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This enables you to use the ARK-2 eCFW on your PS Vita.

Before the questions start: This CAN NOT enable you to use or run the TN-V eCFW until Total_Noob himself updates it. Since TN is currently very busy, this won’t happen in near future, so stay with ARK-2.

This will also not enable you to use the PS1loader, PKG Installer or Webkit exploit. Things don’t work like that.

This kernel mode exploit for the PSPemulator of the PS Vita firmware 3.36 will enable you to run PSP game backups as ISOs/CSOs and PS1 game backups as PBPs (without sound, though)

It also enables you to use Plugins while using PSP or PS1 games and grants you access to superior Homebrew support than the current VHBL offers (even though the current VHBLs homebrew support is massive!).

This does work on firmwares 3.36 and below, is not only limited to the fat PS Vita 1000, but also supports the slim PS Vita 2000 and the tiny PSV TV. So all the Vita devices are covered.

patapon 2 demo vita

To install and use the ARK-2 eCFW on firmware 3.36 you either need the Patapon 2 exploit, or a working custom bubble that is capable of setting up more custom bubbles (pretty much what we taught you in the last week).


While this does bring support for an eCFW to firmware 3.36, keep in mind that updating past firmware 3.20 means that you lose access to TN-V, the PS1loader, the PKG Installer and the Vita native Webkit exploit.

Custom Bubbles & the ARK-2 eCFW are also working on version 3.18/3.20, so only update if you really need to use online services or a Vita game requires it.

In the end I would like to thank Qwikrazor, once again, for his great work in the scene, and I bet he would enjoy it if you gift him a beer or two.

Source & download via Wololo.net/talk.

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January tutorial contest. Vote for your favorite entry!http://wololo.net/2015/01/30/january-tutorial-contest-vote-for-your-favorite-entry/ http://wololo.net/2015/01/30/january-tutorial-contest-vote-for-your-favorite-entry/#comments Fri, 30 Jan 2015 02:50:15 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=23311 Our entries for the January tutorial contest are in! You have 5 days to vote on /talk for your favorite tutorials. The winner of each category will get a $10 PSN Code.

Every month, we give away a total of $60 in PSN codes in our monthly tutorial contest, for the best guides in each category: PSP, PS Vita, PS4, PS3, and 3DS.

This month, PS3 and PSP had only one entry each, so the writers of these tutorials automatically win $10 each. Congratulations to them. I will contact these two winners shortly to send them their codes. Sadly, we didn’t get any entries for the 3DS or the PS4 this month.

tutorial contest

We also recently introduced the “mods award”: we’re giving an extra $10 to the best tutorial this month, as voted by myself and the mods. This extra $10 used to be awarded to the tutorial with the most votes overall, but we’re trying something different moving forward. All tutos who entered the contest qualify for this additional vote (which is why I’m waiting a bit before sending the prizes to the PS3 and PSP winners, as one of them might qualify for an extra $10).

The PS Vita got a huge amount of entries, so vote for your favorite one below:

Voting will end in 5 days, after that we’ll start the February contest :)

Good luck to everyone, keep the cool guides coming!

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New Vita FW Update in March. Sony to Cease Support & Remove Youtube, Near, and Maps.http://wololo.net/2015/01/29/new-vita-fw-update-in-march-sony-to-cease-support-remove-youtube-near-and-maps/ http://wololo.net/2015/01/29/new-vita-fw-update-in-march-sony-to-cease-support-remove-youtube-near-and-maps/#comments Thu, 29 Jan 2015 16:51:35 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=23297 Sony just announced out of the blue that they will be ceasing support for a majority of major apps on the Vita. Youtube is getting the axe too.

In a hitlist announced today, Sony said that the Maps and Near apps are reportedly going to stop being supported and all of them will be completely removed in a future firmware update in March. All data including bookmarks on those apps will also be removed and deleted once you update. Even if you don’t update the services will be completely shut off. Certain content from Near will remain for 7 days. The apps will no longer be able to be accessed. The Youtube app will still be able to be used until April 20th but the app will be removed from the Playstation store to download starting now and will cease to work in April. But why? What does it mean?

