This is the download page for Wagic, the homebrew. Wagic is an internationally acclaimed open source Trading Card Game simulation, made by card games fans and backed up by a large community of players and modders. The project has been active since 2008 and supports a massive amount of cards. Wagic is especially adapted to mobile devices (PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android,…) but also works on Windows and Linux PC. If you’re looking for more info about this project, check the following links:
Wagic FAQMedia (Wagic Screenshots & videos)Wagic forums

Wagic works on Windows, Linux, the nokia N900 (maemo), the Nokia N9 (meego), Android (tablets and phones), OUYA, iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPad2) and the Sony PSP (Wagic does not require you to hack your PSP).

The latest official version is version 0.18.6. For more recent versions, please check our SVN builds thread here

Each release is extensively tested on several machines including my own PSP/Computer/Android phone. However Wagic is a work in progress so please check the buglist.



Wagic is 100% free, but, if you enjoy this game, please consider making a donation. This motivates us to improve it even more!


Updating Wagic


If you have version 0.16.1 or lower, it is recommended that you erase your current Wagic install and reinstall from scratch. Go to our forums for detailed help on how to keep your progress

If you have version 0.17.0 or higher, follow these steps:

  • IF you have mods: It is recommended that you delete all mods from your current Wagic install
  • Erase all files named core_*.zip in your Res folder (Note: this is not compulsory but strongly recommended for performance reasons)
  • Simply extract the zip into your existing Wagic installation folder, in order to overwrite the current binary (EBOOT.PBP on the PSP, and Wagic.exe on windows). You’re done


  • If you have version 0.17.1 or lower, first uninstall your current installation of Wagic (in “Manage applications”)
  • It is strongly recommended to delete all “core_*.zip” files from your current Wagic installation. This is not done automatically! Keeping these files should not prevent the game from running, but could yield weird results and will be bad for performance
  • Once the two previous steps are done, install the Wagic apk like you would install any other third party application

If your android refuses to install a new version of Wagic, please make sure that you uninstalled the previous version. We had to change out certificates recently (in 0.18.0) which prevents Android from installing wagic 0.18 over a previous 0.17 install.




Windows Version

If you get an error complaining about MSCVP100.dll missing you probably need to install the following Visual++ package from microsoft here. If you still have problems, check the forum thread

Android and iOS versions

The Android and iOS port of Wagic are still very early releases and we are aware that they are not perfect. If you’re a dev and think you can help making this project even better, please contact us!

Linux Version

We don’t officially support the linux version, it is distributed here for convenience. However if you have issues running Wagic on *nix, ask for help on the forums, you might be lucky and a good soul could have an answer for you


Wagic is open source and released under the BSD License. The sources include a modified version of JGE++, a hardware accelerated library for Windows/PSP/Linux/Maemo/iOS/Android.

The sources are available at http://code.google.com/p/wagic

User-created content

Please see the forum for extra content : new cards, themes, utilities… if something you’re looking for is not in the official release, it will be there..

Previous versions

WTH0.14.1 For the Sony PSP
WTH0.14.1 For Windows
WTH0.14.1 For Windows (alternate version with mouse support)
WTH0.14.1 For Linux
WTH0.14.1 For Linux (alternate version with mouse support)
WTH 0.12.1
WTH 0.11.1
WTH 0.10.1
WTH 0.9.1
WTH 0.8.1
WTH 0.7.1
WTH 0.6.0
WTH 0.5.1
WTH 0.4.1


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564 Responses

  1. Jesse says:

    When I attempt to click on the Donate button paypal has an error. It says:

    “Error Detected

    We were unable to decrypt the certificate id.”

    This is not a browser errror. It seems like paypal is sending this error message.

  2. wololo says:

    Thanks. It seems the “encrypted” version of their button is not working for me. I think it’s corrected. Thanks for your support !

  3. blastin says:

    hello im a fanatic of magic the game cards, and i have try your homebrew mth? and its awesome, i always think that magic cant be played in psp!! congratulations!!. i wait new cards and new sets (specially the newest of magic the gathering like lorwyn, guildpact, etc… it will be fantastic for fans like me enjoying new versions of this cool game). i wait that some bugs repairs too. sorry for my english, im a spanish guy…. a very good game. by the way, when will you release more cards? THANK YOU!! i like this site.

