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If you know the PC game Minecraft, you will feel at ease with this genesis entry which reuses the same concept: allowing grownups to play with blocks like little kids. LameCraft is for now just a sandbox that allows you to build a 3D world to your liking. But Drakon has been restlessly updating this entry regularly for the past months, and each update is simply impressive.

Still need to be convinced? 10 days after the first release, there’s already a massive community around this homebrew, and the release thread in our forums is already 23 pages long as I type this. This will quickly become a must-have in your homebrew library.

Latest Version : r56

Release Date: 2012/03/25

Notes for this version: Now compatible with VHBL on the PS Vita



Lamecraft r56 unsigned (compatible with PSP CFW and Vita VHBL) Download from (direct link)
(Some additional links are pending review for this version)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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