This is the download page for Wagic, the homebrew. Wagic is an internationally acclaimed open source Trading Card Game simulation, made by card games fans and backed up by a large community of players and modders. The project has been active since 2008 and supports a massive amount of cards. Wagic is especially adapted to mobile devices (PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android,…) but also works on Windows and Linux PC. If you’re looking for more info about this project, check the following links:
Wagic FAQMedia (Wagic Screenshots & videos)Wagic forums

Wagic works on Windows, Linux, the nokia N900 (maemo), the Nokia N9 (meego), Android (tablets and phones), OUYA, iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPad2) and the Sony PSP (Wagic does not require you to hack your PSP).

Download the latest version of Wagic

Disclaimer: I have not personally been involved with the development of Wagic since 2012. The latest “official” version released while I was driving the project is version 0.18.6, which can be downloaded in the next section below.

However there is an active community of fans and developers who keep maintaining Wagic. Although I cannot guarantee the quality of the recent releases (not that I don’t believe the people working on it are good, but only – again – because I have not been involved in the project for years), I recommend you give them a try:

Download Wagic 0.18.6 (last version released by Wololo, 2012)

Each release is extensively tested on several machines including my own PSP/Computer/Android phone. However Wagic is a work in progress so please check the buglist.


For some of these builds, you will also need the Core files when they are not included in the archive. Wagic 0.18.6 Core files: all platforms except iOS  – iOS version.

Wagic is 100% free.

Updating Wagic


If you have version 0.16.1 or lower, it is recommended that you erase your current Wagic install and reinstall from scratch. Go to our forums for detailed help on how to keep your progress

If you have version 0.17.0 or higher, follow these steps:

  • IF you have mods: It is recommended that you delete all mods from your current Wagic install
  • Erase all files named core_*.zip in your Res folder (Note: this is not compulsory but strongly recommended for performance reasons)
  • Simply extract the zip into your existing Wagic installation folder, in order to overwrite the current binary (EBOOT.PBP on the PSP, and Wagic.exe on windows). You’re done


  • If you have version 0.17.1 or lower, first uninstall your current installation of Wagic (in “Manage applications”)
  • It is strongly recommended to delete all “core_*.zip” files from your current Wagic installation. This is not done automatically! Keeping these files should not prevent the game from running, but could yield weird results and will be bad for performance
  • Once the two previous steps are done, install the Wagic apk like you would install any other third party application

If your android refuses to install a new version of Wagic, please make sure that you uninstalled the previous version. We had to change out certificates recently (in 0.18.0) which prevents Android from installing wagic 0.18 over a previous 0.17 install.




Windows Version

If you get an error complaining about MSCVP100.dll missing you probably need to install the following Visual++ package from microsoft here. If you still have problems, check the forum thread

Android and iOS versions

The Android and iOS port of Wagic are still very early releases and we are aware that they are not perfect. If you’re a dev and think you can help making this project even better, please contact us!

Linux Version

We don’t officially support the linux version, it is distributed here for convenience. However if you have issues running Wagic on *nix, ask for help on the forums, you might be lucky and a good soul could have an answer for you


Wagic is open source and released under the BSD License. The source include a modified version of JGE++, a hardware accelerated library for Windows/PSP/Linux/Maemo/iOS/Android.

The source is available at https://github.com/WagicProject/wagic

User-created content

Please see the forum for extra content : new cards, themes, utilities… if something you’re looking for is not in the official release, it will be there..

Previous versions


Easter Egg 2014: QM7B-8JND-FPRP

606 Responses

  1. luis cypher says:

    there is no 0.17.1 for linux?

    • wololo says:

      We ran into a few last minute issues with the linux version so it might take a few days before we update it

      • joepie says:

        Humbly inquiring after the linux version. I installed wagic 1.60 a couple of days ago to relearn the rules after so many years not playing.

        The ‘story’ mode / tutorial however doesn’t really work very well at least in 1.60. Or maybe I just don’t know how to use it :(. Just hoping 0.17.1 gets me further.

