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This is the download page for Wagic, the homebrew. Wagic is an internationally acclaimed open source Trading Card Game simulation, made by card games fans and backed up by a large community of players and modders. The project has been active since 2008 and supports a massive amount of cards. Wagic is especially adapted to mobile devices (PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android,…) but also works on Windows and Linux PC. If you’re looking for more info about this project, check the following links:
Wagic FAQMedia (Wagic Screenshots & videos)Wagic forums

Wagic works on Windows, Linux, the nokia N900 (maemo), the Nokia N9 (meego), Android (tablets and phones), OUYA, iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPad2) and the Sony PSP (Wagic does not require you to hack your PSP).

Download the latest version of Wagic

Disclaimer: I have not personally been involved with the development of Wagic since 2012. The latest “official” version released while I was driving the project is version 0.18.6, which can be downloaded in the next section below.

However there is an active community of fans and developers who keep maintaining Wagic. Although I cannot guarantee the quality of the recent releases (not that I don’t believe the people working on it are good, but only – again – because I have not been involved in the project for years), I recommend you give them a try:

Download Wagic 0.18.6 (last version released by Wololo, 2012)

Each release is extensively tested on several machines including my own PSP/Computer/Android phone. However Wagic is a work in progress so please check the buglist.


For some of these builds, you will also need the Core files when they are not included in the archive. Wagic 0.18.6 Core files: all platforms except iOS  – iOS version.

Wagic is 100% free.

Updating Wagic


If you have version 0.16.1 or lower, it is recommended that you erase your current Wagic install and reinstall from scratch. Go to our forums for detailed help on how to keep your progress

If you have version 0.17.0 or higher, follow these steps:

  • IF you have mods: It is recommended that you delete all mods from your current Wagic install
  • Erase all files named core_*.zip in your Res folder (Note: this is not compulsory but strongly recommended for performance reasons)
  • Simply extract the zip into your existing Wagic installation folder, in order to overwrite the current binary (EBOOT.PBP on the PSP, and Wagic.exe on windows). You’re done


  • If you have version 0.17.1 or lower, first uninstall your current installation of Wagic (in “Manage applications”)
  • It is strongly recommended to delete all “core_*.zip” files from your current Wagic installation. This is not done automatically! Keeping these files should not prevent the game from running, but could yield weird results and will be bad for performance
  • Once the two previous steps are done, install the Wagic apk like you would install any other third party application

If your android refuses to install a new version of Wagic, please make sure that you uninstalled the previous version. We had to change out certificates recently (in 0.18.0) which prevents Android from installing wagic 0.18 over a previous 0.17 install.




Windows Version

If you get an error complaining about MSCVP100.dll missing you probably need to install the following Visual++ package from microsoft here. If you still have problems, check the forum thread

Android and iOS versions

The Android and iOS port of Wagic are still very early releases and we are aware that they are not perfect. If you’re a dev and think you can help making this project even better, please contact us!

Linux Version

We don’t officially support the linux version, it is distributed here for convenience. However if you have issues running Wagic on *nix, ask for help on the forums, you might be lucky and a good soul could have an answer for you


Wagic is open source and released under the BSD License. The source include a modified version of JGE++, a hardware accelerated library for Windows/PSP/Linux/Maemo/iOS/Android.

The source is available at https://github.com/WagicProject/wagic

User-created content

Please see the forum for extra content : new cards, themes, utilities… if something you’re looking for is not in the official release, it will be there..

Previous versions


Easter Egg 2014: QM7B-8JND-FPRP

615 Responses

  1. equis says:

    Well… I downloaded content from this page previously using IE when needed and avoiding Firefox. But now I was unable to do it, including IE. @wololo, could it be a problem in a firewall? I connect to internet through an institutional connection, which use some kind of firewall.

  2. equis says:

    Sorry for the double post, but is seriously strange… I am downloading wagic using IE, after some unsuccesful tries. Is really strange.

  3. AXAz0r says:

    WOLOLO FTW !!! 😀

    Wololo da best !!!

  4. mmaarrkk1313 says:

    hello i downloaded the update ang updated my existing directory. it plays well but the movement is to sensitive. it is off by a card (i have cards 1,2 & 3, starting from 1 if i move right it jumps at the 3rd card).

