SKFU's pr0xy

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SKFU's pr0xy
Formerly known as Vita pr0xy, this is a network proxy by SKFU, especially useful for the PS Vita. Features:

The most user-friendly Windows Pr0xy
Keyword filter
Filter plugin support (users can create and share plugins)
Rules by traffic direction
Import & Export of rules
Raw data modification
Fast de-/encode
SSL Filter
DNS Lookup
and a lot more...

Latest Version : 3.0.0

Release Date: 26 day(s) ago

Notes for this version: * Implemented a DNS Server
** Redirect requests to IP or domain
** Forward requests
** Blacklist requests

* Implemented a Dump Server
** Receives dumps via WebSocket
** Built-in hex editor
** Save to file
** Send commands to client

* Treeview for Proxy Server logs
** Quick clicks (direct search and direct open)

* Design / icon updates
** Logo update (thanks to @TheAmazingBeny)

* Settings updated
* Encode / Decode tool improved
** MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224-512, SHA3_224-512

* Major backend update
** Qt 5.5
** Faster loading times
** Less space requirements
** Dependency strips
** 100% cross-platform code
** Update notifications


Find download links for SKFU's pr0xy below.

SKFU Proxy 3 Download from (direct link)
SKFU Pr0xy 3 Download from (direct link)

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