Mega A** Hole

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the drinking game Mega A** Hole

Latest Version : .6b

Release Date: 2007/02/12

Notes for this version: * changed menu graphics: added buttons explanations
* refresh rate optimization in game & menus
* changed social ascension scores
* corrected minor bugs + various improvements
* usb management changed to not corrupt MS
* shows battery info + uptime in menus
* added possibility to choose ai level: easy, normal & hard.
* corrected a bug in the AI, again!
* game preferences menu is now available
* added many many options
* added statistics
* added more speech
* credits are available
* changed splash screen, eboot icon & default avatars.
* adapted options to beginners
* help menu is available (no help for unimplemented rules, lacks icons explanation)
Now the disclamer:
* Read Readme for installation instructions, limitations, and whatnot
* Read associated files like Help for help on game rules
* Despite the fact that this is a PSP port of a drinking game, No drinking under the age limit
* If under the age limit, neither the homebrew author nor QJ is responsible for what effects this program will have on your PSP (but there shouldn't be any problem there in the first place)
* If over the age limit, neither the homebrew author nor QJ will be responsible for property damage caused by PUI (playing under the influence)


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Mega A** Hole - .6b Download from (indirect link)


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