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This is the download page for Wagic, the homebrew. Wagic is an internationally acclaimed open source Trading Card Game simulation, made by card games fans and backed up by a large community of players and modders. The project has been active since 2008 and supports a massive amount of cards. Wagic is especially adapted to mobile devices (PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android,…) but also works on Windows and Linux PC. If you’re looking for more info about this project, check the following links:
Wagic FAQMedia (Wagic Screenshots & videos)Wagic forums

Wagic works on Windows, Linux, the nokia N900 (maemo), the Nokia N9 (meego), Android (tablets and phones), OUYA, iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPad2) and the Sony PSP (Wagic does not require you to hack your PSP).

Download the latest version of Wagic

Disclaimer: I have not personally been involved with the development of Wagic since 2012. The latest “official” version released while I was driving the project is version 0.18.6, which can be downloaded in the next section below.

However there is an active community of fans and developers who keep maintaining Wagic. Although I cannot guarantee the quality of the recent releases (not that I don’t believe the people working on it are good, but only – again – because I have not been involved in the project for years), I recommend you give them a try:

Download Wagic 0.18.6 (last version released by Wololo, 2012)

Each release is extensively tested on several machines including my own PSP/Computer/Android phone. However Wagic is a work in progress so please check the buglist.


For some of these builds, you will also need the Core files when they are not included in the archive. Wagic 0.18.6 Core files: all platforms except iOS  – iOS version.

Wagic is 100% free.

Updating Wagic


If you have version 0.16.1 or lower, it is recommended that you erase your current Wagic install and reinstall from scratch. Go to our forums for detailed help on how to keep your progress

If you have version 0.17.0 or higher, follow these steps:

  • IF you have mods: It is recommended that you delete all mods from your current Wagic install
  • Erase all files named core_*.zip in your Res folder (Note: this is not compulsory but strongly recommended for performance reasons)
  • Simply extract the zip into your existing Wagic installation folder, in order to overwrite the current binary (EBOOT.PBP on the PSP, and Wagic.exe on windows). You’re done


  • If you have version 0.17.1 or lower, first uninstall your current installation of Wagic (in “Manage applications”)
  • It is strongly recommended to delete all “core_*.zip” files from your current Wagic installation. This is not done automatically! Keeping these files should not prevent the game from running, but could yield weird results and will be bad for performance
  • Once the two previous steps are done, install the Wagic apk like you would install any other third party application

If your android refuses to install a new version of Wagic, please make sure that you uninstalled the previous version. We had to change out certificates recently (in 0.18.0) which prevents Android from installing wagic 0.18 over a previous 0.17 install.




Windows Version

If you get an error complaining about MSCVP100.dll missing you probably need to install the following Visual++ package from microsoft here. If you still have problems, check the forum thread

Android and iOS versions

The Android and iOS port of Wagic are still very early releases and we are aware that they are not perfect. If you’re a dev and think you can help making this project even better, please contact us!

Linux Version

We don’t officially support the linux version, it is distributed here for convenience. However if you have issues running Wagic on *nix, ask for help on the forums, you might be lucky and a good soul could have an answer for you


Wagic is open source and released under the BSD License. The source include a modified version of JGE++, a hardware accelerated library for Windows/PSP/Linux/Maemo/iOS/Android.

The source is available at https://github.com/WagicProject/wagic

User-created content

Please see the forum for extra content : new cards, themes, utilities… if something you’re looking for is not in the official release, it will be there..

Previous versions


Easter Egg 2014: QM7B-8JND-FPRP

615 Responses

  1. jim says:

    i did what it told me and it still dont work ***!its fine til i pick what type deck i want then its back to home screen!!!im gonna scrap it!

  2. huazhechen says:

    So much thanks!I am an Chinese and the game’s Chinese version(choose lang:chinese)have some problem:the game runs so slowly.the cards can’t move hardly.The problem happens only in version1.51 1.60 and 1.31is OK.
    parden my poor English.

  3. ToM says:

    Can support intelligent mobile phone

  4. ailo says:

    hi can you please help me how to install for my psp cause after i download the file and transfer it in my psp it doesnt work. thanks for the reply

  5. Elfo says:

    Wololo, pleeeeeease consider a android tablet port of wagic…

    Seems the perfect hardware to play magic…

  6. s.hiro329 says:

    Hello, Mr. Wololo
    English is so poor, post translation

    And got let Wagic always fun to play
    I tried to reproduce some of the cards, debug and post What do I do?

  7. 指纹 says:

    sorry but where can i find a download link to a chinese version of Wagic?

  8. heruisi says:

    你好,我是一名中国玩家很喜欢这款游戏,但是0.16.0 WINDOWS版出现内存不能为written,我是WINDOWS XP SP3,怎么解决!

  9. RedHate says:

    We wants our precious PVP!!! We demands it.

  10. David says:

    I play with the v.13

    can I play with my deck in the new version?


  11. Craig says:

    Anyway you can port this to HP Touchpad/WebOS? There are a lot of MTG players on the precentral forums who are probably interested. It would be much appreciated.

  12. Lorz says:

    Wololo, I’m sure it’s probably been discussed before and is burried somewhere in the mountain of information about Wagic…….. but have you ever considered incorperating a multi-player over internet capability into Wagic?

    I love Wagic and play it often, I love the simple idiot proof interface and the professional quality of the game, I also play MTG on OCTGN, this allows you to play against other people, but the interface is far from idiot proof, it allows far too much freedom, someone could easily cheat if you’re not watching things closely, or you could just mess up really easily.

