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Commodore 64 emulator
PSPVice is based upon PS2Vice made by Rami Rasanen. Possibly the most noticeable update is that the full list of compatible Vice games are now compatible with PSPVice

Version : 1.0

Release Date: 2005/12/19

Notes for this version: * .G64 file supported
* Better speed accuracy
* Support .zip files (one or multiple files into zip/s)
* Save snapshot on MemoryStick. Allow 4 saves for 1 game
* Improved disk/tape browser with screenshots and info file. Can also display .nfo file from gamebase game archives
* Save settings on exit
* Enable / Disable sound option
* Scrolling in menu
* Cpu clock, 266 Mhz is now available
* Customizable menu font
* Palette support (Vice format .vpl)
* Use Vice1.18 sources (instead of 1.14)
* Save screenshot with snapshot
* Save Date and time into snapshot text
* Keymapping for simultaneous 2 players (turn in on in menu)
* User can change keymapping and save/load it. Any shortcut can be assigned on any key.
* Long name support and display in file browser, which no longer crashes PSPVice


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PSPVice - 1.0 Download from (indirect link)
PspVice website Download from (indirect link)