Aap Lander

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Aap Lander
A lunar lander like game, with lots of maps, must collect the keys to get to the next level, dodge enemies and stop klaas from destroying the moon from the inside out, It will take you from the cursty moon exterier to the Metal grids if the interior, all the way to the depths of hell....in the moon....moon hell... ~sm-41.gif~ good luck, remember, each map has its own time limit! So watch out. OH, almost forgot to mention that you can load your own mp3's whilst in game at the pause menu. NOTE that it trys to start in ms0://Music/, so if you don't have that directory, the file browser will look weird, just click on the 2 dots to bring you back a directory and navigate to your music folder.

Latest Version : v.1

Release Date: 2008/03/20

Notes for this version: The Initial release


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Aap Lander - v.1 Download from psp-homebrew.eu (indirect link)

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