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Very useful calculator app. No need for lua player. It includes a lua eboot. This is a bit from my code.
This bit of programing allows me to access Flash0 and see what version firmware you running.
file = io.open("flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt","r")
flash0 = file:read()
fw = string.sub(flash0,9,12)
The like always you will have a screen print listing several words and the string.
screen:print(150,142,"FI72MWA72E VE72S10N: "..fw,white)
*Please note that its in early stages and I am working on it say all the firmwares even custom. I currently just have it so if the firmware is 3.10 OE-A'. It will say 3.10.
This next bit of code I find relay handy. I hate when I am on a homebrew game and I cant see the battery level without pressing the home button. This will state the battery percent without having to quit the game.
battery = System.powerGetBatteryLifePercent()
You have to state the object.
Like before in order to have the data display you need a screen print.
screen:print(1,1,"BATTE72Y LEVEL: " ..battery.. "%",white)
One thing that you should notice when using my apps is a folder named D_H FILES. It has a file with all the RBG codes, a file for all the LUA functions, and a backup of the applacation itself. The backup is their if you try to mod and edit the code for learning purposes. If you mess up and save, you can click BACKUP.D_H. You will have to open it up in text editor select all, copy and past into the CODE.D_H file.
*Note editing and my program is strictly prohibited unless it is for learning purposes.
If you ever want to help out with one of my programs contact me at DA72K_HA72721S0N@PSPCUBE.COM. You may also check out my website darkharrison.ds4a.com

Latest Version : v0.6 BETA

Release Date: 2007/04/12

Notes for this version: Now has much better intagration.


Find download links for D_H CALC v0.6 BETA below.

D_H CALC v0.6 BETA - v0.6 BETA Download from psp-homebrew.eu (indirect link)


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