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memtools_vita - 0.3.2

(7 votes)

Set of developer tools to leverage the Webkit exploit on Vita 3.18

HTMLIt - Initial release

(4 votes)

webkit exploit kit for < 2.00 and roptool

Currently, HTMLIt supports firmwares 1.50, 1.69 and 1.80/1.81. Its relatively simple to extend functionality to other firmwares. HTMLIt's main functionalit (...)

memtools_vita - 0.2

(7 votes)

Set of developer tools to leverage the Webkit exploit on Vita 3.18

PS4 1.76 Webkit exploit - initial release

(21 votes)

Proof of concept exploit for PS4 1.76 by nas and Proxima, using a vulnerability in webkit

ONElua v2 - v2

(8 votes)

OneLua is a brand new Lua Interpreter to create our homebrews to both PSP as PSVita.
As LuaDEV, OneLua is based on OSLib, so there are many similar functions (with slightly different syntax).

CyanogenMod PSP C - Alpha Build 2.2

(17 votes)

This isn't a port of CyanogenMod for android, it's a project created from scratch. It will never allow you to run android apps, the psp system doesn't have the hardware capabilities to run android. It (...)

Alice in: Pasta Crocket - 1.22

(9 votes)

The queen of hearts has trapped you in a place between
Earth and space. You must now face a lemon pie which
will send you lots of surprises and traps. Will you be
able to free yourself from this ni (...)

Net Apex HD - 1.5

(1 vote)

It's PlayStop Network but better

ROPTool - initial release

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ROPTool is an interesting technical tool that allows developers to utilise a simple scripting language to create ROP application. Normally, ROP is used to disable write/execute protections either by c (...)

Big Luaplayer - v1.10 (Lua Scripting Engine for PlaystationPortable) - Big Luaplayer - Version 1.10

(2 votes)

This program enables the user to create and run “Lua” scripting file directly on the “PSP”. The program is designed to create games and other applications for ‘Sony’s PSP’ with “Lua” (...)