Emulators – The best emulators for all platforms

Emulators - The best emulators for all platforms - Wololo.net

Below is a list of emulators for all platforms. This page includes Sony PSP Emulators, Nintendo DS emulators, Gameboy Advance Emulator, Nintendo 64 emulator SNES NES SEGA Genesis, Master System, and other systems. We do not provide roms or illegal content on this website.

Emulators for Android

Performance will heavily depend on your android device, but most modern smartphones and tablets running on Android handle emulators pretty well in general.

Emulators for PC/Windows

Consoles Emulators
Sony PSPsony_psp
Nintendo DSNintendo-DS-Lite-w-stylus
GameBoy Advance
GameBoy Color
PlayStation 2ps2fatmodelblackcolourconsole
Nintendo 64Nintendo-64
SEGA Game Gear
SEGA Genesis/
Mega Drive
SEGA Master SystemSega-Genesis-2

(Thanks to nicoblog.org for this list!)

Emulators for PSP/PS Vita

emulators - gba runnning ps vita

Emulators running on the PSP are also compatible with the PS Vita. Check our full list and details here: Emulators for the PSP/PS Vita – the ultimate download list

Emulators for PS Vita (native, not compatible with PSP)

Full list of native PS Vita emulators.

Emulators for PS3

  • Atari 2600: Stella
  • SNES: Snes9x
  • Commodore Amiga 500/1000/2000: UAE Emulator, VICE64
  • Gameboy: VisualBoy
  • Neo Geo: Final burn Alpha
  • Megadrive/Genesis: Genesis Plus GX PS3
  • PS1/PSX: PS3SX
  • PC Engine/Turbografx16: PCE emu
  • Others: ScummVM

12 Responses

  1. NoName

    Then why is ZSNES here? It’s an outdated relic that was never good at emulating…
    higan should take it’s place. The developer put in some major effort into making this emulator accurate. Still recommending ZSNES is an insult to his work.


  2. KeepMeAnonymous

    These are not the best emulators… search around a bit more

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