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An Alternate Menu for VHBL and TN CFE created by wth a.k.a. Yosh.
Controls :
- X/O : Run homebrews / Install Archive (to install archives, just copy them inside any savedata save folder, you can name it as you like and put as many as wanted in a save, then just click on the archive once inside the save from the menu : you don't need to name archives install anymore at all, just copy paste them directly)
- Square : Delete something

Description :
XMB-like menu, with horizontal sliding instead of vertical like the regular xmb
Supported fonts : supports eboot titles with japanese fonts or european fonts, and utf-8 in general

Supports rar/zip formats
rar up to "normal" compression supported ("Good" & "Optimal" compressions don't work, only Store/Very fast/Fast/Normal ones)
All zip compressions supported

EBOOT.PBP contained files to extract will be renamed into wmenu.bin

You can have as many wallpapers as desired, for that just put png/jpg/gif images next to the eboot named as follows :

Compatibility :
- Tested working on Super Collapse! 3 Vhbl on psp
- Tested working on Everybody's Tennis Vhbl on psp
- Tested working on Motorstorm Arctic Edge Vhbl on psp (using Delete feature causes a crash in motorstorm though, because on this hbl the deleting folder syscall sceIoRmdir is missing)

Licence :
- Uses Wagic's JGE++ library with custom modifications
- Uses a custom version of Geecko's intraFont-G version of BenHur's intraFont library
- Uses AnonymousTipster's unzip/unrar source code
- Uses a custom modifed version of libpng

Version : 1.0.1

Release Date: 2012/06/24

Notes for this version: - Fixed bug when deleting rar/zip archives
- Fixed name format issue when extracting rar archives : now it doesn't transform extracted files's names to lowercase characters anymore


Find download links for yMenu below.

yMenu 1.0.1 Download from (direct link)
yMenu for Firmware 1.80 Download from (indirect link)
yMenu 1.0.1 Download from (direct link)