    If Wagic were to include a multi player element, along with it’s story mode and solo campaigns, it would be amazing, I mean it already is, but, even more so.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, Multiplayer is one of those “we’d love to have that” things, we’re still working on it but it has low priority for now, unfortunately. If we had more devs to help it would come faster 🙂

      • Mark says:

        Hey my game crashes like in the earlier comment, I have all the files there in the correct place and even though I keep trying it still doesnt work. PLZ HELP

        • Lorz says:

          You might need to edit the res.txt file to make sure it’s pointing at the right location, i have to do this every time I install a new update for Wagic, because i like my resource folder inside the wagic folder.

      • Lorz says:

        Thanks Wololo, it would be an awesome feature……. lobby based multi-player would be insane, but even simple peer to peer multi-player would make Wagic a better option than OCTGN….. for me anyway.

  13. elvanore says:

    Bug reporting here. sorry that I have no account of the forum and I do not intend to register.

    Version: 0.16.0

    1. ‘Castle’ card’s effect is not for attacking creatures, but some creatures that are not tapped when attacking such as Serra Angel gets the bonuses of Castle.

    2. I have tried to use Eye for an Eye on Blocking phase, but I could not. I only saw that every attacking card is disabled and changed to black color. So I went on to the next phase, and quickly pressed X button to use interrupt.
    and the game just stops working. Nothing can be input and nothing happens at all. Only start button worked, so I had to return to title screen.

    • wololo says:

      about 1. : we follow the correct rules for Castle. I am assuming you are using the card images from an old set. These cards have been revised since they were created 15 years ago. Check the MAgic official site for the real rulings of Castle.
      You can also click on triangle to display the text mode of the card, which always has the correct ruling. The text on the card picture is outdated on most versions of this card.

  14. andrewb23 says:

    i have 2 ambitious suggestions for wagic.

    1. make story mode (a very long campaign, with stories, pictures, script, cut scenes, etc.)

    2. make animation, like when a card kills a card. (some fire animation burns the card, something like that)

  15. Geo says:

    Wagic on maemo!!!!! thx a lot, i said this when i first bought my psp and i’ll say it again …. respect for all the devs and programers that give us a little bit more light in ower lives every day !!! A big thx from all psp and n900 users in romania

  16. netdruid says:

    i plyed it on my psp.works great with it.unlocked great cards as well.however, i hope you can do something to limit the banned,restricted cards as how they use to be in a regular classic rules or extended rules.but for me,i give a 5 star out of it.thanks.

  17. Crimson says:

    Hey, how come there are no card image in my psp?

  18. netdruid says:

    works great with my psp. just one thing, I badly needed Isochron Scepter,Winter Orb,Kismet,and Orim’s Chant…Please do somthing about this.Thanks.

  19. Mark Aldrin says:

    Hi Wololo! this is great.. thanks!!

    btw, i found few concerns in the game.

    1. when buying in the shop, it reduces money by holding O even it is out of stock.
    2. could we have a list view when displaying cards at the card edit? i think it will be very useful 😀 (i think it is not bad to get some idea from other card games)

    thats all! Cheers!! 😀

  20. leander says:

    i have a psp 3000 my cfw is 6.20, do i still need to install homebrew? And how?

  21. 4eyes says:

    downloading v16 to try on my pspgo 6.20 pro b6, v15.1 works great on it

  22. 4eyes says:

    ok v15.1 worked like a charm but i deleted it and put in the v16 in the right spots with PSP/GAME/WTH and PSP/wagic_res but i get a crash screen still

  23. EzeRage says:

    The card Bestial Fury does not apply trample to the creature.

  24. shoopdawhoopin says:

    lolzzzzx funcy tyrerthvmnbjk

  25. kendrei says:

    hi wololo i just wanna ask how big is this game?

  26. thiago says:

    is possible play magic wich 2 players in wagic? I expect a response thanks

  27. alexthealligator says:

    hows the android version development going? 😀

  28. netdruid says:

    Thanks for the game.My only concern is that I cannot find cards.dat for 2ED,PLS,ALL,4ED.Pls help me,I need to complete my Isochron-Orims Chant Winter Orb Control Deck.Thanks

  29. Peter says:

    Is there progress on the port of wagic to iOS? I’ve read in previous blog posts that it is being ported for iOS. I really want to play this on my iPod touch. Thanks slot for this game.

    • wololo says:

      We are still waiting for devs for the iOS port. We only have one dev with iOS skills and that’s not enough to maintain the game for now.

  30. daniel says:

    wololo,i am brazilian,and,i’m your fan,but,the next update will have a multiplayer game?

  31. Thadeu Felix says:

    Hi, first of all, thx for everything!! this homebrew rocks!! can u put a draft or selead mode in the next version?? when is the next release? (v17) sorry for my english!

  32. Cihan says:

    Hi wololo,

    Are you planning to convert Wagic for the Nokia N9 or is it already playable for it?

    Thanks in advanced

  33. W says:

    Don’t know if this is the best place to post this, (if not tell me where), but the spell binding grasp (blue enchantment) seems bugged, at EOT the creature returns to its owner.

  34. wew says:

    i just wanna ask until what edition or set is the game on?

  35. eTHNO says:

    PLZ wololo, i m abig fan of your, work – i already know you site about 1 and a half year! i remember there was a Graphic pack , for the card, that you could see the cards like original! where can i find it, and does this pack work on android devices?

  36. alexthealligator says:

    android version is AWESOME! great progress! ty wagic team.

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