6.60TN-A H.BIN mod

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6.60TN-A H.BIN mod
A modification of Total_Noob's HEN for the Vita, which allows to run the eCFW on any usermode exploit.

-Get VHBL for your user exploit (for example, VHBL for Monster hunter if you have Monster Hunter and are running on 1.80)
-Get Total_Noob's TN-A for Urbanix (yes, it's the Urbanix version, at this point it does *not* matter that you don't have the game Urbanix
-Replace your VHBL's H.BIN with the H.BIN from this mod
-Install all of that to your Vita with Open CMA, and run the exploit like you would normally run VHBL
-TN's exploit should load.

Latest Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2012/10/8



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eCFW 6.60TN-A H.BIN mod Download from wololo.net (direct link)


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