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Reads lua scripts

Latest Version : 0.20 Cools Mod with Flashing

Release Date: 2007/03/10

Notes for this version: * It will first un-assign the flash0 device/driver, than reassign it with write-read privileges.
* Then, it will back up your current 01-12.bmp (xmb themes image).
* Then finally, you press the [X] button to flash your own 01-12.bmp you want to replace your now old ones with (But dont worry if you dont like the new xmb background theme, as your old one is backed up).
* It loads the one you want as your XMB background theme from ms0:/01-12.bmp, and the backup is saved the same, but with a .backup suffix
* Once done with it all, press START to return to lowser, or press HOME and go back to XMB and see how it looks.
Warning: this LuaPlayer mod has flashing capabilities. Newbies and noobs should NOT flash their PSPs unless they know what they're doing.
Before you use this application, please be sure that you know what you are doing. As we all know, any kind of flashing involves a lot of risks. SG57 mentioned that he has added several security measures to the application but the bricking rate is still relatively high.


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LUAPlayer - 0.20 Cools Mod with Flashing Download from (indirect link)

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