second video was achieved a different way, and the third and fourth video are part of the same crash, achieved yet another way.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What are some of your TN-V crashes, and how did they occur? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter where i can be contacted/followed using the handy links below.

http://wololo.net/2014/04/21/ps-vita-tn-v-weird-system-crash/feed/ 54
The PS Vita TV Is Getting PS4 Remote Play And DS4 Support In May http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/the-ps-vita-tv-is-getting-ps4-remote-play-and-ds4-support-in-may/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/the-ps-vita-tv-is-getting-ps4-remote-play-and-ds4-support-in-may/#comments Sun, 20 Apr 2014 10:35:59 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19277

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong recently announced that the PS Vita TV will be getting an update next month that will enable PS4 Remote Play.

This new update will also allow for DS4 use with the PS Vita. For Singapore users, there is a 50% off discount through June on PS Vita TV, if they buy a PS4. It is interesting how they are making it DS4 compatible, but the value pack still includes a DS3.


Here is my question about the update, up to now, PS Vita updates and PS Vita update files have been identical. If this is to continue, what else is this update going to bring, something that will also have an effect on the PS Vita? The PS Vita already supports PS4 Remote Play, so, if Sony is going to continue the trend of identical update files, what will they add. Hopefully new features. *Cough* PS4 Vita CMA capabilities.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What, if they do bring additional features, would you like Sony to add to the PS Vita arsenal? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor where I can be contacted/followed using the handy links below.

PSN Easter Egg: KADG-64NR-3A27

Source: SegmentNext

http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/the-ps-vita-tv-is-getting-ps4-remote-play-and-ds4-support-in-may/feed/ 15
$1000 to win in Wololo’s Giant Easter Egg Hunt: Final round! http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/1000-to-win-in-wololos-giant-easter-egg-hunt-final-round/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/1000-to-win-in-wololos-giant-easter-egg-hunt-final-round/#comments Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:03:04 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=18770 Three weeks ago we started the most Epic giveaway ever done on the scene: a huge Easter Egg Hunt with a total of $1000 in PSN Codes to be found on our website. Up to $500 could be found so far in various pages of our site, and we revealed all the locations of the 50 Eggs in this thread on /talk.

Today, I will be hiding an additional $510 in 51 eggs, pushing our total to $1010 for the grand finale! Yes, there’s one more Egg, ’cause our moderator SMOKE is kindly participating in the giveaway too.

As for last week, the Eggs can be found in the following places:

There is no catch: the Easter eggs will be spread throughout the website, there is no need to register to anything and everyone can participate, simply by browsing the sections mentioned above. The trick, as in all Easter Egg Hunts, is to actually find the eggs. If you find one, snatch the PSN Code and redeem it on your Playstation account, done!

What the eggs look like might vary depending on my mood, there will be easy and difficult ones. Unlike real life eggs though, it is possible that you find eggs that have been found by someone else before you. In that case, the PSN code will of course not work a second time, so don’t get discouraged and keep looking.

If you find one of the eggs (lucky you!), use your natural bragging rights by claiming victory on our dedicated thread on /talk, or in the comments section below, or by shouting me a thank you on Twitter or on Facebook. Your support is highly appreciated!

As part of this contest, we will also be giving away some PSN codes directly on twitter and Facebook, in a more “typical” “follow and retweet” fashion.

The PSN Codes we give away are for US accounts. I’ve explained several times how and why you should have a US PSN Account even if you don’t live in the US. And once again, I recommend it!

I strongly suggest to check this thread on /talk where people report what eggs have already been found, etc…

Today is Easter day, and we are spreading $500 in random places of the site! So hurry up, find the eggs, and have fun!

And another one: LMBR-PQN6-FNDN

Here’s already one :)

http://wololo.net/2014/04/20/1000-to-win-in-wololos-giant-easter-egg-hunt-final-round/feed/ 53
The Xbox One hacked? http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/the-xbox-one-hacked/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/the-xbox-one-hacked/#comments Sat, 19 Apr 2014 14:31:20 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19275 Rumors surfaced a few hours ago that hackers have made major progress towards hacking the Xbox One.

