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USPeed Profile Manager

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USPeed Profile Manager
Tired of those games that don't allow you to create more than 1 savegame? We have the solution for you!
This plugin will switch between customized profiles to allow you to create as many savegames as you want.
Your girlfriend will not ever kill you stats !!!

2. Install :

- Copy "profileManager.prx" in "PSP/sepugins" of your Memory Stick

- Edit file "PSP/seplugins/vsh.txt" and/or "PSP/seplugins/game.txt to add the line "ms0:/seplugins/profileManager.prx 1"

- Reboot your PSP.

3. How does it work ?

- USpeed Profile Manager will switch between all folders "SAVEDATA_
" in order to activate current profile on "SAVEDATA" folder.

- The plugin can manage up to 20 different profiles (folders "SAVEDATA_

- Current profile is on "SAVEDATA" folder to work with standard.

- A savegame in folder "USPM20110315" will allow to customize your name, icon and colors

4. How to customize my profile ?

/USPM20110315" folder on your Memory Stick

- Change "profile.bmp" picture but keep image size to 28x28px and resolution at 24 bits in BITMAP format.

- Edit "profile.infos" as you like :

- "name" : profile name that is displayed (up to 15 chars, truncated after !)

- "box" : frame color (hexa value like "FF0000" for red)

- "border" : border color (hexa value like "FF0000" for red)

- "text" : name text color (hexa value like "FF0000" for red)

5. Controls :

- Press "Square" button (and maintain it pressed) to display "USpeed Profile Manager".

- Once displayed, you can change current profile to which you want by pressing "L" or "R" trigger.

- Release "square" button when your choice is done.

- Once displayed, you can stop the plugin by pressing "L" and "R" simultaneously.

6. Tips :

It's possible to create a backup of a save game in another profile juste by using the standard savegame copy of PSP.

- Copy you savestate

- Change current profile

- Remove Memory Stick (as ask by assistant)

- Re-insert Memory Stick and finish copy

- That's done !

Latest Version : 1.0.34

Release Date: 2011/11/21



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