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pyMenu is an alternate menu for HBL, PRO and CEF.

- Compatibility with CEF, PRO and VHBL

- Boot Homebrew games (all versions)

- Boot ISO and CSO games (CEF and PRO only)

- Boot PSN apps (CEF and PRO only)

- Boot PS1 games (PRO only)

- Mp3 player (All versions)

- Picture viewer (All versions)

- Plugin Manager (CEF and PRO only)

- INSTALL.ZIP extractor (All versions)

- File browser (All versions). The file Browser has the following features:
----- Copy, cut, paste and delete operations
----- Boot homebrews, psn apps, iso/cso, pops
----- Open picture
----- Open Mp3 file
----- Extract a zip file

- Compatibility with other pythons homebrews through the Python Collection (Note: some homebrews might not work).

- Ability to boot the last played game by pressing circle in the main menu, even after closing the program entirely.

- Save folders named MUSIC, PICTURE and ISO come bundled so you can use them with CMA to copy different contents.

- Configurable through CONFIG.TXT

- API system that allows you to use pyMenu's different functions and menu styles with your own homebrew.

Latest Version : 0.3.2

Release Date: 2013/03/30

Notes for this version: - Fixed bug that made the menu freeze randomly


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Older Versions

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