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this app displays the current state of a TA-082/86 model PSP's IdStorage as well as dumps the keys currently in the IdStorage. It can also detect commonly known problems that happen due to old downgraders and can provide some suitable solutions and corrections according to the problem identified. This app can brick, you have been warned.

Latest Version : 1.4

Release Date: 2007/09/16

Notes for this version: This update adds key 0x45 to the list that can be fixed. It also identifies the PSP Slim properly and can diagnose some of the keys (for what it's worth). v1.4 will also create all missing keys before trying to write to them so that people with scads of missing keys can at least fix SOME of them more easily.

2007/09/08 v1.3 released. This update fixes a few things found in v1.2, fixes more individual keys, adds cleaning to TA-079/81 PSPs, allows unpatching key 5, and allows the color scheme to be changed.

2007/09/03 v1.2 released. Major rewrite. Easier to use, no external files needed, can create keys if needed (hard-downed folks rejoice!), and colors are inverted to make it easier on the eyes.


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Key Cleaner v1.4 Download from (direct link)

Older Versions


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