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tgaWave Custom Wave Texture Injector

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Want to pimp your PSP without hassle? One of the few good places to start is with your unit's cross media bar. Speaking of which, the homebrew scene was recently bombarded by a lot of custom XMB waves.
All you need is an image editing program such as Photoshop and you can already edit your wave's texture by applying filters to whatever image.

Version : .7

Release Date: 2007/02/16

Notes for this version: Instructions for use
!!!!NO MORE HEX EDITING REQUIRED!!!! (<---Yup, that's why)
1. Read the tutorial by Al-Zamli from QJ.NET forums (2 mirrors), you can read it at: OR
2. Open your TGA in Photoshop/GIMP/etc. Edit to your satisfaction (but make sure you read the tutorial first!)
3. Save it exactly how the tutorial says (Indexed Color, Local (selective), 32 (or less) colors, Black and White with Transparency, and Diffusion.) You can now save the TGA as any name you wish.
4. Run start.bat. It will guide you through the rco creation process. Specify the TGA you would like to inject and relax as it does the rest (no more hex editing required)
5. Put system_plugin_bg.rco that was created in /vsh/resource/
6. Done!
As always, be sure to view the README for extra details (such as the team that helped put this together).


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