Really, it’s completely incomprehensible as to why Sony is giving up on these apps really leaving to speculation and finger pointing. There was no clear cut reason why Sony is deciding to do this. Some of these apps never even reached their full potential such as the soon-to-be extent Near; a 3DS StreetPass contender and/or equivalent. Sony has been consistently criticized for not supporting the Vita and this is another bullet in the chamber for that argument, for a majority of owners.

With Maps, Sony has nearly exiled the 3G versions of the Vita making the Maps app next to useless. It’s speculated that Maps uses the Google Maps Engine, which is subsequently being killed off by Google, but not until 2016. So it begs the question why now if true? Why remove two other apps?  Sony doesn’t seem like they’re going to add a replacement Maps app in the future with the new Google My Maps Engine or an alternative service. Looks like that whole phone/console gaming on-the-go thing combination is extirpated.

And Near, oh boy what a joke. It’s safe to say Sony just gave up on this. It was never even utilized fully or implemented in many games by Sony since the launch of the Vita. Its safe to say why this is getting the axe.

I suppose it’s somewhat understandable as to why they’re being removed, but its a huge inconvenience for users who did use them. But why Youtube! What! That’s a huge platform to remove. Youtube is a huge incentive for platforms. Its almost involuntary expectation that every device in the year 2015 at the very least has a Youtube app. What could possible be the motive behind removing a powerhouse like Youtube? I mean Sony even advertises and promotes new Vita games on Youtube! Why disconnect people like this? Maybe Sony really doesn’t want to invest resources further in the Vita? They made admittance to this already when asked about the future of AAA titles on the Vita back last year.

“The YouTube application for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) will no longer be supported after 20 April 2015, and the application will cease to be available for download from PlayStation®Store on 28 January, 2015.

Users can continue to enjoy YouTube via the “Browser” application, and will be able to access their YouTube data, such as playlists and channels, by signing in to the same Google account via the “Browser” app and on other devices.”

Honestly, Sony’s response to not having these apps sure implied like they’re done with cleaning and upgrading house with the Vita. They say that if you want to use Google Maps and Youtube just ‘go to the web-browser’. Well, suffice to say that’s not a very good response, is it? The Vita browser is the best gaming handheld browser out there (by trail statistics) but it’s no where near as competent as other mobile browsers (such as Safari on the iPhone).

Having dedicated, optimized apps with better settings, is a much, much better option. Youtube/Google just announced today that Youtube has finally switched from that dreaded flash to HTML5. Atlas, a great move, but again not a fantastic replacement for the Youtube app which was in no means, terrible. Whats more perplexing is that they even go as far as listing the differences between browser and app! Sony even illustrates the browser is worse via a chart on their new ‘comforting’ support page.

Oddly perplexing isn’t it? Removing features, more so useful features from a product is never good. The only logical conclusion to all of this is that the contract Sony signed with Google for these apps is over and Sony simply doesn’t care anymore or see it as a necessary service. But it makes you wonder if Sony’s long term vision for the Vita has changed.

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Just my 2 cents: Platform Exclusivityhttp://wololo.net/2015/01/29/just-my-2-cents-platform-exclusivity/ http://wololo.net/2015/01/29/just-my-2-cents-platform-exclusivity/#comments Thu, 29 Jan 2015 02:40:02 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=23124 Hello guys, I’m a seasoned and passionate gamer since the early 90s. I’m here to share my opinion and perspective about some aspects of gaming, the industry and its players, so please don’t flame me if you disagree, because remember: there is no right or wrong here, this is just my opinion.

As in with any business, every corporation tries to bring something unique to the game so it can attract a bigger chunk of the market share. In the world of console makers that would be, well, games.

Back in the NES era (mid to late 80s), Nintendo practically single-handedly saved the home videogame industry from its crash in 1983 by using some ingenious marketing to gain penetration and most importantly, exclusive games.


