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Replace your XMB with this nice customizable environment

- SHELL is a wonderful world for users to customise! Be it via APPS, PLUGINS, LINKS, THEMES!

- Calling all themers! Customise to your heart’s content!

- SHELL is a platform for development for developers – Build plugins, load apps all from within SHELL

- Multi-language system. Translate to ANY language you want (just make sure it’s UTF8).

- Multi-audio format support! MORE than the XMB! Plays various audio files: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AA3, AT3, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, AU, WMA, WAV

- No need to Game Categories! Just put your apps in folders like on a computer and it can be as deep as you want it!

- No need to change X / O for confirm in Recovery. Just change it in SHELL and it’s instant!

Latest Version : 0.73

Release Date: 2011/05/27



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SHELL Full package 0.73 Download from (indirect link)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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