The piece of news, originating from IRC EFnet lobby #xbonehack, seems to imply that hacker Iriez (known for his work on the Xbox 360) has found access to some encryption/decryption keys on the Xbox. Although he is not explicitly stating it in the IRC discussion, he hints strongly at it:

[3:49pm] <+Iriez> think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> the thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded (though they did with ps3)

I have witnessed the excitement of many console hackers in the past for wrong reasons. People who thought they had found a kernel exploit on the PSP but were only looking at the wrong data dump. People who thought they had found a major flaw on a system, only to realize it was actually their debugging tool that was having a problem. Or, very often, people getting very excited for what only represents 1% of the total amount of work to achieve.

As a result of this, I wouldn’t be so excited so soon, if I were an Xbox One owner looking to hack my device. Xbox Hacker TyDye81 (GLoader) also apparently came back to confirm there was much excitement over only a very tiny thing:

[16:07.40] <@tydye81> nah this is super old news
[16:07.44] <@tydye81> to anyone with common sense
[16:08.07] <@tydye81> they encrypt all the xvd files wth private key then put the public key on the console
[16:08.11] <@tydye81> so only it can decrypt them
[16:08.14] <@tydye81> then theres signing lol
[16:08.20] <@tydye81> sure you can look at the files
[16:08.28] <@tydye81> but thats been done months ago
[16:08.55] <@tydye81> iriez did find something
[16:09.12] <@tydye81> but hes freakin out over something I dont think he quite understands yet..

Moreover, even though these are known hackers of the xbox scene, there is of course no proof from a mere IRC log.

The full log can be found below:

[3:08pm] <Iriez> wow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> wowowowowowow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking
[3:09pm] <+giglife> Iriez ¦ I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking | lets hear the big news
[3:10pm] <Iriez> lets just say its already done.
[3:10pm] <Iriez> games over
[3:10pm] <Iriez> :)
[3:11pm] <herbz42o> homebrew?
[3:22pm] <Iriez> goddamn im fucking excited
[3:22pm] <Iriez> There’s no beans to spill
[3:23pm] <Iriez> it just…is what it is :)
[3:23pm] <Iriez> We will see examples within the following months….right now is the discovery phase, development must be done
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> the thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded (though they did with ps3)
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> thats what happened
[3:49pm] keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> heh
[3:49pm] * +Iriez neener neener not sayin
[3:49pm] <@hordak> yes then
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> well, theoretically if the keys were leaked
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> IF….
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> public key is stored on cpu die
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> ….. :-)
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> new hardware would need to be rolled out
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> and even then
[3:51pm] oh nice
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> how are they going to prevent files signed with the old key from working
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> if they change their public/private pair?
[3:52pm] <+Iriez> welcome to the beggining of a new age!
[3:53pm] <+Iriez> xboxone full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time
[4:01pm] <+Iriez> who said anyone found the private key ? :)
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> i got that refrence kl0wn
[4:01pm] so this will be the easiest hack ever than to apply. Literally just a dashboard update thats been hacked up
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> lol
[4:01pm] like the ps3
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> high five
[4:02pm] <+Iriez> ….perhaps ; )

If anything, the statement “xboxone full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time” sounds like a big under-estimate. Homebrew programming on any console requires to create an SDK, build tools, a community. People such as YifanLu or Fail0verflow have stated in the past that making homebrews a possibility on any console is way much more work than “just” finding exploits or vulnerabilities.

That being said, it’s always great to know that teams out there are trying to figure out more secrets about our beloved consoles :)

Do you own an xbox one? Are you expecting the Xbox one to get hacked?

Easter Egg: MJ2H-5CNB-PMHL

Source: Reddit & pastebin

http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/the-xbox-one-hacked/feed/ 27
Sony sold their entire portofolio of Square-Enix shares http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/sony-sold-their-entire-portofolio-of-square-enix-shares/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/sony-sold-their-entire-portofolio-of-square-enix-shares/#comments Sat, 19 Apr 2014 07:59:36 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19254

Sony Corporation sold their complete portfolio of Square-Enix (SE) shares. For over a decade Sony’s gaming division; Sony Computer Entertainment held a stake of 8.25% in Square-Enix, a stake which now has been sold in its entirety to SMBC Nikko Securities.

Square-Enix known most for creating the Final Fantasy franchise (although technically Square were responsible for the birth of the famous RPG brand, as many of you may know) came to be when Square and Enix merged in 2003.


