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Capcom Play System 2 Emulator. Hands down the best emulator. Works with Krieg eLoader.

Version : 2.0.6 ad-hoc

Release Date: 2007/02/22

Notes for this version: * Attendant upon the source integration of NCDZPSP, all sources were rewritten.
* Adding Japanese user interface edition with all emulators. Japanese user interface edition when it compares with English edition, about 800KB consumes memory in excess.
* MAME Plus! It corresponded to the command list of type. Please put command.dat on the same directory as EBOOT.PBP. Furthermore, when the Japanese command list is used, about 800KB memory is consumed in excess.
* The item which can be set with makefile increases, but UI_BPP32 other than NCDZPSP the one which it tries not to use is good, is. Compiling is possible, but memory is not enough and when the game cannot be started occurs.


Find download links for CPS2PSP below.

CPS2PSP - 2.0.6 ad-hoc Download from (indirect link)