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Adventure Game Studio

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Adventure Game Studio
Do you like classic adventure gaming? Yes? Good, because a whole bunch of indie adventure games are now available for play on the PSP!

If you are a fan of adventures, you might have come across games made with Adventure Game Studio by Chris Jones. Recently the source code of AGS became open source and this is the first port to a non-PC platform.

This port can run games made with all versions of AGS between AGS 2.60 and 3.2x included. This includes commercial titles like Gemini Rue and freeware titles like a King's Quest III remake.Only low-resolution games are supported due to the display resolution of the PSP.

A PSP 2000/3000 or Go is required for most games because of the additional available memory. The engine will start on a 1000, but most probably crashes later on because it runs out of memory. Because of this (and since the launcher uses kernel mode), signing the eboot and running on OFW is not recommended.

To run a game, simply copy it into a subfolder of the PSP game. The game data files will then be autodetected and the game is displayed in the launcher menu. If the game was made with a version of AGS that is not supported by the engine, it will display that in the menu too.

Version : 3.21 R5

Release Date: 2011/08/2

Notes for this version: This one is a big update because now AGS games made with version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 are playable on the PSP. This includes gems like The McCarthy Chronicles, The Journey Down, most of Ben304's games (which are all beautifully done), the Technobabylon series, and many more. Of course I couldn't play all of them to completion, so if you encounter bugs or game breaking slowdowns please tell me ;). Also check the readme for compatibility advice regarding these (and other) games.

Apart from this I removed support for MOD music playback as I don't know any game that uses it. Also gone is the hq2x3x filter because it was not used on the PSP and just took up space. Some bugs are fixed too, e.g. one involving corrupted TTF font display.

There is a new button option to slow down the mouse cursor while the button is held down. In the default configuration this is mapped to the right trigger.

Have fun!


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