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(>^^)> MyRandomGameBoot <(^^<)
--------- by Total_Noob ---------

What is this O_o???
With this simple plugin can you load random gameboots from MS:p

How do install?
1. Copy the "MyRandomGameBoot" and the "seplugins" folder to MS
2. Add a line in vsh.txt: "ms0:/seplugins/MyRandomGameBoot.prx 1"
3. Well...done^^

Where must I put my gameboots -.-'???
1. Put your pmf gameboots to the "MyRandomGameboot" folder
e.g. "MyRandomGameBoot/TestGameBoot.pmf"
2. If your gameboot has got an opening_plugin.rco file, rename it to the same name of the pmf file
e.g. "opening_plugin.rco" to "TestGameBoot.rco" (The name of the pmf file)
3. Now, you can load random gameboots:D

Latest Version : 3

Release Date: 2009/06/14



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MyRandomGameboot v3 Download from (indirect link)
MyRandomGameboot v3 Download from (direct link)

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