Beats of Rage PSP

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OpenSource Streets of Rage type game Engine. Pak/Mod files required.

Latest Version : 1.2

Release Date: 2005/12/19

Notes for this version: Updates:
-----> Runs at full 60 fps @ 333 and 48~58 fps @ 222!
-----> Bug Fix when attacking rider crashed PSP.
-----> Control bug Fix I introduced during Pause Menu (This will overwrite settings.sav)
-----> Bug fix Hall Of Fame.
-----> Use the new filemenu.png as it will be using more inputs.
-----> All Necessary Directories will now be created automatically.
New Features:
-----> Screen Shots will now save under PSP/Photo directory with Name of Mod.
-----> New Frames Per Second Counter under PSP Options.
-----> New video.txt support for Mod Creaters (Allows Full WideScreen Resolution (480x272))


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Beats of Rage PSP - 1.2 Download from (indirect link)


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