Nintendo created and destroyed many conventions in video gaming, from platformers to non-linearity and that was (and arguably still is) Nintendo magic: the power to invent and reinvent videogames and their IPs. Being a software developer as well as a hardware maker, you can understand that Nintendo use their IPs (like Mario, Zelda and Metroid) to sell their own consoles, but they took it even further…

Among other measures, Nintendo required third-party developers to launch games exclusively for the NES, trying keep their rivals (namely SEGA, at the time) from taking their market share.That kind of measure only benefits the hardware manufacturer, while developers could not broaden their demographics, players would be forced to buy a NES, even if the game they wanted to play wasn’t a Nintendo IP.

Fast Forward to 2010s, we still see this kind of things, and worse, we see players actually condoning this practice and thinking that it’s awesome that their console will have the new hottest game while their “rivals” don’t. As an avid fighting game enthusiast I can think about a recent example: Street Fighter V.

As many of you may have heard, SFV will only be launched on PS4 and PC, leaving XBone out. I’ve read on many forums and threads people bragging and laughing about XBOne adopters how they won’t be getting SFV while PS4 players will. All I can think about is how stupid it is, since not only they get no benefit from XBOne players not getting the game, it’s actually worse, because the community will be smaller, and the game will have less players, hence, less support and longevity.


And at the same time, all I can think is that XBOne players get to play the awesome Killer Instinct and I don’t for the same reasons. I’ve waited almost 20 years for this game and now I can’t play it because of Microsoft trying to push XBOne down our throats. The sad thing is that the thought of buying and XBOne just for that game actually crossed my mind.

I get that people will often try to rationalize their purchase choices so they can get most value for their money and that’s exactly what console manufacturers try to exploit, but in the end people condoning third-party exclusive are in fact shooting themselves in the foot because inexorably there will be a game they want and will be only available on another platform. Also, it’s a way to try cover the awful truth that videogame consoles are just underpowered easy-to-use computers that nowadays has actually almost no real difference between them at all.

I guess that my point is that we gamers often tend to see ourselves as XBox, Nintendo, Playstation or PC gamers and that just benefit them as corporations, not us as consumers. So, next time you are about to brag about your new game only available for your platform, remember that it’s not the interest of each platform group (PS4, Wii U, PC or XBOne) against each other, its the corporations interest against ours; so gamers UNITE!!!

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Patapon 2 has been removed from the PSN Stores!http://wololo.net/2015/01/28/patapon-2-has-been-removed-from-the-psn-stores/ http://wololo.net/2015/01/28/patapon-2-has-been-removed-from-the-psn-stores/#comments Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:06:21 +0000 http://wololo.net/?p=23288 It took Sony only a few days to remove Patapon 2 from the world wide PSN Stores.

It has been confirmed to be removed in Europe and Australia, but it is expected that the game vanishes in the Americas too.

The game Patapon 2 has been used various times to hack Sony’s Handheld devices, and this is (at least) the third time that game had to be removed from the PSN Store.

patapon 2 demo vita

The first time it (and its demo version) was removed due to the PSP Firmware 6.20 exploit. Then second time due to the PS Vita firmware 3.18 exploit, and now a third time for the PS Vita firmware 3.36 exploit.

Kind of funny, if you ask me.

It is worth to mention that you are now unable to buy Patapon 2.

Most games that were removed from the PSN Store were also removed from the Users download lists (this is illegal in Europe, by the way. Good job, Sony!) which means that you are completely unable to get the game you have paid money for… At least for the next few weeks.

If Patapon 2 is installed on your PS Vita, be sure to create a PC backup of Patapon 2 with the Sony CMA / OpenCMA / QCMA utility.

VitaExploitChart Jan 2015

Don’t expect us to release yet another exploit game for firmware 3.36. Patapon 2 has been your chance, and if you have missed it, then you can’t modify your firmware 3.36 PS Vita…

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