The Troubles of Middle Earth

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The Troubles of Middle Earth
T.O.M.E. (Troubles of the Middle Earth) for PSP is a port of a famous RPG system for the PC. The graphisms are not what you are looking for here, but rather, a deep RPG experience with lots of possible customizations and quests. Think of it as a Diablo… with way more customization. Old school people like me who used to play RPGs with a pen, a piece of paper, and a pair of dice (errr… ok, a pair of cars filled with dice if you were playing the Starwars RPG) will definitely enjoy this game.

Like Angband it's an ASCII roguelike game, but for the most part much more involved with overland travel, multiple dungeons, quests, skill based character system, etc.

Latest Version : 2.3.5

Release Date: 2010/04/10

Notes for this version: Initial Port of Version 2.3.5 of T.O.M.E. by Daddy 32.

Compatible with HBL.


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T.O.M.E 2.3.5 Download from (direct link)

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