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Chronoswitch: 6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader

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Chronoswitch: 6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader
Downgrade your 6.60 PSP to a lower firmware, and enjoy the world of Custom Firmwares! Compatible with All models of PSP (1000/2000/3000/Go)

Important note: You also need to download the Official Firmware you want to downgrade to in addition to this download

Some1's port of Davee's 6.35/6.31 downgrader to 6.60/6.39/6.38.

Thanks (from some1)

To Davee for making the original 6.35/6.31 downgrader, and for finding this exploit.

To ultimakillz and skyend for being my mentors when I first entered the scene.

To n00b81 for teaching me a lot of things.

To Davee, Freddy, TheLemonMan, Hellcat, and Draan for answering any question's I've had.

To TiPi and Nymphaea for allowing me to work on their VSH sploit, which gained me alot of knowledge and experience.

To Npt for hosting such an awesome competition!

To Arnold, for fixing things here and there.

To All the people who beta tested!

To TiPi for the awsome icon0.

To Zecoxao for handing me the exploit.

To Proxima for adding the special sauce!

And to many others that I'm probably forgetting.

Version : v4

Release Date: 2011/08/24

Notes for this version: Added Support for 6.60

Fixed 6.60 problem that didn't allow to downgrade to anything greater than 6.20, thanks to Davee

Allows any updater that is greater than or equal to the factory installed OFW (Has not been fully tested, will most likely work on 500 and up)

Special Sauce added by Proxima


Find download links for Chronoswitch: 6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader below.

6.60 Downgrader Download from (indirect link)
6.60 Downgrader (important: requires you to download Sony's OFW - e.g. 6.20 - you want to downgrade to) Download from (direct link)