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Freecheat is not a plug-in that is used only for cheats, but also is used for many more things because it is a plug-in in one, works in commercial games on the XMB and PSX games up. It is a plug-in that contains many features because it contains many plug-ins as remotejoy, USB.prx, CWCheat, among others .... This plug-in also lets us know the percentage of remaining battery and space on our memory stick. And best of all, being a plug-in is not dangerous because it does not touch the flash of your PSP.


Search: A viewer of memory with hex support and option to change the display mode.
Codes: A code search, similar to CWCheat.
MEM Manager: Repair corrupt saved data.
TXT Reader:. Txt files less than 20MB.
PIC Viewer, Photo Viewer. You can view BMP - JPG - PNG - DAT - JDT.
SCREENSHOT: To take screenshots in BMP - PNG - JPG.
Video Out: Power display the PSP screen on your PC by remotejoy.
Options: Allows you to configure shortcuts by buttons, colors, capture mode, among others.
USB Connect: Allows you to connect to a PC with USB during a game.
Key Enhance: Allows you to change buttons and calibrate the analog stick.
Thread Manager: Unknown Option
CPU Clock: Changing the CPU speed.
Dictionary: Dictionary, an option not included.
Other: Allows you to adjust brightness, set the alarm, Shutdown, Restart, among others.

Works on:

5.50 GenD3
PRO 6.20
PRO 6.35
PRO 6.31
ME 6.39
PRO 6.39

Latest Version :

Release Date: 2011/07/7

Notes for this version: Compatible with 5.xx and 6.xx


Find download links for Freecheat below.

Freecheat 5.xx/6.xx Download from (indirect link)

Older Versions

    (Some additional versions are pending review)


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