    • anonimous says:

      I have the same problem, the butons are too sensitive T.T

      • wololo says:

        This is a known issue. Delete the inside of the following folders: player, settings, profiles. Then restart the game. You will lose your collection, but the problem will be gone

      • ktalmanu says:

        the bottons arent too sensitive, your problem is that u havethem duplicated, go to options and key bindings and tri to erase the copied bottons

        thnx to wololo ^^

    • Dumner says:

      Alternatively, you can edit the in-game bindings using the text files in your profile. You’ll notice that there are doubles of each key (ie 2:1,2:1,) change that (ie. 2:1,2:1, -> 2:1,) and your profile and collection will still exist, sans the double-bound keys.

    • UnderPrivlidged says:

      Hey wololo. Been playing your brew for quite some time (I believe I found it right after I got CFW on my PSP),and I have always enjoyed it. Been playing magic since 1996,when I was 6 years old. No major complaints yet. About to download 14.1 in a minute,but wanted to thank you for doing this. Many a hour have been killed playing this. Keep it up,please. No dark-alex style disappearing 😛

    • hellninjas says:

      This is why i have the homebrew store…

      I just wish they had more convienent stuff…
      Heres an idea for the competition!
      An app that allows u to UNZIP FILES!!!
      thx wololo for wagic btw!

  5. God_Lok says:

    best site I have ever seen on that information required parabens

  6. andrew says:

    i wish there were pictures in the cards.

  7. Sai says:

    I wish there could be mo cards in it,such as bloodbraid elf

  8. Kisos says:

    i have a question, i’m playing the 0.13.1 version , them i have unlocked the alara reborn and conflux block BUT there is some missed cards like , patch to exile , kinght of the new alara, bant sureblade and more others, so there is the question , WHY this cards are not in the wagic, its because you forgor or for rush :p ??? or because of some bug with efects or abilitis of some cards???

    thanks for this GREAT GAME . hope you reply me ^^

    • S4r0m says:

      Yup, some cards cannot be played (yet), because their code still doesn’t exist or some effects create bugs in certain circumstances. There are several thoushands of cards, is pretty hard to program them all.

    • Homebrew man says:

      did someone get their T key sticky?
      also, im just now trying this game. any tips?

  9. suiyecc says:

    The lastest version WTH 0.14.1 for sony PSP runs very very slowly in my psp 3000 with a 5.03 gen-c system when using the deck editor. I’ve no idea what’s the matter with this version. Is there any suggestion for me? Thanks a lot!

  10. Darkyx says:

    That’s a great game but there are some BUG : When I want to change Theme, my PSP shut down …
    I use HBL
    and some times, the pictures or theme disapear

  11. Waratte says:

    This is in great need of a Japanese translators.

  12. jingo386 says:

    My PSP is 3000 with ofw 6.30.
    I just downloaded Wagic 0.14.1 but it stucks on loading after choosing language.
    Does it mean that 0.14.1 can’t run via HBL?
    Since the situation is similar to those cfw only homebrews I tried when they hung up.
    Also, from what I saw in the readme, it said it requires cfw only but didn’t mention about HBL.

  13. Sky says:

    Excuse me. Where could I get the Chinese images for Wagic?

  14. newAIplease says:

    Please tell me how exactly to unlock new AIs in 14.1. I’ve been playing against the AIs such as “bad land” “nightmare” “Wrath” for hundreds of times since 11.1 I will vomit if I continue play against them for another one hundred times. I have 9 decks in total, and I use two of them beat each of the first 10 AIs one time. I have not seen any new AIs have been unlocked yet. I can not stand playing with them any longer. Please tell me how to play new AIs. Thank you.

  15. windyero says:

    Could anyone told me the difference between the 1.31 and 1.41.
    On the other hand I have the same problem that The lastest version WTH 0.14.1 for sony PSP runs very very slowly in my psp 3000 with a 5.03 gen-c system when using the deck editor.

  16. eddy says:

    i downloaded this game. but i have totally no idea how to play even i went through tutorial dozen of time >< help pls tq

    • wololo says:

      Hi eddy. The game ships with a file called “Wagic Manual.pdf” which should be enough to get you started. If that’s not enough, I strongly suggest you give a try to the card game “Magic the Gathering” which is them ajor inspiration for Wagic. If you know the rules of Magic the Gathering (which can be found easily on the internet), you should easily get used to Wagic.
      Hope this helps.

