Shutdown on LAN

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This application will allow a PSP user to remotely shutdown a computer on the network by sending a password to a listening program running in the background (sol.exe)

Latest Version : 1.0

Release Date: 2007/03/22

Notes for this version: If there's too much text on the host selection screen, the PSP will start to lag.
It should run as is, but you may have to drag the files in to your system folder
and register them. I cant be bothered to explain further
settings.ini in "Host" must be configured correctly
settings.ini in "SOL" must also be configured correctly
Please read the comments located in the file in order to get it setup correctly
In SOL.exe, the first tick box enables the server, while the second tick box
will forcefully shut-down the computer (ending any non-responsive application)


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Shutdown on LAN - 1.0 Download from (indirect link)


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