Last year Square-Enix business practices garnered some industry wide critique when the company stated how the reboot of Tomb Raider failed to meet expectations. A crazy notion, knowing that in the first month alone the game sold around 3.6 million copies. In the last two quarterly reports Square-Enix did manage to turn things around by showing a return to profitability. Even though the share price of the publishing giant improved over the last twelve months, Sony probably could have gotten a better deal if they would have sold their SE shares back in January when a share went for ¥2895 ($28.25) compared to ¥1685 ($16.44) now.

Sony fiscal year

The PlayStation 4 is a huge success and with sales of the console just north of 7 million units it greatly exceeds the company’s estimations. The PlayStation brand is doing great, especially when compared to some other divisions at Sony. Normal business practices dictate the current restructure and realignment of interests.

Sony hasn’t issued out an official statement in regards to selling their Square-Enix shares but it most probably has a lot to do with the company’s need to free up resources. Sony parted ways with their 9.52 million Square-Enix shares for approximately ¥15.3 billion ($150 million), of which Sony will receive cash proceeds on a consolidated basis on April 21th 2014.

Did Sony lose faith in Square-Enix?

Since the news of this sale broke out the internet began speculating about it; Why now? Sony abandons sinking ship, Final Fantasy XV exclusive on Xbox One, “give us a FF VII remake” etc.

Although technically speaking a possibility, most of the examples above are just plain silly. However this recent event might give us some insight in what we can expect from Square-Enix in the immediate future. Either Sony just sold their stake in SE to:

  • Free up extra funds; focussing on a short term goal of staying in the black during the current fiscal year. This would mean Sony doesn’t believe Square-Enix will make a big splash this year, at least not enough to warrant keeping the SE shares. 
  • Sony decided that they no longer need those shares 
  • Sony indeed lost faith in Square-Enix.

What do you guys think? What will this means for the future (relationship between) Sony and Square-Enix?Show your support for articles by sharing them through social media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.) or by telling your grandmother about what you’ve read. You can weigh in your thoughts in the comment section or contact me directly on twitter @italkgame

http://wololo.net/2014/04/19/sony-sold-their-entire-portofolio-of-square-enix-shares/feed/ 41
PSP/Vita : How to find your own exploits http://wololo.net/2014/04/18/pspvita-how-to-find-your-own-exploits/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/18/pspvita-how-to-find-your-own-exploits/#comments Fri, 18 Apr 2014 00:48:15 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19221 I regularly get emails from people who want us to port VHBL to this or that game, or people who contact me with a game crash but don’t know where to take it from here. PSP (usermode) exploits used to be seen as voodoo magic, and doable only by an elite of hackers, until I started writing tutorials on how to do it, back in 2009. Finding an exploit in a PSP game requires brains, lots of free time, and minimal programming knowledge, but is nowhere as complex as most people think. The techniques to find them used to be a secret, not that hackers in those days thought it was a secret to be kept, but because nobody ever took the time to write the process down in a user-friendly way.

Those who have been following this blog for a while know that I try very hard to bridge the gap between the “hackers” and people who have technical interest in what they do, but don’t know where to start. It’s for this reason that my involvement with m0skit0′s Half Byte Loader (now VHBL) has always been about simplifying it to the max, and make it portable to as many games as possible, as easily as possible.

Today, finding an exploit and porting VHBL to it is not a one click process, but it is reasonably simple. Porting VHBL can be done within a few hours, which is insanely fast if you think about the months it took to create the tool initially.

Our tutorials for finding exploits and porting VHBL are fairly old, but they are still valid, so I think it is worth refreshing everyone’s memory. and if you are worried that “you won’t make it”, keep in mind that pretty much every single VHBL release we have done in the past 2 years, was the work of a different person, generally someone pretty new to the scene.