  2. wew says:

    can i just copy paste my old images to the sets folder in the user folder?so that i could have the same images for the new version?

  3. luis cypher says:


  4. luis cypher says:

    built from the sources and it works,amazing as always, the only downside is that it is muted off it laments of the absence of a phonon backend plugin but i’m sure that i simply miss some piece of phonon beng in a gnome based distribution

    well thanks to you guys

  5. luis cypher says:

    backend installed and music working it’s awesome thanks guys

  6. luis cypher says:

    if i could suggest one thing it would be nice to show effective keys instead of keycodes in the key bindings menu

  7. now i am in search of this for many years cool

  8. wew says:

    it hangs sometimes =c

  9. wew says:

    sir,i have read in the forums and found out that there were similar problems that i have encountered such as the cards from my hand sometimes only shows the back of the cards along with its power/toughness number and nothing else then crashes after a few sec.. the game sometimes does not load and everytime i beat an ai, it does not keep track of my games with it..when i want to fight them again it still says “new” beside it and it does not keep track of the times i played with it..im using pc version of 0.17 and i only touched the use folder (putting images) thats about it.

  10. fisksk says:

    Thank you!

  11. Jacob B says:

    I have yet to figure out if maybe I have done something wrong, but I can seem to get RV (revised) set to load or run, yet some of the opponents have cards from that set, case in point “wheel of fortune” in the bad dreams deck, the opponent can play it but I can’t even buy it, I know I have unlocked the set as the system told me when I won a game, is there a bug or something, or is the set under something other then RV in the store? please email me with a response

  12. Jacob B says:

    I would like to appologize, i talked to my friend here and he explained to me that all the cards for RV ( revised) are under 3rd edition

  13. N031 says:

    Thank you for the many years you have spent on this project. I have enjoyed it for nearly three years and always have tried to introduce others to it. With its port to Android, I hope that you find even greater support in the mtg community and the tech. Once again thank you I look forward to your future releases.

  14. hdy says:

    The cards in the ARB set with the [cascade] ability are all miss in the game.

  15. Johnny says:

    Will it work for my windows 7 phone? If so, how do I download it?

  16. rave says:


  17. Lyoko says:

    hello i am a fan of wagic XD let me congratulate you wololo, i really like mtg and i love wagic, but, dont u think that would be great to play 2 player games, even in one psp?. well in the future u can program a multiplayer inalambric mode, or in wifi mode, but could be great if u do that thing on one psp. Other thing is that in the future u can make graphics of the “players” in a room, as a normal gba game for example, and u can walk by worlds and talk and play with “Bad lands” for example XD, well, thats all, i really dont know about programing, so i dont know what am i asking u, i am venezuelan, so i beg ur pardon because my english bad gramm XD, if u could i like to contact u by mail. Sure the bugs are the principal problems, and i recomend that u include the newer sets in the newer wagic versions, because for exmple i am still trying to include roe in my wagic and… well it is so so :S . good luck and i wish u the best, u could one day talk with the wizard of the coast guys and make the best mtg game for portables consoles. bye XD

  18. see what I can come up with!…Awesome! Thank you for posting this!

  19. godzirra says:

    I played on the psp and loved it. I tried playing on android, but when I went into the deck editor, I couldn’t go back. Is there documentation anywhere for the android version?

    Thanks! Loving Wagic.

    • wololo says:

      the “back” button of your android should bring the deck editor menu. We are currently refactoring the deck editor because it is extremely hard to use on Android. Thanks for your patience 🙂

      • godzirra says:

        No problem! I really enjoy the game on my psp, but its definitely harder to figure out on android. I don’t -think- my back button worked but I’ll test it right now.

        Nope. The back button doesn’t work. I’m using Cyanogen mod 7, which is Android v2.3.7

  20. DarkMagi says:

    So after i downloaded the game i was quite impressed, however very saddend, as 17.1 did not include inferno titan, (as far as i can see) so i am hoping that the next version could include inferno Titan which would be pretty awsome, love the game and thank you very very much.

