Wagic FAQ

What is Wagic?

Wagic is an heroic fantasy collectible trading card game (available on many platforms, check the download page for details). In Wagic, you play as a wizard against the CPU with your army of minions. You start the game with a small collection of cards (symbolizing creatures and spells), and as you win battles against the AI, you earn credits that allow you to buy more cards and build more powerful decks. As you play, you unlock cards and new game modes, so Wagic is much more than a simple card simulation.
Wagic features several thousands of cards in the official release,but if that’s not enough for you, it is highly customizable and allows to create your own cards and mods. Oh, and Wagic is free and open source.

Why can’t I buy (insert here name of a set) boosters and starters in the shop?

The shop sells starters and boosters only for sets that have at least 80 playable cards. Additionally, you need to unlock expansions before they are available in the shop

I can only buy boosters and cards from 5ED in the shop, what’s going on?

You need to unlock the other expansions before you can access them in the shop

How do I unlock expansions?

This happens randomly as you win games against the AI

Does Wagic handle all “Magic The Gathering” cards?

No. Wagic does rules enforcement, so for some MTG cards, some code is necessary before you can play them in Wagic

Is there a list of cards I can use in Wagic?

The List of cards included in the latest Wagic release can be found here. For user-created sets, kindly ask the author. For the “core” version of Wagic, you can also open the “mtg.txt” files in Res/sets/primitives/ with a text editor to see what cards are available.

Can I create my own cards/Add some cards I like?

Yes, see this article

Can you add my favorite card to the game? I badly need it to reproduce my real life Deck in Wagic!

Sorry, we don’t accept cards requests at the moment. There might be occasional events in which I’ll consider donators’ requests for cards (this happened once) but no promise on that. Otherwise if you know C++ you can add it yourself, we are always looking for skilled developers

The game has no card pictures, it’s ugly! where do I get the pictures?

We received a Cease and Desist order from Wizards of the Coast’s lawyers, asking us not to distribute copyrighted content anymore. The game still allows you to use card pictures of course, but you have to use your own, or find them by yourselves. Google is your friend.

How can I help?

We are constantly looking for C++ developers, testers, card creators, designers, donators… drop by the forum and say hello!

I don’t have a PSP, is there a windows version?

Yes, check the download section 🙂

How do I unlock the Momir Basic mode?

You have to win a game with exactly 8 lands in your control

How do I unlock the Difficult mode?

You have to have at least 10 Opponents marked as “easy”, and win an extra game. At that point, the difficult mode will be unlocked, and you can activate it in the options menu.

How do I unlock the Evil Twin mode?

You have to win a game,while having exactly the same number of cards in play as your opponent

How do I unlock the Random Deck mode?

You have to win a game, in difficult mode, with 20 life or more

There is a bug in fireball, I can choose targets but then the fireball does nothing

Once you’ve chosen your targets, you have to click on the fireball card again

I get a black screen when I try to run Wagic, then the PSP turns off

The game works, it’s tested on a fair amount of PSPs before and after each release. People who will tell you the opposite are just bitter for some reason. But a few reports tend to show that Wagic refuses to start in some rare conditions.
If Wagic crashes at startup, try the following steps:
– Download the latest version from the download page, erase any previous version of Wagic you had on your memory stick, and make a fresh install again. Make sure you install all the folders and subfolders correctly.
– If nothing helps, try to see This topic on the forums.

I have more questions but this FAQ doesn’t answer them

Try our Wiki or the forums.

56 Responses

  1. Marty says:

    in the shop is it possible to look at other cards prices not automatically generated when you enter.
    Also the same for starter decks or boosters as I cant seem to get the cards i want



    • Risewild says:

      (For the PSP version):
      You can press [ ] (The square button) to generate new cards on the shop, but if you are looking for specific cards try the start button and choose the option “ask about” (if I’m not mistaken) and then you just use some filters to get the cards you are looking for (like the set they belong to, the color, mana cost, first letter of the name, type of card, etc).
      Note: just remember that you need to unlock sets before cards of that set became available 😉

  2. Marty says:

    hi, i would also like some help on how to add my own pictures to the cards



    • Risewild says:

      Check the readme that comes with the download 😉 you can find great card images for most or even all sets in the forum. (Thanks to everyone that put their effort on making this :D)

  3. fabi says:

    what if i want to update versions? can i keep my collection from the old version and still have it on the new one?