  17. hsingh1000 says:

    hello wololo i tried loading wagic on my psp 6.35 pro but it crashes every time and my psp shuts off. it worked fine when i was running on hbl 6.35 pla help wat to do?

    • wololo says:

      @hsingh1000 : the devs of Hen PRO 6.35 worked on a fix and Wagic should work in their next release 🙂
      In the meantime, you can run Wagic with “normal” HBL

  18. steven says:

    thanks for your guys hardwork, i have only question, when will you add planeswalker’s cards to wagic? thanks!!!

  19. kjn says:

    Excelent work. Any future plans for Win Mobile version?

  20. wagikero says:

    so there are no images yet for wagic 0.14?

  21. steven says:

    thanks for your guys hardwork, i have only question, when will you add planeswalker’s cards to wagic? thanks!!!

  22. sarel says:

    Is there Wagic for android, that would be awsome if it would be on android phones, or iphones.

  23. Stas says:

    Can someone help me
    I have a PSP 3000 with HEN and so it’s homebrew enabled
    But It’s the same as when I try to start ISO with prometheus
    It just gets stuck at a black screen then shuts down 🙁
    HELP ME!! 🙁

  24. Jaycee says:

    wagic 0.14 will be great if theres picture in it..

  25. ganzklar says:

    this is great. i’ve remember the old days with my friends playing MTG. does it have multiplayer gaming or just single mode. if it has then this game will be the best. looking forward to it… 😀

  26. kmbs says:

    Serait il possible d’avoir un manuel wagic en Français???…euh le jeu aussi????? bon d’accord….. :-))

  27. Ethno23 says:

    I would thank you so much first for the HBL and for those great WAGIC Game!! i love this game im playing it all day long!! and i will donate you!!
    your work is it worth!! plz mail back

  28. Mr. Reaper says:

    I love this game. I’ve been playing it a lot… and so finding lots of bugs!

    Sorry, I’m not going to register for the forum just to report bugs (I hate registering for everyone’s different forum!), but I would like to report these bugs.

    Maybe someone reading this would like to help out and and copy/paste this information over in the forum, to be sure it gets seen:

    Demon’s Jester — image shows 2/2, virtual card shows 2/1

    Gelatinous Genesis — image text (and card effect) is totally different from virtual card text. And the Oozes created didn’t seem to count as green creature for making Khalni Hydra cost less to cast.

    Citanul Flute — when used, the mana costs you can select all show as “0.”

    Paradise Plume — Casting cost is 1, it should be 4!

    Thallid Shell-Dweller — virtual card doesn’t show “Defender.”

    Llanowar Reborn — even after it has no counters left on it, it asks if you want to use it EVERY time a creature comes into play. Argh!

    Immaculate Magistrate & Temporal Adept — If you activate it in response to an opponent’s spell, then try to cancel the activation (X button again) and let the opponent’s spell resolve, the game will get stuck and the only thing you can do is bring up the menu and go “back to main menu,” forfeiting the game.

    Root Spider — special ability never triggers

    Ember Beast & Mogg Flunkies — their ability doesn’t work as it should. For example, you should be able to have 2 Mogg Flunkies both assigned to attack or block even if no other creature is attacking or blocking. Oops, I see this one is already reported for the Flunkies. Just make sure the fix works for Ember Beast too.

    While on the subject, creatures should tap as SOON as you assign them to attack (as in previous versions?). That way it’s immediately obvious who has vigilance. Also, you can assign something with a Tap ability to attack, THEN activate its Tap ability…. It won’t do any combat damage, but it’s still up there as if it was assigned as an attacker. Tapping as soon as you assign it to attack would prevent that.

    Frenzied Goblin — useless, because its ability doesn’t trigger until AFTER the opponent declares blockers.

    Flameburst Dragon has the same issue, but at least it can destroy whatever creature blocks it before combat damage is done.

    Actually, what you need, like in the old Microprose MtG game, is a pause for a “fast effects” step after “declare attackers” BEFORE the “declare blockers” step happens. And another “fast effects” step after “declare blockers.” This would also allow for effects like “target blocking creature gets +1/+1” to work without letting you remove that creature from being a blocker after applying the effect to it…. Maybe the Mogg Flunkies could have an effect that triggers during this step, like, “if this is attacking/blocking and no other creatures are attacking/blocking, remove this from combat and untap it.”