finding and exploiting your own PSP/Vita vulnerabilities

  1. The first step is to find a game with an exploit. This is a time consuming process, but does not require too much programming skills. You’ll need a PSP, lots of games, and a few tools. The whole process is described here: Finding Gamesave exploits on the PSP (wow, I wrote this 5 years ago, and it is still very relevant today). I estimate that 10% of PSP games have “easy” vulnerabilities such as a buffer overflow in the player’s name.
  2. The second step is usually to write a binary loader to leverage your exploit. This will confirm that your exploit can let you load simple pieces of code, such as a “hello world”. I describe this process here: Writing a binary loader. Many hackers prefer to write a simple hello world before writing a binary loader, but writing a binary loader is simple enough and puts you on the right track for a VHBL (or TN-V) port later on.PS VITA HELLO WORLD Wololo 1
  3. The third step is to port VHBL to your exploit. The binary loader you previously wrote will load VHBL for you. I describe the VHBL port here: Porting VHBL to your game exploit

These steps all require a hacked PSP to do the probing and debugging, even though the goal is to run VHBL on a PS Vita. Looking for PSP vulnerabilities without a PSP is not as convenient, but doable. Check hgoel0974′s guide to writing a psp exploit directly on your PC through PSP emulators: finding vhbl exploits without a psp

Again, everyone I know who’s given it a try has been baffled at how simple the process is, in hindsight. If you’re interested in PSP/Vita hacking, this is a first step that I really recommend (you can train with previously exploited games, Sony do not patch those anymore on the PSP, only on the Vita). It’s the people who decided one day to five it a try, that made it possible for us to release more than 20 game exploits in the past 2 years!

http://wololo.net/2014/04/18/pspvita-how-to-find-your-own-exploits/feed/ 30
PS4 sales have hit 7 million worldwide, surpassing Sony’s predictions http://wololo.net/2014/04/17/ps4-sales-have-hit-7-million-worldwide-surpassing-sonys-predictions/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/17/ps4-sales-have-hit-7-million-worldwide-surpassing-sonys-predictions/#comments Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:54:49 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19257

Despite the fact that the PS Vita may be beating the PS4 in the Japanese sales market, the PS4 has now hit a total of 7 million consoles sold.

In addition to PS4 console numbers sold, Sony also released some additional PS4 statistics.

Including both digital and retail, PS4 software has reached 20.5 million copies sold. Over 4.9 sessions of gaming have been broadcasted using Twitch or Ustream, resulting in 90 million views. And then there’s the magical Share button. 135 million times that share button has been used, to share with us interesting moments.

With this announcement, Andrew House, SCE president, and group CEO, had a little bit more to say.

The response from the global gaming community for PS4 has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice. The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage. We look forward to unveiling many of these experiences to our fans in the coming months.

These 7 million sales have come out of the 72 countries/regions that the PS4 is available in.

I think the reason behind their big success, is based on the fact that Sony followed through with their promise. And because of the future line-up of great games. You give someone something to look forward to, and they become your slave.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What do you think is the cause of the PS4s success? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter where I can be contacted/followed @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links below.

Source: VG24/7

http://wololo.net/2014/04/17/ps4-sales-have-hit-7-million-worldwide-surpassing-sonys-predictions/feed/ 11
New PS4 firmware 1.70 to be released next week! http://wololo.net/2014/04/16/new-ps4-firmware-1-70-to-be-released-next-week/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/16/new-ps4-firmware-1-70-to-be-released-next-week/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:22:39 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19247

Some weeks ago, we reported that a new PS4 firmware was announced, which will add some new features like dimming the light bar at the Dualshock 4 controller and some more things.

Today information was made public, that said a new PS4 firmware update will be shipped as firmware 1.70 in approx. 7 days.

If we take a closer look at our previous Blog article, we will see that they want to add a rich video editor, which should be easy to use for personalizing video clips, so they can become your very own masterpieces. Additionally to this new editor it will be possible to export and save your media files to an USB drive, which is currently not possible.

Another new feature of this new firmware will be that you will be able to turn off the HDCP protection for capturing gameplay via HDMI, something that Sony promised at the launch of the Playstation 4, but was not yet able to implement.

Stay tuned for more!

Source via KingX.de

http://wololo.net/2014/04/16/new-ps4-firmware-1-70-to-be-released-next-week/feed/ 17
Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PAX East, Naughty Dog Anniversary Announcements And EA/Ubi E3 Conference Times! http://wololo.net/2014/04/15/minimur-wth-happened-this-week-pax-east-naughty-dog-anniversary-announcements-and-eaubi-e3-conference-times/ http://wololo.net/2014/04/15/minimur-wth-happened-this-week-pax-east-naughty-dog-anniversary-announcements-and-eaubi-e3-conference-times/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2014 10:41:23 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=19227 Boy it’s been a long time since I’ve done a dedicated news week on the weekly sum-up, this one is based around PAX, and all of what happened this week there, along with a few other bits of course. We’ve got a few gameplay videos, some new screenshots, and new game announcements!