  4. denvy says:

    i get an error when I open the game
    The game could not be started (80020148)
    i have a psp slim please respond cause i want to play badly

  5. wololo says:

    hey denvy, I guess your PSP doesn’t have a custom firmware… please go to PSP dedicated forums for that specific problem.
    It is also possible that the game does not work on the slim, although I highly doubt that, since it was programmed from the start to work on firmwares 3.xx

  6. gdspsp says:

    congratulations on the upcoming marriage, i just was married 4 months ago. i am going to check out you rh/b because i have wanted this concept on my psp.

  7. brooks says:

    every time i attempt to copy or extract it, it ends up corrupted

  8. wololo says:

    Do you mean that the zip file is corrupted, or the game appears as “corrupted” on your psp ?
    In the first case, try to download the game from another site, either qj.net or pspgen.com
    In the second case, I suspect this is because the game was put in an incorrect folder ? This is a 3.xx game, so that may be the reason ?

  9. john says:

    what folder are you supposed to download it in?

  10. john says:

    nvm i found it, but do you need a custom firmware?

  11. lainlives says:

    i love this homebrew, but one option that id like to see implemented into the options menu some time down the line is an ability to disable teh nub

  12. Paul says:

    how do i download it into my pc?

  13. archie says:

    how do i install =)

  14. wololo says:

    @archie: there’s a readme file in the zip archive that explains how to install the game, it should be pretty straightforward. If you have problems, please tell me specifically what you did and what happened.
    Oh, and that’s obvious, but you need a custom firmware to run this game.

  15. Blackthorn says:

    I am getting a lot of lockups using the deck builder when cycling through the cards. It just locks up at random, not sure why as there’s nothing specific I’m doing when it locks up, although it seems to happen a bit when I add a card to my deck.

    Looking superb otherwise!

  16. wololo says:

    Hey Blackthorn. The reason for the crashes in the Deck Editor is unknown from me yet, but I confirm it happens to me too from time to time. Fixing that is one of my priorities for the next release.

  17. biohazard says:

    Hi, i see in your PDF file your homebrew running in a emulator.
    What emulator you is using to run homebrews?

  18. wololo says:

    Hi biohazard, I am not running the homebrew in an emulator, this is the windows version of the homebrew that I use for developing and screen captures.

  19. DangerMouse says:

    I love the whole idea, and am definitely looking forward to a more stable release, and of course more cards from all the other sets, ie, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires, Homelands, Ice Age, Alliances, Coldsnap, Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight, Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus, Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Legacy, Urza’s Destiny, Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, Prophecy, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse, Odyssey, Torment, Judgment, Onslaught, Legions, Scourge, Mirrodin, Darksteel, Fifth Dawn, Champions of Kamigawa, Betrayers of Kamigawa, Saviors of Kamigawa, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Guildpact, Dissension, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, Future Sight, Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide, Shards of Alara, Conflux, and etc for the future coming sets. That would definitely be an amazing amount of card support for complete sets, but I think you started off in the right place, but it would be nice to see the store have sorted sets to make purchases from as the version progress. Of course bug free releases would be great too, but I still love the whole idea.

  20. Elfo says:

    Greetings from Brazil =)

    I’m still downloading this and the other MTG homebrew for psp, but want to say thanks for the effort on the advance.

    Hope that in the future we have a perfecty functional mtg game on psp, with all sets (it would be huge with all the card images =P) and maybe even a online server (dream…).

    Well, i will give a look and see if I can help with something…

  21. Blixt says:

    Good job really.

    Hope the further rules will be implemented like the creature protection avoid to be blocked by the indicate colors, the persist abilities and some creatures complicated skill like Dwarven warriors…

    BUT beware of the freeze on psp slim 3.90 (for me) that once completly blocked the boot until I decided to plug in to test the recharge light. NO criticals problems on 3.40 Fat however.

    I will search the creation card section to help you cause you deserved it ;).
    PS: I recommand the Hyptnotic specter from 3rd edition cause the 10th hasn’t flying °_°.

  22. seth says:

    I dont know how to get the jge on the psp. I need some help i have psp 3.80 and I need the files for it because im getting the error (80020148) I can prolly help get the game fully working and help get some bugs fixed if i can just get the jge files that would just be lovely.

