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TN-X mod - v2

(3 votes)

TN-X , Custom Firmware for the PSP emulator on the PS Vita.

mod by Qwikrazor, which removes some of the "DRM" and limitations from TN-X

SCE PS Vita - Hardware - Josh_Axey - Initial release

(5 votes)

Josh Axey's entire analysis of the PS Vita Hardware.

From the Readme:

This cataloguing (which is mostly complete) has been a long time coming.
I have promised to dedicate the time to doing it f (...)

Sign~Fake NP Expert - 0.1

(3 votes)

A GUI for fakeNP by Lman

No need for any complicated steps, just drag'n'drop or add the source files
then press on the save icon, and this tool will do it's work.

You need to have a (...)

TN-X - Initial release

(7 votes)

Custom Emulator Firmware TN-X
by Total_Noob

* TN-X menu with cover arts and rumbling effect for DS3. Pressing triangle will open the configuration menu.
* Button combination to return (...)

OneMenu - Initial release

(15 votes)

ONEMenu is a replacement menu for your Ark-2 exploit with some cool features

It can install and delete emulators, homebrew & PS1 games into your PSP/GAME folder and you can place an ISO or CSO in a (...)

TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator - 0.1

(8 votes)

TNV Bubble ISO Loader Creator for PSVita Written By LMAN © 2015

Just Drag'n'Drop EBOOT.PBP file to the first input field then
Add the full path of the ISO\Homebrew into the second field,
Type th (...)

ARK - Ark-2 for PS Vita Firmware 3.36

(212 votes)

ARK is a PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for your Vita. It supports most PSP Homebrews, plugins, and backups, as well as PS1 games

Instructions :
> Go into the ARK folder
> Choose your regio (...)

TN-C - TN-C for Vita firmware 3.36

(8 votes)

Unofficial port of the Latest open source version of TN-Hen.

(also known as CEF 6.60 TN)

- Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN f (...)

PSVPAD - 1.2.1 Alpha

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Lets you control your PC through the PS Vitq, zith Gyroscopy support

PSVPAD - Developed by Allan Moore

Control your Pads - 1.0

(3 votes)

Control your pads is a simple homebrew to control the functionality of the pads/buttons on your PSP/Vita from 2009!
Not really a special homebrew but that was my first contact to coding.
There are 2 (...)