    Scavenging Ghoul & Khabal Ghoul — they don’t properly trigger on opponent’s creatures going to graveyard; they only trigger on your own creatures going to graveyard (they should trigger in both cases).

    That which Was Taken — isn’t supposed to be able to add a Divinity Counter to itself, but it can, making itself indestructible.

    Lodestone Myr — can only tap artifact creatures to get +1/+1. It’s supposed to be able to tap any artifact you control.

    First Strike damage cannot be properly assigned? The computer always seems to override my damage assignment when using first strike damage. First Strike + Trample (Loxodon Warhammer) = always damage opponent even when I want to assign all damage to the blocker.

    Armageddon Clock — I should have the opportunity to remove a counter from my opponent’s Clock during his own upkeep (before it deals damage), but I never get the chance. I can only remove a counter during my own upkeep.

    I have Meadowboon (“when this leaves play, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature”) in play, along with some other creatures. I cast March of Souls (“destroy all creatures, replace them with a 1/1 Spirit”). Meadowboon should wait to trigger/resolve until after March of Souls is done resolving, but instead, Meadowboon triggers somewhere in the middle of all the Spirits coming into play, so that I have some spirits with a +1/+1 counter, and some without one….

    Having more than 40,000 life points really lags the game…. It gets majorly worse when you get over 90,000…. Try giving lifelink to Serra Avatar, and keep running it into the opponent’s blockers.

    Turn Forbidding Watchtower into a soldier, equip it with Loxodon Warhammer; it gets +3. It turns back into a land at end of turn; warhammer stays equipped. Turn it into a soldier again next turn; warhammer is still equipped, but soldier no longer gets +3.

    Umezawa’s Jitte — when you activate it, the options are double listed: “2/2 -1/-1 Life 2/2 -1/-1 Life Cancel.” The first 2/2 option doesn’t work, but the second one does. All other options seem to work. Ahhh… if you activate the Jitte when it’s not equipped to a creature (but it still has counters on it), you get the same options listed only one time each, so the first set of double-listed options are for the Jitte itself, and the second set of options are for the creature it’s attached to. Well, the Jitte itself does not need a 2/2 option, since the equipment cannot itself get +2/+2.

    Mayael’s Aria — supposed to put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control, but it only puts a +1/+1 counter on a single creature you select. Also, if you don’t have a creature with power high enough during your upkeep, the effect will wait until you do have such a creature and then trigger! It triggered the +1/+1 counter effect on me during my and opponent’s attack phases, when I pumped up my blocker to 6 power using Umezawa’s Jitte.

    Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief — should allow the player to select how much mana to put into X instead of just using everything in the mana pool. Other spells with X should be the same way.

    Control Magic — opponent used it on one of my tapped creatures, then it never showed the creature as untapped after any untap step, but it “was” untapped; it blocked one of my attackers while looking like it was tapped.

    Prison Barricade & Rolling Stones — these card effects are NOT supposed to actually remove “defender;” they are supposed to allow the creature to attack AS IF it didn’t have defender. Yes, this is an important difference, because Overgrown Battlement is supposed to add 1 mana for each creature with “defender,” but those effects mess that up. A Rolling Stones in play will result in 0 mana being added by Overgrown Battlement; that’s incorrect.

    Darksteel Myr — it’s “indestructible,” but it says “it its toughness is 0 or less, it’s still put into its owners graveyard.” But that doesn’t work. Use Wither all day on it, and its toughness goes negative, but it never goes away. All indestructible things seem to be the same way.

    Feature Request: So you have 4 Raging Goblins on the field, and the opponent casts a Lightning Bolt at one of them…. You could use Mother of Runes to protect your goblin, but you can’t tell WHICH goblin the computer is targeting! How about having the target of a spell be highlighted on the battlefield or something?

    • Mr. Reaper says:

      Oh yeah, Caribou Range — when you activate it and select “Life” to try and sacrifice a Caribou, it instead immediately sacrifices the land Caribou Range is enchanting, and so buries Caribou Range along with it!

    • Mr. Reaper says:

      If it matters, I’m using 14.1 on WinXP.

      And again, if anyone reading this is registered on the forum, please copy/paste this in the Bug Report place.

