Toy Wars

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be the Hero of Toy Story? Toy Wars let's you try something similar.
Toy Wars is a game inspired in Toy Commander, from Dreamcast.

The game consists on missions which take place in a house, like the original.

The game

At the moment only a few missions are available, but the house is almost complete. The game has an online rank available at where you can upload your high scores. Some bugs may be visible and the online rank may not work sometimes. Tested on 6.38 ME3 and 5.03 with chickhen.

The PSP must be capable of running encrypted prx kernel modules, so no user mode, sorry! At this moment there may be some bugs realted to the menu. When playing for a long time (entering leaving the menu) the PSP may crash due to memory fragmentation errors, cause TW sucks a lot of memory.


Analog: Movement and pointer

Dpad: Menu movement and camera.

X: Main shoot

O: Secondary shoot

Triangle: change vehcile (combine with dpad left and right)

Square: weapon change (combine with dpad, up/down/left/right)

Start: Pause and menu

Triggers: Acceleare, deaccelerate and brake (at the same time).

Latest Version : V2 (Genesis)

Release Date: 2011/05/30

Notes for this version:


Find download links for Toy Wars below.

toy wars v2 Download from (direct link)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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