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Moon Whitelister - v1.0c

(4 votes)

Whitelist patching application for PlayStation (Vita) TV. Unblocks non-whitelisted games like Gravity Rush, WipeOut 2048, etc.

Runs on Lua Player Plus Vita R4.

Runs on HENkaku.

PSPocket - Essentials (for Big Luaplayer v1.10) - BETA 0.60

(122 votes)

PSPocket - Essentials" is a RPG editer in development, coded in Lua code for the "Big Luaplayer v1.10". The project curently containts a tilemap editer then can create and edit gamemaps then that get (...)

BlockOut_II_PSP - v1.0

(37 votes)

BlockOut II is reimplementation of original 1989 puzzle video game, developed in Poland by
Aleksander Ustaszewski and Mirosław Zabłocki and published by California Dreams for multiple
platforms. O (...)

Quake [Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Revision 3] - Revision 3

(48 votes)

This version of the engine is optimized for PSP Slim's 64mb of ram. It also features a large compilation of user created mission packs from that are compatible with the PSP. You wil (...)

Minecraft PSP - [LC Mod] - 1.3.1

(318 votes)

Joel16's mods based on Drakon's game (Lamecraft, PSP's popular Minecraft homebrew clone) are to enhance lamecraft's graphics and gameplay, and give it a more 'minecrafty' feeling.

Credits go to Dra (...)

PSPokemon Star - 1

(38 votes)

A PSPokemon Mod based on Pokemon Sun&Moon.

COGEEP - 1.0

(3 votes)

You are Mr. Pringle, a regular employee who got fired from that company called the "COGEEP".

Help him to go on a rampage and shoot everything that moves!

CXMB - CXMB universal: 3.71 - 6.61 Classic & 6.61 Infinity

(45 votes)

A CTF Theme loader for your PSP

Epic Sathe - V0.59

(20 votes)

Epic Sathe is an epic stick figure fighting game. It includes characters I had created when I was little. Now, with life breathed into them, go against all the odds and become the fighting champ!!!

River - 1.0

(10 votes)

reflexion game by Joalb Prod.