PS Vita News


The PS Blog had it’s fair share of blog-worthy news regarding the vita, including a release date for puzzle game Ethan: Meteor Hunter on the PS Vita of 16th April, which brilliantly enough is cross buy if you already own it on the PS3!



Galak-Z got a release window of Fall for the PC, PS4 and the Vita, this game looks pretty cool and I might be picking this one up, here’s a gameplay video below:



I guess you could consider this as Vita news, Guacamelee developers, Drinkbox Studios announced their new project at PAX, and are aiming to bring the game to mobiles, but will consider bringing it to consoles that support gestures. It is simply named ‘Severed’, it seems to be a pretty strange game so I’ll let the trailer do the talking:



First of all, here’s some new games that were either announced, or I haven’t heard anything about them before:

Project Cyber - http://youtu.be/KkU64KiFzl4

Elegy for a Dead World - http://youtu.be/fhY200ZiZ2c

Habitat - http://youtu.be/G-58zAfESSs

Record Run [Mobile] – Developed by Harmonix

Mercenary Kings  -W/ Cross Buy PS Vita

Curses ‘n’ Chaos – PC/Vita Developed by Tribute games (Mercenary Kings)

Ninja Senki DX - PC/Vita Developed by Tribute games (Mercenary Kings)

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - http://www.polygon.com/

There Came An Echo – PS4

Citizens Of Earth -PS Vita/PS4 Dev. by Atlus/Eden Industries 



The list above includes a few announcements from outside of PAX, but why have 2 lists when it’ll be easier to read 1 mega list?


Square Enix have been showing off there interesting game Murdered: Soul Suspect at PAX also, and have released a new gameplay video for us to look at. Funnily enough, I wasn’t expecting the video to make me jump while watching it!



With the announcement of The Last Of Us: Remastered, Naughty Dog post something on the PS Blog that this isn’t the only anniversary announcement they are making, one of the announcements they have already made is that they are partnering with Dark Horse Comics to release ‘The Art Of Naughty Dog’ much like they did with The Last Of Us artbook, but it’ll span ND’s whole history, rather than 1 game.


This kicks off several anniversary announcements happening over the coming months. Turning 30 is going to be a fun year for us all. Get ready to celebrate with us!


If that’s a poster, I want it.




Next up is some news on E3….. yes, already. EA and Ubisoft have confirmed their dates and time of their conferences, and like last year both on the same day.

EA is before Ubisoft, following a pattern of the previous year, EA’s conference is at 12pm and Ubisofts at 3pm – PT

The timing pattern follows last year as well, if it’s the same, Microsoft’s should be at 9am and Sony’s will be at 6pm

If you want to convert this to your own time, here’s a link:




Ubisoft - http://gamingeverything.com/ubisoft-dates-e3-2014-media-briefing/

EA - http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ea-dates-its-e3-2014-press-conference-for-june-9/1100-6418911/


After finding this out while at work, I checked dates/time and I found out I was working, so I took annual leave, yes, to watch E3.


Weekly blog round-up


There was over a blog a day for this week, and this should more than keep you busy reading. You can never complain at the variety of the content on Wololo, from Exploit news to game announcements to strange weekly sum up’s that no body really wants, this is the blog to go to if you want something other that 100% vita hacking news!

Reddit Time!


Well that’s a bit of a lie, being as some of this was just from around the internet – but it’s awesome so it’s going here.


From the game Evolve, this is a massive model of the monster you can control in the game!

The Virtuix Omni can take a step aside, couple this with VR and it will be the most immersive experience possible!

Here’s something that is a joy to watch; Clueless gamer as part of the Conan O’brien show. This time he rented out a American football (eggball) stadium to play some PS4 games on the big screen.

http://wololo.net/2014/04/15/minimur-wth-happened-this-week-pax-east-naughty-dog-anniversary-announcements-and-eaubi-e3-conference-times/feed/ 10