  23. wololo says:

    @Blixt : yes, if the psp crashes while you have low battery, then you’ll have to plug it in to the AC adaptor. You’re not the first one noticing it, and the first time it happened it freaked me out :p

    @seth : I sent you an email. As far as I know nobody except me have ever compiled the source, so I’m not even sure the zip package available here contains all the files.

  24. Erik says:

    hi :
    congratulations for the game, look interesting! but…
    i get an error when I open the game
    The game could not be started (80020148)
    the version of the system is 4.0.1 , do you think is for that?

  25. wololo says:

    Hi Erik. You need a custom Firmware to run the game.
    If you have a CFW, then be sure to put the game in the GAME Folder, not in the Game150 folder

  26. Marco says:

    I love this homebrew. I’ve been waiting for a single player “W”agic game ever since I used to play it on the PC. I had a couple thoughts.

    (1) I realize that you’re probably busy trying to stabilize the basic program, but would you consider adding a adventure style map where you obtain new cards by fighting enemies or a story type mode? I don’t know why I liked this on the PC, and it isn’t true to the game, but it was fun for me.

    (2) I can’t seem to use spellblast. When I cast it, how do I target the spell in question? If I interrupt, it dissapears from the screen. Am I missing something in the instructions?

    Thanks and please keep up the great work.

  27. wololo says:

    Hello Marco.
    counterspells (including spellBlast) are completely bugged and simply do not work in the current version.

    Lots of people have asked for a “campaign” mode, and I’d like to this this happening too. I haven’t worked on it currently, but this is in the list of thing I want :)

  28. kithwin says:

    Can I download this for free?
    *hides in shame*

  29. wololo says:

    Well, you’re on the download page, and there’s a link, so, yes, why not ?

  30. Paulos says:

    Greetings from Greece! I’m Obliged to say that is a fine piece of homebrew you have here! Brilliant looking, even though is an early beta version! please keep the project up and we shall support you

  31. Marco says:

    I just thought of something else last night. I’m sure that this has been suggested before as well, but another option instead of a campaign mode would be “tournaments” against AI. I know NOTHING about programming (shame) but it seems like setting up a bracket wouldn’t be as difficult as setting up a campaign mode.

    Well anyway, please don’t take anything I say as a knock on your great homebrew. I look forward to another release with more stability and more cards.

    (My vote for the new cards would be counter spells)

  32. DingDong says:

    im trying to install the game, but it still doesn’t want to work. it doesnt show up on the game selections… i tried putting it in the main area, ISO, PSP folder, game folder… i extracted the file though… i only transferred the PSP folder from the zip file which includes the game folder, then in it is the BOOT and res.

  33. DingDong says:

    it ses game is corrupted..

  34. wololo says:

    Make sure that your Game folder is set to Kernel 3xx (I think it is the default on new CFWs…)
    What CFW are you running on ? I know that it runs correctly on 3.71 , 4.01, and 5.00 (M33, obviously), so there shouldn’t be any huge issue with any CFW, really…

  35. Jeremy says:

    I have system version 5.01 and everything thing downloads fine, but when i got to play it says : This game cannot be started. The data is corrupted.

  36. wololo says:

    Hi Jeremy, do you have any problem with other homebrews ?
    This game is set to run on the 3.xx kernel. I haven’t tried myself on a 5.01 M33, but got report it works fine.

  37. Jeremy says:

    everything downloads great. i even added additional card packs such as ice age and dark. i was really excited about magic on psps. i even tried downloading alpha and 1.0 after 0.2.1 didnt work first and no successful results. vasically, all the card sets are downloaded, but playing the actual game has not been possible yet

  38. Jeremy says:

    i get the res file and EBOOT.PBP after copy of PSP, but when accessing from PSP, it still gives me same error

  39. Jeremy says:

    the other thing i noticed as well, right after the 1st download completes, it says folder gnixxxxxx, or something along those lines is copied to the download location, but doesnt actually exist when you look for it. I know i have downloaded demos form playstation directly and they state you must have it in a specific folder for it to work. Example….i downloaded Worms 2 but it had to be created under folder ULUS10260 for it to work properly. not sure if this affects the download process or not. Evertime i try and download MTG, the very last download lists a folder #, but its too quick to write down to try and load it the same way as Worms 2

  40. wololo says:

    Errr, you don’t have a custom firmware, do you ?
    This game does not run on an official Sony firmware, you need a hacked psp to run it…

  41. Jeremy says:

    where do i need to go to make it work? i have a psp 1001

  42. Jeremy says:

    pardon my simplicity, but i am there now…..could you walk me thru it?…..im sorry, but i appreciate the work i have seen already from your site and wish to be able to play MTG

  43. Jeremy says:

    do i select 3.71 fatmsmod for 5.00 M33 or 5.00 M33-3. or Popsloader for 5.00 M33 or 1.50 Kernel addon for 5.00 M33. and then release or mirror

  44. Jeremy says:

    You still there?

