Quake 1: Arena

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Quake 1: Arena
Quake mod based on Electro's q1a 0.75 mod

Latest Version : R4 - Arcade

Release Date: 2010/02/11

Notes for this version: *game renamed to Quake Arena Arcade
*new modified PSP Kurok engine by MDave with Infrastructure and Adhoc
*new eboot gfx
*new hud icons with transparency
*wide console background image
*new console font and menu
*qadm6 - Lightning gun was replaced by Railgun
*9 new maps
*any map may be started from multiplayer menu


Find download links for Quake 1: Arena below.

Quake Arena Arcade R4 Download from qj.net (direct link)
Quake Arena Arcade R4 Download from wololo.net (direct link)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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