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Latest Version : PSPoste 7

Release Date: 2008/10/11

Notes for this version:
Support more IR keyboards by using the pspirkeyb library, see PSPoste/Data/pspirkeyb/ for configuration of your keyboard.
Better random number generation for TLS based connections, acknowledgments to ZX-81 for his work on PSPSSH and Theodore Tso for the original RNG work.
On first start, users will be prompted to press buttons randomly to generate the random seed file.
Fix a crash when opening the settings window when no network connections are defined.
Fix another crash opening the settings window that would occur randomly.
Fix a bug in the logging mechanism that meant errors and output weren't properly being written out to the log files.
Use the extra RAM of the PSP Slim.
Fix a problem connecting using a manually configured WPA connection.
Make the cursor visible at all times while typing (as opposed to blinking throughout).
Explicitly load the IrDA module so IR Keyboards work on firmwares > 3.03OE.
Adjust heap and thread stack sizes.
Fix some memory leaks and uninitialized variables.
Set the timezone to whatever the PSP has configured.


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PSPoste Beta7 FW4x signed (shrunk).rar Download from (indirect link)

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