  4. wololo says:

    @fabi: yes. Just make sure to do a backup of your “player/collection.dat” file (in case of problem), and overwrite your previous version of the game with the new 0.8.1. It should keep your decks and collection. However some of your settings may be lost.

  5. fabi says:

    @wololo: thanks because i was afraid i may have needed to star all over.phew

  6. tim says:

    this is a great game. I have a hard time finding people to play with these days, so this is awesome. There are a few things that i have discovered that get on my nerves. like sometimes when there is an ability that is supposed to effect just my creatures, it will effect my opponent too. and sometimes an ability will only do part of the effect. for instance, i have a card that say” (1) TAP: this creature deals 1 damage to target creature. Tap that creature.” but it only taps it.

  7. shan says:

    hi can you add all set of cards for each edition?, i find it difficult to build my own theme deck with limited cards..

  8. wololo says:

    @shan: did you not read the FAQ on this page, or are you just pulling my leg?

  9. shan says:

    @wololo: oh i’m sorry for that..just my first time to get the whole game and its so amazing really good..in truth i thank you for making such a good card game in the psp console..any how i’ve already looked up “the list of cards ” and i just can’t find my favorite card anyway esp in the kamigawa and the coldsnap set..haha anyway i know i should wait for the next update.and i got a problem running the game, the game freezes everytime after a game and my psp restarts..can you help me to solve this problem? i’m not sure if others share the same problem..my psp firmware version is 3.90 m33 i’m not sure if this is the custom firmware you’ve talking about.

  10. wololo says:

    For freeze issues we have a bunch of solutions in this thread: http://wololo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=404

  11. RaYman says:

    wow, this thing is amazing. I was just wondering how much I would need to donate to get a few cards like “Cadaverous Bloom Natural Balance Squandered Resources Prosperity” I dont think the cards are to complicated and I would LOVE to build my prosbloom deck.

  12. wololo says:

    In the cards you mentioned:
    – Prosperity is really doable, it will probably be available very soon
    – Cadaverous Bloom requires a new kind of Sacrifice, which doesn’t sound as impossible to me
    – Natural Balance involves too many mechanics that are not available in Wagic for now: The possibility for players to interact with a spell, the possibility to choose more than 1 card for a given action, …
    – Squandered Resources could be hardcoded somewhat easily…

    regarding the donations, I do not actually work on Wagic for money, and consider donations as a “thank you for what’s been done so far”, although it’s true that it’s also a great motivation to pursue the work on it.

    I suggest you consider the donation the other way around: Next time you download a new version of Wagic, if it contains things you were hoping to get (such as a given card, or a feature, or a bug fix…), THEN you can donate.
    If I happen to code 2 or 3 of the cards you wanted, and then get 10 dollars from you, we’re both happy. If I don’t code the cards and you don’t donate, none of us feel bad about it.
    On the other hand if you donate, expecting something to happen, and then for whatever reason this doesn’t happen, you’ll be dissatisfied.

    So, just donate to say “thank you” whenever you feel like it 🙂

  13. jt says:

    Can the programers do it to where we can play our friends that would be supper cool

  14. abc says:

    will we be able to run wagic on a handy?

  15. abc says:

    does 6.30 patch the other games the halfbyte loader can startet with too?

  16. wololo says:

    @abc: what’s a handy?

    @abc: there are still user exploits available so we can adapt HBL for 6.30, but the ones I know are in games, so they are much less interesting than the patapon exploit 🙁

  17. hugo says:

    the best daedalus in hbl please?

  18. ivan says:

    the best daedalus in hbl please? 6.20 patapon 2

  19. ivan says:

    please wololo

  20. ivan says:

    wololo que tiene de diferente

  21. Sam Gav says:

    Hey there!
    Can I use Wagic to playtest my real decks without the need to play some “gather cards while playing” stuff? I mean, just the ability to use the whole set of cards infinitely and chose the opponents inrestrictadly?

    Wagic would only make sense for me if this were possible.

