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MSX series emulator

Version : v1.2.4

Release Date: 2008/01/19

Notes for this version: - Add missing keys such as HOME, GRAPH, STOP
(Thanks to symBioT for the bug report)
- Auto joystick fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off
(useful for games such as 1942)
- Add several new hotkeys :
. settings such as fps, render mode, auto fire speed
can now be directly modified inside the emulator
(no need to enter in the settings menu)
. quick save / quick load current state
(no need to enter in the main menu)
- Bug fix in the low battery watchdog
- Analog pad can be used in the rom file requester
- RTrigger/LTrigger keys can be used in the keyboard
settings menu to navigate between Normal, LTrigger
and RTrigger compose mapping.


Find download links for pspmsx below.

pspmsx - v1.2.4 Download from (indirect link)