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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a Beat em Up Homebrew Game which plays in the Naruto World up to the Newest Events! It is made by shaplayer in LUAPlayerPlus and is based on the Battalla ninja v2.5-engine by tonos!

Version : v3

Release Date: 2012/06/28

Notes for this version: *v3
[*][TEAM] DaRkRaPiD is in the Team!
[*][TEAM] Jonny0815 is in the Team!
[*][TEAM] Storm is in the Team!
[*][NEW] New Design!
[*][NEW] Added Intro!
[*][NEW] Changed Characters which unlock new Characters!
[*][NEW] Added new Places!:
[*]--[NEW] Sasuke Stage!
[*]--[NEW] OrochimaruĀ“s Base(Destroyed)!
[*]--[NEW] Naruto 4-Tails Stage 1!
[*]--[NEW] Bridge
[*]--[NEW] Uchiha Hideout!
[*]--[NEW] Valley of End!
[*][NEW] Added new Function!:
[*]--[NEW]L-Trigger = Charge Chakra!
[*][NEW] Added new Characters!:
[*]--[NEW] Added Mizukage as HelpCharakter of Tsunade!
[*]--[NEW] Added Konan as HelpCharakter of 6xPain!
[*]--[NEW] Added Tobi New Mask "Nobody"!
[*]--[NEW] Added Itachi Susanoo Mode!
[*]--[NEW] Added Kabuto Orochimaru Mode!
[*]--[New] Added Killerbee 8-Tail Human Mode!
[*]--[NEW] Added Madara Uchiha!
[*]--[NEW] Added Danzou!
[*]--[NEW] Added Naruto Chakra Mode!
[*]--[NEW] Added Sasuke Susanoo Mode!
[*][NEW] Added Version in the XMB!
[*][FIX] Improved Enemy Lifebar!
[*][FIX] Fixed Gai!
[*][FIX] Fixed Arena 1 & Arena 8!
[*][FIX] Improved normal lifebar!
[*][FIX] Fixed CPU:Sasukes Transformation!
[*][FIX] Fixed a Bug in the Challenge Mode!
[*][FIX] Edited EBOOT.PBP!
[*][FIX] Much other Changes&Fixes!


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v3(Google Project Hosting) Download from (indirect link)