Minecraft PSP - [LC Mod]

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I know this is a little late, but I must say this project is outstanding! No wonder drakon won the gensis competion. Over the past few weeks I've been looking over Lamecraft's source code, and messed around with the certain things and I've finally decided to start makeing mods of my own. These mods are to enhance lamecraft's graphics and gameplay, and give it a more 'minecrafty' feeling. This project was never created by me. Credits go to Drakon for his amazing project. Anyways, I didn't change too many things in the first version even though I've played around with the source quite a lot, so I quickly compiled a new version with a few changes to it. Take note this is just the first version, I'll make more changes later on.
- Joel16

Latest Version : 1.0.2 Beta – Survial + Crafting + New World Gen

Release Date: 2014/05/12

Notes for this version: - Fixed bugs
- Added destroy animation


Minecraft PSP [LC Mod] 1.0.2 Beta – Survial + Crafting + New World Gen Download from sendspace.com (indirect link)
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Older Versions

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