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PSP Emulator (Android version)

Latest Version : 1.0.1

Release Date: 2015/02/26

Notes for this version: * Bugfixes like the save state scroll issue, cosmetic issues like overscroll
* Some cheat code bugfixes
* Adler32 and Mersenne Twister modules added (fixes some obscure games)
* Fix for Jak & Daxter slowdown
* Graphics hack for Phantasy Star Portable 2 for Direct3D9
* Fix compatibility with some PowerVR devices broken since v0.9.5-959-g4998044


Find download links for PPSSPP below.

PPSSPP 1.0.1 for Android Download from ppsspp.org (direct link)
PPSSPP 1.0.1 for Android Download from wololo.net (direct link)

Older Versions

    (Some additional versions are pending review)


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