Mobile Assault

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Mobile Assault
A 3d action/strategy helicopter game by team CodeTactics

* 3D Engine
*Play on PSP, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
*HD graphics on iPhone 4 and iPad
*Play from a choice of 28 missions or the random map, endless-mode mission
*Online Leaderboard
*Helicopter upgrades
*Call in devastating A-10 airstrikes
*Fly and fight to your own iTunes music collection
*Personal in game statistics of all missions played
*Multiple languages

Latest Version : 1.8.2

Release Date: 2012/04/14

Notes for this version: This release is primarily to share cfs3creative's contribution to the Italian translation, which is now complete; although, he did keep our English mission titles.

Also included is the ability to swap from flying the helicopter with the PSP joystick nub, to using the d-pad. This is for all those that have broken their joysticks (yeah, that's you, Jess), or perhaps for those who are after a sega mega drive feel.

Here is the full changelist:


Full Italian translation. Thanks, cfs3creative.
5 new desert buildings that are used in Instant Action.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with PSP d-pad flight control. Movement of the joystick nub would cause d-pad flight to stop, as if a button was released. There is now an option in the Options menu that allows flight to be controlled by either the joystick or d-pad. (PSP only).
Fixed an iOS menu bug where going Options -> Controls would fail to open the Controls menu and result in the player being stuck in a menu-less menu screen.
Fixed bug where, when exiting the tutorial mission with the HUD indicator still in use, leaving and starting a different mission would continue to display the HUD indicator in that mission.
The French translation of the tutorial mission is now working.


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Mobile Assault 1.8.2 Download from (direct link)

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