  21. wuyao says:

    thank you for your great work,i am your bigfan in china,but i cant use my Planewalkers in 18.1,can you tell me why?thank you again

    • wololo says:

      18.1 hasnt been released officially yet, and will have true support for planeswalker, so you will need to remove any fanmade planeswalkers you were using until now, i think.

  22. Chris says:

    Trying to play on the droid bionic and the controls keep me from even playing, I font have an X or triangle button, and I dont have any keys aside from volume. Game really needs ally more touch screen support.

  23. Chris says:

    Trying to play on the droid bionic and the controls keep me from even playing, I dont have an X or triangle button, and I dont have any keys aside from volume. Game really needs alot more touch screen support.

    • godzirra says:

      I had the same problem. I didn’t get a response though after he told me that it was a work in progress on android. :/ Bummer because I really enjoyed playing it on the psp.

  24. hostil says:

    Hi i am having an issue as i am trying to install it is telling me there is a problem parsing the package. I am really wanting to try this game out heard alot of good things about it any help would be appreciated.

    • hostil says:

      using the samsung galaxy andriod sorry for x2 post

      • wololo says:

        Can you copy/paste the exact error message? Did you unzip the apk to your machine, or are you trying to install directly from the zip? You need to unzip the apk first.
        Also, your phone needs to be using android 2.3 or higher.

        • hostil says:

          I did unzip and my phone is only android 2.2. That is the problem. Any way to get it on the older android os? thanks for the response!

  25. SSJ-Vita says:

    Howdy Wololo, you get tons of questions and expectations and whatnot, probly a few “I keel you” emails from sony. Cool, calm, and collective minds are effective minds, so keep that in uhh mind, too many minds. Anyway I cracked a beer and loaded a bowl, here’s to you and people like you keeping the world interesting!

  26. Jorge says:

    Do you think it will be possible to play wagic on a ps vita???

  27. garabratharter says:

    Wagic… LOL what a ridiculous piece of software… xD Sorry, but… LOL XD

  28. xan says:

    the new version is bugged, crashes all the time..

  29. XK.XV says:

    need help with the iOS version. Everytime I install it with install0us, then launch it the first time, it downloads the core files from the internet. Once it finishes, Wagic crashes, and continues to do so every time it launches. I tried rebooting, respringing, reinstalling, nothing works. I use an iPhone 3G on 4.2.1

  30. Werr says:

    PC/PSP versions are awesome, but the iOS version is horrible, the touch control needs a lot improvements.

    Example: I tried to touch on my creatures to block and missed the touch, so it simply passed to combat damage phase and I lost.

  31. Justin says:

    Where can I get the card images without doing them one at a time and changing the id number

  32. Atanas says:

    Hello. After installing the new version on android i have some problems. I have samsung note. The only key that i can bind is the back button.Volume Up , Down and menu can not be associate(unlike 0.17). It will be good to have a button in the options menu to exit it, because when there is no button bind to back, the option setting could not be exited and saved. Otherwise great work guys. If there could be multiplayer, the game will became a great competative to magic online. But i know there must be made big changes. Hope you think about it:)

  33. enygmyx says:

    why a mac version don’t exist? 🙁 sorry for my english

  34. AL13NCRY says:

    Hi Wololo
    I like your work and i want to play this game all the time :3
    But this time, i loaded your new WTH0.18.6 For Windows, it won´t open. I erased the old data.
    When I try to open (double click on Wagic.exe), it shows me the small windows 7 load circle but nothing happens. I looked at the taskmanager, but i couldn´t find anything.
    Hope you can help me.

  35. Ghigou says:

    Hi !
    I can’t instal wagic on my samsung galaxy s2.
    The download is right, but when I open the file, I can read ” problem during the analyse”
    Please help me !

  36. aaron freeze says:

    i accidently installed the game in chinese…is there anyway for me to turn it into english? i cant find any options

    • wololo says:

      the options menu is the red icon
      then you want to click on the “advanced” tab, which is the 4th tab in the options. The language is the first option at the top.

      Once you set the language, press start, and select the first result (save an exit).
      You should now be in the language of your choice for the interface, although you need to restart the game for the full database to be refreshed

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