    PS: And a “handy” is a “mobile phone” in german. =)

  22. wololo says:

    @Sam Gav: look for the “cheat mode” on the forums 🙂

  23. RCDMK says:

    I’ve downloaded the brothers campaing. How do I install it?

  24. LEXX says:

    Hello. I Can”t compiling my version but i want play in latest version…
    Give me please link to FULL latest version!!
    ps Wagic it”S Very coool game.
    Wololo and others- Big Thx!!!

  25. wololo says:

    @RCDMK : copy the files in the Res/campaigns folder, then in the game, go to “story mode”, it should appear

    @LEXX: if you can’t compile, please be patient until we release the new version

  26. someguy says:

    Hello, I hope you guys could improve Shuffle system.
    It is clearly that in many case the deck have not been shuffle enough.
    No matter how many lands I put into a deck, I still have difficulty to draw enough land sometime, for other time I draw nothing but lands for several rounds. Besides, if deck contain cards have several copys such as shock, they all been drawn continously. It is clearly the system didn’t shuffle deck enough.
    I spend almost half of my playing time on restart game because my first hand card have no land or too few lands.
    Thank you for you intention.

  27. wololo says:

    @someguy : the shuffle mechanism is completely random and 100% uniform. It’s the most perfect shuffle you can think about. You simply need to improve your deck building skills. Here is a basic rule: in a deck of 60 cards, include 25 lands. It means almost half of your cards should be lands!!

  28. someguy says:

    No offence, maybe I put fewer lands than required, but it happened a lot that in the first hand of cards I draw three or even four cards with same name. I only put four same cards in a deck. Besides even the ai have problem with lands, I see many time AI have only one land in play and keep dicarding every round.
    So I doubt the shuffle mechanism didn’t function well.
    Anyway Wagic is good game.

  29. anonimus says:

    is there a way to see cards in a list in shoop?

  30. sunny says:

    i cant install patapon on My psp 3001 , OFW-6.00 ?
    pls help me.. and also cant find the folder to copy the
    file’s.. ?

  31. sunn says:

    hey i dont know what i have do but now when i go to SHOP the prices of the cards are expenssive i mean twice the price …!!
    any idea? maybe in a folder i can chek that

  32. Leonardo says:

    You are the best programmer for the magic game!!!

    The Company of Magic is unworthy to programm a good game, you should get the license ^^

    I tried to program for magic in Basic but i must say its really hard.

    Ok i hope som you can add some cards eg. Magus of the future and so, if not please contact me and descript me the code and i try to program ^^

    ok good job ^^ (sorry for the ugly english)

  33. RCDMK says:

    Thx for the time. I haven’t time to look here this days so I discovered myself.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  34. Gabriel says:

    22 december, i was playing Wagic on my psp 3000, custom firmware enabled,
    when i got the option “TUTORIAL” in the WAGIC. Then my psp crashed and turned off. since that day, I can’t enable my custom firmware, my psp is blocked.

  35. someguy says:

    I wonder how the “ AI unlock mechanism” in Wagic 14.1worked. You see I played Wagic since 11.1 and have met most of the AIs. I do not want to play them all over again with all my 9 decks in 14.1. Especially I’ve played with the first 10 AIs for more than 2 times each. No new AIs have been unlocked yet. I guess it is very boring to play them for 90 times. Please tell me the criteria for unlock new AIs. Thank you.

  36. ikaken says:

    wololo rulezz.

    thank you.

  37. abel says:

    wololo’s wagic is awesome!!! really but…XDD how i can add the latest packs of mtg? i have the 0.13.1 wagic version.
    yesterday i download the 0.16 version but i having troubles with it (like when i block both cards was destroyed even if my card have more defense, and the howling mine do not have any effect only cost XDD) i really really apreciate if u can give me a tutorial of “how to add a pack” thanx dude and your game is really awesome

  38. Marcel says:

    Cards should have a price tag (Like, i want to buy Massacre Wurm, for example, all it’s say is “Not enough credit”, but i wanted to know how much i need.)
    Another, i want to delete older decks i dont use anymore.
    Just some things i think it’s a good idea to put in the game. Thanks.

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