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Languaje: Spanish
PD: Sorry for the traduction, I used Google :(

From the hands of Aitor de la Vega (6381) comes this entertaining game that many can be clipped to have some rivalry with your friends.

Author: Aitor de la Vega (6381) ESP Team member

SUMMARY: CrazyPush vbeta is a game where we get the least amount of points possible, and you ask: How do you get?, Well the game is to fill a "bar" by pressing X, the game has customizable difficulty, and may be impossible to do.


On the menu:

Analog and arrows: Move cursor.
X: Enter the option in which the cursor is located.

In the Game:

X (first time): Start game, this action raises the bar.
X: Increase bar.
START: Enter the menu of difficulty.

Latest Version : vBeta

Release Date: 2011/11/27



Find download links for CrazyPush below.

Download (1.28MB) Download from (direct link)
Crazy Push compatible with OFW Download from (indirect link)


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