  45. wololo says:

    Although I like my blog, I’m not constantly looking at it 😉
    I won’t help you install custom firmware, use google for that, or the dedicated forums (for example at pspupdates, you have a bunch of tutorials)

  46. Jeremy says:

    Thank You for your help…..i hope i can figure it out

  47. TrueMOD says:

    Geez…I remember the very first Magic The Gathering Game for PC and I loved to play that one forever. When I heard about this project I was a bit sceptical…the version number being at 0.2x is totally misleading though. Yes it has bugs but it is playable!
    Its working already like a charm and it feels like the old PC game just with polished graphics. Im more than impressed by your work!
    I also have some suggestions:
    1. Even when I sell all cards that I dont need I never have enough credits to buy all the cards that I would need for my deck. I played Magic for a damn long time so I know what cards I need and want to build a deck but it is impossible due to lack of credits.
    2. Cant win a match because Im lacking of cards (see 1.)
    3. Boosterpacks are useless kinda. Usually you decide for one color or maybe two. In that case buying a Boosterpack for 2/3 of your total credits is not only waste of money but also useless since it contains many colors (randomly I assume)
    4. Starterpack I couldnt test because of lack of money
    5. lack of money ;P do you earn some IF you eventually should win a match?
    Well just suggestions/questions so please dont feel offended since like I stated before Im more than impressed what you created here. Thanks a lot.

  48. wololo says:

    Hi TrueMOD.
    Winning a game gives you 500 credits. After a few games, you’ll have decks so powerful that money won’t be a problem anymore, trust me.
    If you have cards that you want to get rid of, you can sell them using the X button in the deck editor

  49. wequ says:

    Hey just got this game this morning and i’m already addicted very proffesional set-up looks absolutely great, being very lazy I rarely take the time to credit people like yourself for taking the time to create these games but felt that this was a special case and deserved the recognition due. Other than the possible inclusion of more cards I think there is very little that needs changing in this game, a few comments though creatures can be regenerated after Wrath of God which is technically illegal because they are buried and Lord of Atlantis gets +1/+1 and it is a Lord not a Merfolk. I am loathe to point out such minor errors in an otherwise brilliant game so by all means tell me to get lost!

  50. wololo says:

    Hey wequ, thanks !
    Thanks for the Wrath of god bug report, I’ll add it to the list.
    Regarding lord of atlantis, I am using the rules of the Oracle, not the ones that are printed on the card. although the card says “Lord”, the Oracle says “Merfolk lord”.
    But if you think this is incorrect, you can edit the creature subtpye in the _cards.dat file with any test editor

  51. jc says:

    i have a problem the eve and ala boosters are not appearing at the shop?? what should the new ice age version do??

  52. jc says:

    why does the ALA and EVE Boosters are not showing at the shop??

  53. wololo says:

    Hey jc, I got this question many times, so I added it to the newly created FAQ:

  54. jc says:

    sori… but i mean lot of cards in ALA and EVE is not shown example of cards i dont get was jund charm, naya charm all in the folder of ALA and EVE cards are not random sold in shop… it is also not available in booster and starter packs… how can i activate it at the shop??

  55. wololo says:

    See _cards.dat to see which cards are playable. Jund Charm and Naya Charm are NOT playable yet in Wagic.

  56. jc says:

    ok… i thought all of the cards in the folder are playable…

    thanks for the game! cant wait for the next version with more cards! ^_^

  57. andrew says:

    thanks wololo, pls add some meta game vintage calibre cards and the current standard type 2 cards. it will be a great help for players to run and playtest the decks they want to build

  58. GhostUnit says:

    Eh…. i have 2001 and it says its currupted

  59. wololo says:

    GhostUnit : make sure your GAME folder is set to the 3xx kernel in the Recovery menu

  60. Marco says:

    I just downloaded .31 and I’m getting a complete shutdown right after the playstation screen. I previously installed the ice age set. I’m going to pull my “player” folder out, erase everything and reinstall the new version. I’ll let you know if I have any better luck….

