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Frontier 1337

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FRONTIER 1337 is a port for PSP from the Atari ST version of the 1993 game FRONTIER - Elite II. I used Tom Morton's sourcecode of his GLFrontier PC port. The whole merit goes to him. I learnt C language only to be able to play this game on the go, so everything is not optimised. For a better framerate result, set the level of shape detail to 'low' in the setup screen (start button), and disable things like 'Space dust, clouds etc' and 'Background stars'... Don't try to change commander's name when you are saving your game ! If you want to change it, rename the file in the savs folder. You can find useful informations on FRONTIER - Elite II at Frontierverse. - Atien

Version : .2a

Release Date: 2007/05/6

Notes for this version: * The game is now running at 333MHz.
* The music has been enabled.
* All wav sounds and ogg music have been resampled to 44100Hz and are now working perfectly.
* All sub-folders (but savs) have been moved to data folder.
* The Fkeys highliter has been turned from red to black for not interfering with the intro and outro of the game.


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