'Ultimate' black XMB

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the screen shot describes it

Easter Egg: BNRR-3BNF-KHMM

Latest Version : 1 (initial release)

Release Date: 2007/02/23

Notes for this version: * 32 bits High-Res Black Icons
* 32 bits High-Res Battery Icon
* 32 bits High-Res Volume bar
* 32 Bits month background + Bogus Waves
* 32 Bits High Res Load Icon (game, savedata, photo & corrupt)
* 32 bits High Res Load Circle (Right Corner thing)
* Xmb line, Shadow, Selectbar customized to Black/Crom?
* All other thats included and i forgot
He also mentions that this slick looking XMB isn't gonna work on Dark_AleX's 3.10 OE. With all that said, the download link below contains the zip files for the Devianart icons noir black styled and the black glass photo load icon.


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'Ultimate' black XMB - 1 (initial release) Download from psp-homebrew.eu (indirect link)
(Some additional links are pending review for this version)

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