Custom Firmware Extender

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"extends" custom firmware by adding custom options such as clock speed and USB mass storage options, as well as other options detailed in the Readme.

Latest Version : 1.2

Release Date: 2007/02/2

Notes for this version: * Prevent a crash when booting with UMD inserted.
* Prevent a crash while using the reboot function (the module is now loaded a few seconds after the psp as booted).
* Sleep mode disabled when the ftpd is ON (big file transfer ok now).
* The combo button can now be assigned in the cfe_cfg.txt file.
* Each function can be now enable or disable in cfe_cfg.txt.
* A password can be set in the cfe_cfg.txt file to secure the ftpd server connection.
As always read the readme!


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Custom Firmware Extender - 1.2 Download from (indirect link)

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