  61. Marco says:

    I tried reinstalling, I tried redownloading and reinstalling, I get nothing but a black screen and then the psp shuts down :(

    Is anyone else having any better luck? I have been able to run all your other Wagic releases. I’m running 4.01 m33-2

  62. wololo says:

    Hi Marco,
    I’ll double check.
    Wagic is not handling errors very nicely, so my guess is that it is just a missing file or directory somewhere.
    Did you try to install it in a “fresh” directory, or did you overwrite an existing one ? If you tried to overwrite an existing one, that might be the issue.

  63. marco says:

    I tried to overwrite an existing directory first, then I deleted everything and tried to install it on a fresh one. I’m going to try one more time from a different computer.

  64. marco says:

    Just an update: I tried it from a different computer, fresh download, and with a newly formatted memory stick. Still nothing. I get the loading screen and then it turns my psp off.

    Hopefully it is something minor. Please keep up the hard work I love your program. I’ll just go back to playing the last version until it’s either straightened out or the next version comes out.

  65. wololo says:

    Damn, I’d like to get feedback from other people as well, to see if it’s a broad issue or just localized.
    did you try with another firmware ?

  66. Marco says:

    No, I didn’t try any other firmware. Either later today or tomorrow I’ll update to a more recent firmware and see if I get a better result.

    Has anyone else reported any other troubles, or is it just me? I have to assume that if there were problems from others it would have been reported.

  67. wololo says:

    yes, so far it is just you :( but don’t worry, we’ll find a way.
    At least, I’ll improve errors check in next version so that if this happens again, we have a better understanding of the cause

  68. ian says:

    i had problems with it on 5.00m33-3. it crashes sometimes while playing and whenever i switch to standby or sleep (whatever they call it) it crashes. i need to open up my psp again and start the game. but still i reallllllllllllllllllllllllyyy love the game. so very adictive but consumes a lot of my battery since i can’t switch to sleep mode. i wish for christmas that it would have more cards in it and the bugs would by fixed. hehehe…. THANKS FOR THE GREAT GAME YOU MADE…….

  69. Marco says:

    I am back in the Wagic :)

    I upgraded to 5.00 cfw and Wagic is running again.

    Not only does it look (and sound) sweet…..but the newest firmware is pretty cool as well. It’s a double win for me :)

    As always, thank you for all your efforts.

  70. wololo says:

    @ian : yes, sleep mode crashes the game, it’s unfortunately a bug that’s been here forever, and I didn’t find the time to work on it yet.

    @Marco: thanks for your report ! It means that Wagic is probably not compatible with firmwares 4.xx ? how odd…

  71. Prawnstar says:

    Hey there…i hope it can run on my psp..i dl-ed it for pc once but it never worked…=.= sad…but i’m gonna try it out soon when it finishes downloading..i’m from malaysia(small mtg base) even smaller still from the state i’m from but i love it and i love psp..so thank you so much for this.Merry CHRISTMAS!!

  72. DIMAC says:

    hey wololo…. nice game. Been a Magic player since 96 and stop in 98 but still i love this game. Im glad you have it in PSP. Many Thanks from the island of Three Stars & a Sun.

  73. i supose its good, im downloaing it right now, i hope its good,

    pleas go to my website, magictcg.webs.com

  74. Rick says:

    I’m pretty new to the PSP’s and Homebrew in general. I think I’ve got the hang of it for now, but I can’t seem to get this game to work on my PSP. I’m running 3.03 OE-C custom firmware. When I try to load the game it runs the usual PSP logo and music then goes black and shuts off. Any idea what is happening and how I can get this to work?

  75. wololo says:

    Hi Rick,
    did you manage to successfully run other homebrews ?

    If yes, it could be an incompatibility with Wagic and firmware 3.03
    Firmware 3.03 is pretty old, and I suggest you upgrade to 5.00.
    That being said, I still find weird that the game doesn’t work on 3.03, so you might ask for help in the compatibility thread at :

    In the weeks to come, I’ll try to test the game on a wide variety of firmwares. This is a long process as it involves downgrading the PSP lots of times… especially, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to 3.03.