      Here’s some more:

      Rith’s Grove — “when this comes into play, sacrifice it unless you return a non-lair land to your hand.” Play it, then when it asks to bounce or sacrifice, bring up the menu, then cancel the menu, and you don’t have to pay any cost. This appears to work for any “bounce” lands.

      Whoa, it seems like this bug can mess up a lot of abilities! I tried it when Paradise Plume was asking what color counter to put on it, and it resulted in NO counter being placed on it, so I couldn’t tap it for mana at all.

      Twilight Shepherd — With this in play, I killed all my creatures with March of Souls, but only 2 of them returned to my hand (Shepherd’s “comes in to play” ability should trigger with it’s “persistence” ability); the other 6 creatures stayed in the grave. And Twilight Drover, in the graveyard, triggered on all my token creatures going to the grave — it got (and kept) a bunch of +1/+1 counters on it, even in the graveyard! (Maybe it got the counters before going in, but they stayed on it). I think things are not resolving in the correct order…. First, everything should go to the graveyard, then March of Souls should fully resolve, placing the Spirits in play. THEN Twilight Shepard should trigger and resolve (via Persistence), bringing the creatures back out of the graveyard to my hand. Shepherd must be resolving before everything was put into the grave…..

      Helm of Kaldra — Can’t seem to summon Kaldra when all the equipment is present?

      Put The Helm on a creature. Put Loxodon Warmhammer on that creature. Remove the Helm from the creature. Loxodon Warhammer is still equipped, but the creature does not get Trample.

      Vigor — its ability isn’t supposed to affect itself, but it does.

    • Mr. Reaper says:

      Ok, I guess this is not a good place to report bugs, since apparently nobody reads these comments! I guess I’ll try posting on the google code site.


      IslebackSpawn — special ability doesn’t work?

      Swarmyard — if you accidentally select the wrong “regenerate” you can’t cancel it! I was forced to regenerate my opponent’s insect instead of my own squirrel!

      Korlash, Heir to Blackblade — his fetch ability creates 2 “cards” that stay your graveyard permanently.

  29. theo says:

    hello guys, why im getting corrupted 14.1 for psp? already donwloading 4-5 times and still getting it.. can somebody help me?

  30. Aidan says:

    Um… this is really confusing me. I have Windows XP that I use to move my folders and files but i am confused on where i am supposed to put the files and folders for Wagic. I have a PSP 3000 with 6.37 but i don’t know where to put HBL. I am only 13 and I need help beacause I need to play magic because ever since i moved away from my friend, I don’t have anybody to play magic with so i tried this app but I don’t know how this stuff works.


    • toBsucht says:

      ms0:/ = memory stick = root
      / = new floder
      hbl floder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ (place for hbl floder with eboot file)
      h.bin to the root
      to run it without hbl use a signed HomeBrew 😉

  31. Aidan says:

    e-mail me @ n2starwars4life@yahoo.com still trying to get it working

  32. Morolo says:

    Please, Rainbow Effret, Visions exp, and Hatred, exodus exp, please wololo !!!!!!!!!!! i have wagic 14.1, i have this tow expansion unbloked, but i cant see this cards.

  33. Darkclaw says:

    Creatures that add poison counters when they damage an opponent (Marsh Viper, Swamp Mosquito, Pit Scorpion, etc.) currently only add counters when they deal combat damage. The card states that it should be damage in general that triggers the ability, so cards like Viridian Longbow or Arcane Teachings should let the poison ability trigger when the creature taps to deal a damage.

    This is probably the best solo Magic game out there, keep up the good work!

  34. lfarx says:

    hello, i can’t find the card Call to the Grave… help?

    i’m finalizing my deck of zombie… need this card…. thancks

  35. pilipinas says:

    excuse me, but the new iso tool 1.968 crashes from my psp go, every time i make an xmb icon, it crashes. ive go psp go tn c 6.20

  36. lfarx says:

    hello… great job… but the efect card balthor the defiled not retur korlash heir to blackblade… tancks. y love you job if magic on psp

  37. moon says:

    I have a humble request. Is there a way for you to port Wagic to Android?

  38. the sidekik says:

    how do i get WTH on my laptop for windows tried to download from this page but nothing i get will install the game

    please help

  39. khorne says:

    Bonjour , j’ai un problème , j’installe le fichier comme il faut , mais ma console me le compte comme étant endommager quand je le lance, quelqu’un a une solution ? merci

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