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NeoGeo Pocket and Pocket Color emulator for PlayStation Portable

Latest Version : 2.16

Release Date: 2009/04/28

Notes for this version: Version 2.16 (April 04, 2009):
*Time Rewind feature: map 'Special: Rewind' to any PSP button in the Controls menu to enable. See documentation for more information
*Save state format has changed: RACE! PSP will still read the older save state format, but loading will be slightly slower
*Not a new feature, but the documentation now includes a section on how to have RACE! PSP load a BIOS ROM file (instead of using the customized hardcoded version)


Find download links for RACE! PSP below.

RACE! PSP 2.16 Download from akop.org (direct link)
RACE! PSP 2.16 Download from wololo.net (direct link)

Older Versions

    (Some additional versions are pending review)


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