Kingdom Of War PSP

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Kingdom Of War PSP
Kingdom Of War PSP is an heroic-fantasy MMORPG GAME developed for the PSP, it's free and only requires a PSP with WI-FI to play.


  • square or circle=> move on the action bar

  • cross => start the desired action

  • L and R trigger => Rotationner the character

  • Analog Stick => move the character

  • Down => keyboard Danzeff

  • Up => hide text / display text

  • home => Quit Game

Latest Version : R3.b

Release Date: 2012/02/25

Notes for this version: Kingdom Of War PSP is a mmo for PSP, it's free and only needs to have a PSP with a WI-FI to play.
- New map
- Only one mod : Kill the king Ganroth and keep your renforceiments.
- New sounds
- New skills for the warrior (Block, Stun), for the Archer (Barbled Arrow) and so on.
- All updates are done automatically unless MAJOR updates with several new files.
- The server is online 7d/7 and 24h/24 (unless crash), not kiding !
- ...

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