  76. Rick says:

    As I said, I’m somewhat new to this. I’m not sure what all is involved in putting custom firmware onto a PSP. I don’t own a Pandoras battery or anything if I mess it up. I bought this one pre modded :).

    I suppose I’ll just wait and keep an eye out for any solutions. Oh and yes, I’ve successfully been able to use other homebrew applications/games.

  77. Rick says:

    Happy to report that I have successfully updated to 5.00 M33-3 and, more importantly, game is up and running just fine :).

    Thank you for this amazing homebrew!

  78. wololo says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Rick !

  79. wololo says:

    Hey Monkit, unless this wasn’t clear enough, I am not allowed to distribute WotC’s copyrighted content. Hence the new icons 😉

  80. Monkit says:

    yea I meant new icons lolz. How about a forum contest to invent new icons, followed by the back cover of the cards, main menu as well.

  81. wololo says:

    I’m too lazy, but feel free to organize such a contest on the forum!

  82. gspzyj says:

    main menu as well. ???

  83. sable0119 says:

    so happy for hw
    hello world ~~~

  84. RaphaelDDL says:

    Great 😀
    I loved this Homebrew.
    I’ll donate some bucks when i get a job :/
    Got fired D:

  85. Shadow says:

    Wow. This is the first time I have heard of wagic. It’s one of the best homebrew games I’ve seen in a while. Nice work Wololo! Feel free to drop by GamerzCreed Forums and hit us up once in a while. We can help spread the word on WTH ?! for you. 😉

    – Shadow (Webmaster) http://www.gamerzcreed.com

  86. Wagic_for_Windows says:

    Can we have a Windows binary as well for version 0.6.0?

  87. wololo says:

    @Wagic_for_Windows : one is currently being tested in the forums. You can grab it from there, but it should be available from this page in a couple days :)

  88. bcdiscman says:

    I love this game, better than magic psp station even without the images – but did you know instill energy does not work? you can play it but it will not untap the creature it is played on.

  89. Marty says:

    can you explain to me the process for adding my own pictures to the cards please


  90. Marty says:

    in the shop is it possible to look at other cards prices not automatically generated when you enter.
    Also the same for starter decks or boosters as I cant seem to get the cards i want



  91. Marty says:

    ps this game rocks

  92. wololo says:

    @Marty: how to add your cards to the game is explained in the file README.txt included with the game.
    If you have further questions I suggest that you use the forum, where people can help you more.

  93. Clock Work says:

    @ Wololo
    im sure you must have seen the “magic” game for xbox live arcade.

    would it be possible to tweak your wagic game to perform more like the xbox live arcade (noob version).

    namely i would prefer it if the land needed to summon would automatically tap, and if the phase would automatically move foward after of say 5 seconds or so, also the gold outline around cards that are playable that round is awesome.

    other than that this is a great peice of homebrew, maybe i was just spoiled by the xbox live arcade version, and thats why i find yours a tad tedious but i guess yours is more like the real game, but i still think the noob improvements would be great.

  94. wololo says:

    @Clock Work:
    The XBOX Live game is an arcade game.
    Wagic is a card game simulation.
    People who have played Shandalar more than 10 minutes deactivated the automatic “land tap” mechanism. I could add it, but I’m sure it would do more bad than good (putting into play a card you didn’t want to put, tapping the wrong mana, etc…). I’ve seen more people complain about the auto-tap system in the XBOX game than about the non-auto-tap in Wagic :p

    The same goes for the “next phase” thing. It goes against all rules for interruptions, I prefer to let the user control it.

    “gold outline around card that are playable this turn”: this is a good idea, and I’ll think about it.

  95. Rc1au1c1 says:

    the game is awesome. Thanks to the maker doing a great work. Awaiting for new updates and versions

  96. hk says:

    thank Q Q !! waiting dor new release!!

  97. Heck says:

    when i copy it to my psp/game folder and start, it loads and then my psp turns off?

  98. fruitty says:

    THanks for your app, wololo.
    Its very good for peasants like me. Aw!
    I Salute you for your efforts.

  99. Heck says:

    FIXED IT, the card pit trap when i used it, it doesn’t go to graveyard.

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